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Over the Limit 2 {Dj-Abbic}

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Mar 2, 2010 | 2:21 AM EST
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Rated 4.39 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

I really liked the melody I made in my song Over the Limit, so I cut it out and turned it to a song with, of course, extra effects :D Also, took a lot of time tuning the kick to make it awesome :)



Enjoy! :D



Rated 4 / 5 stars


Don't think I was going to leave you un-reviewed (if that's even a word) after you gave me such an epic review on Racing Through Eternity :D. So yeah, onto the review...
This is a pretty cool song. For only making music for 5 months, I must admit that this is one hell of an impressive song. After five months I personally was STILL crap at making music xD. As Stargenx said, it's quite generic and I almost predicted what was going to happen next, but I still enjoyed it, so good job!

The melodies were quite good. I liked the chord progression you used, it wasn't that generic, and as you said it's a cool melody. I think you had some space for some more melodies though; I don't know, maybe it's because of my obsession for variety, but I think that this could definitely do with a few more melodies, maybe a change in chord progression as well. By 1:09 I was getting quite tired of the melody, and even when you layer a second melody on top of it it still gets quite boring after a while. Some occasional melodic subtle changes could really work well over here too. Also, your melodies seem to stick to the same rhythm for each note, i.e. they're all quavers. I think this could do with a few more rhythmic changes too.

The instruments you used are pretty generic. They don't sound too bad, but a bigger variety of instruments other than just saw waves would be pretty cool. Still, not such a bad choice of instruments. What might work well would be a pad or maybe another background synth to help the melody a bit more, but even though you had no pads and not many background synths, your song never sounded too bland or empty, so nice job over there. The filtering you did on the saw synths was very good, since it introduced new melodies well. The filtering of the synth at the beginning was also interesting, to say the least.

All the other effects were very nice too, like the reverse cymbal/sweep thing you used throughout the song. So, as a recap; decent synths, great effects but could do with more unique synths or background synths. Although I totally agree with you about vocals, I hate them too and I don't think they'll work out in this song xP.

The transitions were impressive. Instead of suddenly introducing new melodies, you always automate a filter effect on them to fade them in, which really helped the transitions. Not only that, but there are loads of cool transitions throughout the song which are well-executed like the one at 0:42 when you introduce the kick. Nice job with the transitions!

The structure is quite unique. Throughout the song, you have basically 2 melodies. You play the first one, then you play them both at the same time, then the second one, then back to the first again and you end the song. Still, while it is a unique structure, it's quite repetitive, as I said above, so I think that other than making this song less generic, you should try and work a bit more on the variety :).

The intro and outro were both OK, although they have potential to be better. I can't help but think that the intro could have more synths playing at the same time, since that saw synth sounds a bit awkward on its own. Ending was alright, but sounds a bit 'unfinished'. If you ever think about expanding on this, then I think that you should continue where you left off by keeping the song silent for a bar, then reaching an epic climax.

Not much to say about the drums. They were quite generic, although they weren't badly varied, so nice job there. Also, yeah, the kick does sound very awesome :3. Wish I was that good at making kicks, lol xP.

Overall, this is a good submission. The two main defects in my opinion would be the fact that it's repetitive and that it's generic, but the FX, the kick, the melodies, and the transitions are pretty much great. Keep up the good work, and sorry if this review is a bit harsh. I figured you'd prefer an honest but harsh review rather than a dishonest but 10/10 review. Thanks again for reviewing my song Racing Through Eternity, maybe we should exchange reviews again sometime :).

-Review Request Club-

DjAbbic responds:

Yeah :D. Unlike you, my replies cannot be a huge blob of text :(. Oh well, I'll try.

I totally prefer an honest and harsh review over a dishonest review. It always helps to learn new things and what people like/ don't like.

This song was made agess ago, and I'm pretty sure I have improved a lot since this. Also, one thing I'm not too good at, melodies. That's why I started making electro a bit more than this because in electro, the need for a melody is just not there :P.

I guess this submission was an 'early' one and I wasn't very experienced. Every time you look back a few months your music always sounds so simple and generic :|. Well, as long as you had fun making it.

That was my attempt at a long reply :S. If you ever want another review, you could PM me or leave a review somewhere and I'll get back to you asap ^^.

Also, thanks for the review :D. I guess you clicked on 'Most Popular 2010' and came up with this :S. I really hate it when your most popular song is not so good, and people think your a noob >.>

Well, thanks again. :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Again, So-So.

You've nailed the generic music that the simpler people on Newgrounds enjoy. I suppose that's good if you don't want to advance, but if you ever want to be anything you need to make your own style. I'm not trying to be an asshole but this just isn't very good. It's generally mediocre. I hope you can improve someday.

DjAbbic responds:

Yup. It's only my 5th month, and I'm 13. With time, I'll be making something that is, HOPEFULLY, original and not generic. I thank you, again, for taking the time to honestly review this.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I likes it

I feel the transition at 1:40 isn't perfect, but I am still really impressed with the song. Im sure you put a lot of hard work in this so 5/5 10/10 for you ;) thank you for making this song, Its good

DjAbbic responds:

I changed the bassline instrument in that transition, so there might have been some distortion as I was lowering freq for 1 bass, increasing freq for one bass and for one lead. I guess it's my fault really. Didn't pay too much attention to that transition. Now I'm wondering how I made that kick :S


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a Great Song

This song is one of the great songs I have ever heard on newgrounds. I like the tempo and the beat how it gos along with the rythm. I also like the notes the sythenizer plays over all, as the flow together is such a seperb way, that I can't describe. I also like the build up in this song, it starts out slow and continues to get faster and when it gets fast enough to the point where it would be unadible, it adds in another beat. Unorginal, but in this song well done.

I really do like This song but I feel there is something missing. I feel like the beat is a bit too repitive and can get really annoying if you listen to the song to many times. I also feel like their should be a instrument, in their to act as the guider and to lead the beats. Singing, can do this quite well.

I really do like this song and I hope to see more of your work in class


Zack Clark

(A.K.A: Lord Zackirus)

DjAbbic responds:

Thanks for this review! It's only my 5th month making music, so it's unoriginal style :P Also, I hate vocals. Just a personal opinion though, but I make music the way I want to, adding vocals will make it terrible in my eyes (ears :P) :|


Rated 5 / 5 stars


wow in the first 10 seconds song i already knew its one of thew best great job!

DjAbbic responds:

These types of reviews always make me feel nice inside :D