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Author Comments

Sorta dark and aggressive D`n`B.
Took so long to finish :S but at least its done now.
Reviews with CC are appreciated...



Dark man, Super job, although ye i was expecting u know drums to be a lil more sharp and u know metallic or steely , i hope u understand.

julius33 responds:

Yea i understand what you mean by the drums, though i basically just sliced and FXd the Amen Break... Didnt think the already awesome amen break would need some crap layered on it so i just kept it as it is, so the drums arent in the background nor the solo/whatever you should be paying attention...
Thanks for the review :)

Strong Work :)

I am typing as i listen:
smooth intro, really enjoyed it. the transition to dnb was to abrupt, slowly introduce them or make a build to enter them. the use of the amen breakbeat was great. the bass instrument is sick man. great instrument choice, maybe add a few more for variety sake. the song gets a lil repetitive, but not very much. great job on the tripplets within the amen break at 2:50. the fade transition was poor. the transition around 4:08 was fair but could use a reverse cymbal to bring in percussion. Nice solo synth, that is what i love to do also :D!

My opinion (i am no expert):
Work on: transitions, use more variety of instruments in such a long song

Positives: Use of amen breakbeat, great instrument choices, bass is sick, tripplet use, captivating intro, great synth solos :)

Great Song Brother :)
Overall rating: 8.75

julius33 responds:

:) more like Amen Brother xD
Yea i was too lazy to work on transitions since Sytrus kinda screwed up my project here (fcker doesnt obey global pitch... Had it set on +800 xD) so basically the strings played on a different scale then the bass and solo stuff so i would have never found enough will to rework all the patterns xD.
Thx for the review :)

Not what I was expecting

Obviously, I was expecting something a little more "Metallica", since you've chosen the name of one of their classics. I think that you went a little far with the mixing halfway through and fading the bassline out, it seems like we've passed into a completely different track. This seems quite strange and just a little off putting.

The change in dynamic wasn't completely unwarranted, as it certainly did give a new level to the piece, which you exploited, but the change was too great a leap for the size of the difference. Perhaps consider some subtle bridges, showing this new feature out there and then come into this new element overall.

[Review Request Club]

Review Request Club

The start was pretty dark and then got more detailed which I like about this song and I think you have put a lot of effort into this and had a weird evil feeling throughout the song and then the other sounds came in like this was an epic battle which was really cool and pretty techno and awkward to me but really good and had a really nice feel to it.

I really like the details in it and made the whole thing sound really futuristic and cool and even robotic too but kind of repetitive really so try and fix that but don't get me wrong I really enjoyed this a lot but weird parts in it like the middle part where everything changes so great job on that. Overall it is a fantastic song and I think you should make more like this but kind of got repetitive in some places so be sure to fix that. :)

~Review Request Club~


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julius33 responds:

Wow i actually never expected such good feedback :P
And about the repetition, sure you can make a 2 or 3 minute track w/o any repetition but then it isnt good to listen to it because it ends too quick, so i think, especially in DnB, its necessary to have atleast some repetition because too fast evolving will make you run out of material, thus decreasing the quality of the song. Well thats my theory anyway xD
Thx for the review :)

Review Request Club

The opening synth, while pretty unique and atmospheric, did get a little too piercing for my headphones at around 0:12. I couldn't quite work out what was happening until 0:30 melodywise, but when it does kind of settle down and the melody starts to kick in it's AWESOME. Love the dark sounding strings up to 0:50, they really help set the tone.

The change to the synths was a little abrupt, but as it settles in again it has this nice dark feel to it. The drums are the best part of this section, definitely; you've got a great varied beat there to compliment the dark synths. The synths themselves are also nicely done; they don't move about so much as to be confusing, but their melody evolves enough for it to never get repetitive.

The section starting at 2:12 is another highlight for me, it starts getting a more anthemic, chorusy feel to it and the way the synth morphs is really cool. The change in drum beat at 2:52 was nice, and I wish it had maintained that offset beat for a little longer than it did.

Again, the transition (this time back into the strings) felt a little forced and the exit of the drums a little abrupt, but what the strings are playing in general is cool, and serve as a pretty nice interlude between the more aggressive, darker synth parts. The transition back into the synths at 4:10ish is a lot smoother than the previous one, and probably the best in the track. And again, the kind of "chorus" comes back in, but is varied enough for it to still bring a little more variety than a simple copy/paste would have done, so kudos for that.

The new synth that comes in in the 5th minute is a really nice touch, definitely switches focus from what had been the main synth for most of the track; which was probably needed at that point. All in all, it does what it says on the tin, and is nicely crafted. Maybe a touch on the long side, but never in any really detrimental way. Nice job, overall.

-Review Request Club

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julius33 responds:

WallOfText which i was really glad to read ^^
Its nice to read Constructive Criticism from time to time :)
Also the synth that enters in 5:13 is actually the same synth as in 1:39 only an octave (or 2, cant remember) higher :P, but it still plays a big role in the song...
Thank you for the review. I dont have much more to say since you have already said everything there is to say :)

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4.22 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2010
5:00 AM EST
Drum N Bass
File Info
7.2 MB
6 min 19 sec

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