Out Of The Blue (Mans0n RMX)

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Advice is needed so leave a comment and a vote!
I also used a different style than usual when making this remix.

Intro is about 45 seconds to a minute long, so be patient, and be sure to listen to the whole song before reviewing.

6/24/10 EDIT: Added some more synths, and changed some stuff around. Overall it sounds a lot better!
clear your cache if you've listened to it already!

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Amazing beats, Mans0n will be in the NEW ERA...

See ya later...

Mykal :P

Mans0n responds:

Thanks man!

*nudges* vocals needed ;)

I'm not sure about the pauses here, where the piece fades down to nothing and stays that way for a while. You need to give it a bit more urgency in getting the sound back to continue with the piece and going from there.

Vocals would always be a bonus for a track like this - something like a sample of Chris de Burgh's "Lady in Red" might help. I don't know why, it just seems that it would fit for me.

There is a good variation to the track and it keeps the listener interested, with good work through the various phases, but you could do with a more dominant beat somewhere in the track, because that is what I feel the real lack is for a House track here.

[Review Request Club]

Mans0n responds:

Fixed most errors in the track and added some stuff :)

Review Request Club

This was a pretty cool song but kind of the same in the first parts which gets repetitive so try and fix that and the transition WAS too abrupt at the :15 but I mind of knew it was gonna transition soon because of the breath or something but there was a nice middle part to this which really saved it and I thought that was the end of the song but that's a pretty cool way of doing it because I really thought it was over.

I thought there was a nice title to the song and it totally fit and then again it got really abrupt again after the soft noise near the end where the action started again but it is like getting out from under the water and hearing a extremely loud band playing but I guess that was a cool effect. Overall I think it is too repetitive in some places and it was a pretty cool beat to it but be sure to fix everything else I included in the review.

~Review Request Club~


Mans0n responds:

I've fixed most of the things you've said ")

Review Request Club

Nice intro, especially the kind of breathy voice effect. The little transition at 0:15 was a little too abrupt, to the point where I thought the track had jumped. But after that, again you have a nice buildup, the drums are nice and prominent, the synth is well-picked and again you've got this kind of echoes voice in the background which gives it a little more characteristic.

THe transitions in this are definitely the major letdown of this track. When everything fades out at 1:25 it really takes long while for anything to really get back to a decent volume...even by 2:20 I'm still wishing things were a little louder than they were, or at least having one of the synths a little more in the forground so we had more of a point of focus, or have one of them play more of a melody so it takes on a better-formed type of ambient middle-section. Espcially the part around 1:51 is sorely lacking any kind of sound...at all, really. And when things do kick back in at 2:36, they're too abrupt. It's lacking the buildup it needs and even if there's no buildup to be had, things in that middle minute definitely need to be turned up a little in general.

That being said, once things do kick back in again you've got a nice strong beat with the melody and it maintains itself pretty well. At 3:16 the little change is nice; thought it might have been another odd transition, but kinda works well in context, giving it that little bit of variety. The ending is pretty cohesive and polished, and again the voice effect makes a bit of an entrance (Or so I think).

In general, this does need a bit of work before it takes that step from demo to full-blown track. I'd have like to have seen the voice part take on more of a role because it was pretty unique, and DEFINITELY sort out the levels of that middle section. There's potential here, so keep working at it.

-Review Request Club

Mans0n responds:

this is awesome criticism! thanks for the re

Needs more work

Well, others have already stated it, the "pause" in the middle is too long. Some beats can still be heard there, but it sounds too muffled and is too quiet overall. That's a part you really need to look into.

Also sometimes you suddendly take all the bass out of the song, which doesn't sound too good as well. As it is still a demo I guess you are trying out a few things to see how they work in a song, which is always a good thing (in my opinion artists can only learn if they try out various things), but I have to say I don't like those "bassless parts" anyway. ^^

Also I think this song needs some more melodies that are way more present than the few that you have in here now. I don't want to say the song sounds boring right now, but it just didn't click for me.

{ Review Request Club }

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Mar 5, 2010
12:35 PM EST
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