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Far From Our World 2.2

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Ok, first song posted evar! please, please PLEASE tell me what you think when you vote. It would help me a lot!

Please listen until at least a minute into the song, the intro is boring but it sets a "grand, majestic" kind of mood so, and then it breaks off into something that I think is pretty well done :]

Also, if you're gonna hate by trying to "eliminate the competition" and voting really low to lower my ranking don't even listen to the song.

I really like this song and I've been working on it constantly to improve it. So please, if you listen and vote and have the time to write a review, please do it. I need all the feedback I can get to make this song better!


its nice

for starters, i would put a pad with long notes in the intro to make it sound less plain. past 0:50 i feel like it is still an intro. it builds nicely before it, but then after it sounds like it should still build to something because it is "quiet", or "concealed".

Either after 0:50, or maybe 16 beats after something i would either build it to a more "open" melody for a chorus, maybe with another instrument with the main one.

Or maybe if you want it to stay more "ambient" i would have that part in the middle fade out a little and come back in. have variation to keep it interesting ;)

Also, if you notice, the intro is good in the beginning, but thats the ONLY time you hear the song like that. No outro, middle, anything uses that intro again. Maybe include that intro in the song somewhere. So thats another way to have more variation ;)

good luck. good work so far, not a bad start

Dig1talDam4g3 responds:

Thank you very very much, This is the kind of review I was looking for. A review that would help me get better. I was thinking of revisiting this song a little later after I get more experience, but I might do it sooner than expected and follow your suggestion :]

Thanks again for the great review, I appreciate it :]

Simply fantastic

The song does have a spacey feel to it.
This is like a song you can get high too.
Bro you're a god and keep up the good work.

Dig1talDam4g3 responds:

rofl tyvm xD its reviews like those that make me wanna keep on making music xD btw. sick name. i love it

Very... ummm.... retro?

I like this, seems very well laid out, it's got a catchy melody, the percussion isn't cliche'. Reminds me of the Atari days. haha I like the feel of it, all in all.

Te only negatives I can point out is that the choice of percussion could be better. but then again i hate the sound of cymbals for the most part, so my opinion really doesn't matter there.

I expect great things to come. Keep it up. :D

Dig1talDam4g3 responds:

Haha well thanks for the review :] i appreciate it, and yeah, I didn't really search for any percussion samples, I just worked with what I had. Thanks again for the review :D and let me know when you post more songs, I'd like to listen to them

You got style!

and i mean it. for this to be a first track on newgrounds its much better then what i was expecting. most of the time it is one night stand project with fl that has very bad kicks and mastering.

You Have:
Very clean sounds = very important in my book
great progression and transitions.

keep it up!
and ill see you around

Dig1talDam4g3 responds:

Wow :] that review made me feel pretty good xD thanks for listening! I love reading feedback. Yea, i agree with you, sometimes the first place song isn't very deserving of its status (sorry to anyone else reading this, but that's just my honest opinion) Unfortunately I lost my first place status as of 7:06 PM :[ I guess people like to eliminate their competition :\

and I'll listen to any of your songs too, If you've posted any (if not then send me a message when you do, if you do :] )

Thanks again :D

Far From Our World indeed.

First of all the Good: the song has a spacey feel, the grand majestic mood you were going for was succesful. I personaly kind of felt like it was the beginning of a space opera. The song gets quite interesting at about 1:31, that part is catchy and has a nice rhythm and feel to it. All together I think the song was well thought out and put together.

The bad: I think this might just be personal, but the synth to me felt a bit underwhelming. Perhaps you could thicken it up with some chord structure aroudn the melody. I think it might just be the patch itself though. The intro especialy is all airy with not a lot to thicken it.

Keep making music, keep experimenting with sounds. Good luck!

Dig1talDam4g3 responds:

Thanks for the review! :D
YES! I succeeded for getting that nice spacey feel :] to be honest I thought this song out in my head after watching Avatar (which is an amazing movie) :D

And yeah.. I've noticed that the intro is very very underwhelming, I was contemplating even putting this up because I thought it would be pretty "boring" to listen to...

Thanks again for the review, and yes, I will probably revisit this song in the future (once i get more experience with orchestral chord progression)

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Mar 1, 2010
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