AF - Simply Sabotaged (Final)

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Simply...(night 8) + Sabotage
Not impressed by the beggining? go straight to 4:50. It's a completely new direction for me and i think it turned out really good!
Originally two seperate songs, i did a little radio editing to put them together.

I know you guys really liked the rough version so i just can't wait to see what you think about this one!
Work time: around 28 hours

Comments are what i'm here for. so type away!

Special thanks to:
-Supersteph54 for supplying me with the drum samples and all the usefull advice!
-Sumguy720 for telling me to put more instruments: best advice ever btw.
-tigger888 for being so supportive. YOU ROCK!
-MmmCake for getting me back into the business!

Oh and if you love it (Or if you hate it and want to rub it in my face) geme a chat!:
MSN: aliaspharow@hotmail.com
AIM: aliaspharow
YIM: aliaspharow@yahoo.com



nothin else to say but that :)
nice 10/10 5/5

aliaspharow responds:

And that why we do it!


I'm not too happy with the transition at the 5 minute mark, because the song that follows after seems to be so completely different from the first one. Both tracks are awesome and they do work together quite well, but the transition is still kind of strange.

Anyway, I like the second part better, it creates a very darkish atmosphere and I think the song just works better overall.

The first song is a very happy one that could work well in clubs, but I don't like the tremolo like effect you have on some of the beats.

Overall, it's an interesting experiment that works out quite well, even though the songs don't seem to have too much in common.

{ Review Request Club }

Good work

A shame about the long pause at about 5 minutes, since it kind of broke the track up into 2 different tunes, which did detract from the artistic nature of the piece itself. With how you've worked it, it does sound very accomplished and artistic.

I would suggest on a personal note that you don't advertise your contact details so readily on this site - you never know who is watching. It takes seconds to write your email address or screen name in a PM to someone, so it will help your security that way :)

As the track works, it has some great progressive beats and melodies that bring the track to life, with the way that everything blends together, I think the only real thing it lacks is a bass solo, in all honesty.

[Review Request Club]

aliaspharow responds:

mhm, thanks for the tips! Keep up with the helpful reviews my freind!

Review Request Club

When I first looked at this, I was worried at the length. Not that I dislike all long songs (Tool fan, some of their tracks are 8 minutes plus, aha xD), but I find a lot of them can fall into a trap of being too repetitive. Especially when I read that this was originally two songs you edited into one. After listening to the whole thing I'm left wondering whether it would have been better off left as two songs. They compliment eachother well and the editing of them together is quite smooth, but I think having them as a 4-minute song and a 3-minute song might be a little easier to deal with, in listening terms. But anyway, on to the actual song.

Nice start, whatever you did to the drums is really cool, they compliment the synth well. I kind of wish they didn't fade out so quickly, just so they could have been used a little more as a support. The synth in itself though was nicely implemented, had a nice fast-paced melody and it had a nice evolution to it. The bass that comes in at 0:34 is also cool, though you kinda do start to really feel the lack of the drum sound by that point. I don't know what to make of the synth that comes in at 0:41...it sounds cool? What I can hear of it, anyway-it kinda needs to be brought a little more in the foreground so it's a little clearer, because it does sound like its a nice addition.

1:14 is yet another nice synth...the synths in general throughout have a really good quality to them come in and out well, though at 1:20 it's left feeling a little absent as one thing fades in and another fades out, and by 1:30 it feels in need of another synth just to flesh it out a little. The gated melody is a nice touch but it leaves the section feeling a little absent of some of the warmer synths that preceded it.

The going's on at 3:00ish feel way too crowded. One of those synths needs to be brought out a little more just to have some kind of point of focus instead of this mass of synths that sound kinda muddy together. The third minute in general has a really nice melody and is well-put together much like the 2nd...but much like the second minute, I'm not entirely sure it'd be of a detriment to the track if they were half the length? It's not that what's happening isn't good, it's just that it kind of lingers in the same area before it begins to move somewhere else. Which isn't a totally bad thing, but for a 7-minute song it gets a little repetitive.

The changeover to the second track was nicely done, I probably wouldn't have guessed it was initially two tracks if you hadn't said in the comments. It's a nice change from what's come before, especially the drums at 5:35. They're pretty overpowering, but almost in a good way? The way they cut through the synth somehow makes for the good. The synth at 6:03 creates the variety needed again by that point, right then I was going to have said it needed something different...and lo! Synths came. So nice save, on that part. The new synth at 6:28 is also a nice touch for this.

In all, this was pretty well crafted. Some of the levels could do with a second look and I'd seriously consider either splitting the tracks back into two or shortening this track down to a more manageable length, but in general this was pretty cool. Keep it up.
-Review Request Club

aliaspharow responds:

Wow! i was kinda expecting steph to give me the long one but seems you beat him on that one! i never even thought a longer song was an issues! because i thought all my other ones were too short...
...well that and the fact that i wanted to get both songs reviewed in the same week.
^^ HEY no one said it was cheating! Anyway, il be sure to mention this to steph! hes always looking for good epic reviewers!


Review Request Club

Well first of all I thought it was amazing that you put together a 6 minute song in 28 hours which is a day and I thought it came out great since it barely gets repetitive at all in the whole thing and it has a weird sounds like all techno music but this was kind of different like there was a sound going on like a million times at a time.

the beat was really cool how the tone changed in different parts but I don't know how this has anything to do with the title of this whatsoever but this song is a keeper to me which is why I favorited it but there was a nice effect with the techno drums which I have to thank Supersteph for and I like how it is kind of a relief from the coming sounds in the middle then wtf, it goes in some deep evil aura surrounding us?

I thought the middle of it was the ending and another song came out of nowhere? It was pretty cool but I think this is about all I have to say about this but try to make it less weirder because I thought it was over in the middle of this which was really weird but nice way of combining 2 songs into 1. Nice song!

~Review Request Club~


aliaspharow responds:

Il keep it in mind. Thanks a bunch!


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