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misc cuz i dont wanna put it in DnB

cry about it why dont you

jk :)

please enjoy

oh i names it shift because i tried preally hard to shift it from like dark and scary to more pleasant

a lot of images go through my head when i listen to this one, what do you see?


just fixed some things with reverbs and whatnot


Astounding work.

A briliant intro, with a great use of panning and effects. The instrument u started off with provided a nice climax into the next part, and a great use of drums helped too. The glitchy music was quite well done too, and it actually sounded quite nice on my speakers, even though they're as broken as a year old nail which has been pounded by several huge hammers at once, but hammers aside, nice work on the intro! ;)

The melodies were great too, but they got slightly annoying due to the fact that they didnt have as much variety as i would've liked. Dont get me wrong, its a great piece of music, and the melodies are awesomely great, but it got slightly repetitive in some parts. What i particularly liked was the piano melody towards the end, as it set off the atmosphere u needed brilliantly, and provided a fantastic change from the mood it started off with. The other instruments were well used too, but they sometimes got a bit too crowded together in my opinion, and it was a bit difficult to actually decipher the separate melodies in some parts.

Bass was excellent, with just the right amount of background for the melodies. I've got nothing to complain about this part as it was waht really set this piece off well, and the excellent use of chord progressions helped to make this song more interesting.

Transitions werent bad, although they werent ur best either. For my part, i liked the transitions you used in your earlier songs during the NGADM better, but these were decent too. They didnt break up the flow of the music, although they were slightly abrupt in some parts. Perphaps you could smoothen them more somehow??

Drums were as great as they could get, with a nice flow of variety and a hefty degree of originality throughout the drum line. Nice work on this part, especially as you managed to balance the drums with the melodies so that they werent too dominant but could still cause a graet deal of effect. What slightly bothered me about the drums was the fact that they stayed the same towards the end, and cut off from the overall degree of great originality.

As mentioned above, originality needed some more work in some parts as both drums and melodies took a bit too long to change, With a bit more variety, this song would be much better.

Outro was superb, with a brilliant closure to waht was a greatly interesting piece. The fantastic use of the piano to end it really closed it off well and provided something new to end the song with. Nice work.

OVerall, a decent piece, well-paced an worked out, with a nice mix on instruments and a great deal of interesting melodies.

Intro = 2/2
Outro = 2/2
Blend = 2/2
Transitions = 2/3
Bass = 2/2
Originality = 2/3
Drums = 1.5/2
Melodies = 3.5/4
Score = 17/20 = 8.5/10

P.S. This is your judging review from the Semi-Final Round of the NGADM 2009.


SessileNomad responds:

meh it sucks

Add it to the list of greatness my friend.

I'd have to say that after the description of the song you gave me in theory, and what I heard now, are two completely different things. The drum beat sounded more acoustic and I enjoyed that compared to a electronic drum beat. It does need to have a bit more of a climax point in the song. If you could extend that into a greater point than it would be greater than it already is.

SessileNomad responds:


theory test: name the candence

why not =]

I liked this one but to be honest you had better pieces.
You think that the darker sound is done by the pieano and drums together?
But anyway very nice song... more chilling i would say...
ummm maybe stupid question but whats the SN series? SessileNomad?

SessileNomad responds:

lol yes SN is for SessileNomad, its not really a series, it sjust so ppl might one day go


and then i win top 5 every week


the only series ive ever actually started was my "sons of the exodus" series, never finished it though

Missing melody

The effects and drum processing are, as usual, astounding, but this song's melody is very decoherent, and nowhere near at unbelievably awesome as your previous songs. The atmosphere is all there, but the melody itself just isn't. The song also feels very short. I would recommend coming up with an alternate melody and then doing an A B A song structure by going back to the drums + melody after you hit the ambiance at the end, and then finishing off with more of a climax. Production quality is top notch though.

5/5 cuz your awesome

SessileNomad responds:

oh how nice xD

yeah the melody is a bit lacking on this one due to deadlines

the atmosphere was a big one on this, sincei was actually planning to go full blown ambient, but yeah, drums came in and whats done is done

My review, your song.

Your song's got very reverb heavy drums. Its tolerable for a bit but I felt like it became a bit too much midway through the song. I think when the strings pick up you could probably afford to have the reverb lessen on the drums and not have to worry about the drums having that click-in-out sound to them.

Effects and whatnot are pretty dandy (primarily on the drums), though I must admit I'm not big on the 2-step beat due to its high level of use. I would have liked to have heard some more altered rhythms instead of just glitch shuffles and rolls of sorts on the 2-step.

Piano melody/chords work, their simple though. As for the little runs, their super duper on beat in a rather not in depth use of piano like way. If there were one thing to focus on, that would be it - expand piano to play in a more life-like manner.

Rest is good, nothing really hurts this song ultimately, just some things that could make it more cohesive.

Quick summary; lessen reverb on drums part way through songs, expand on piano's play style realism, and best of luck in the Ngadm.

SessileNomad responds:

reverb is done donedy

he effects are pretty simple if you watch my tutes, but yeah they do sound pretty xD

thanks man

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