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Hello, NG. This is my another track - "Mechanicum" - the BG music for Vengeance (our "C&C: Generals - Zero Hour" mod). It'll be an anthem for "Mechanicum" faction. It's not new, I've make it last year, just forget to post it here))) It's a BG music, so it's a simple track.

I hope you like it. And don't forget to leave comments... =)

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Sounds like Madness

For me, this piece just sounds like it's got to be used ad infinitum for the flash that are going to be made for Madness Day. This piece has all of the beats, rhythms and tricks that get used in a regular Madness style game and as a result, there is a certain premonition of extreme violence around the track as a whole.

I think that the voices that you've added in sound industrial enough and so does the rest of the track to stray away from the Techno side of things, but that's down to your own choice at the end of the day. Perhaps throw some sort of a drum solo in there for effect, but other than that, you sound like you're on a roll.

[Review Request Club]

EvilScorpio responds:

Well, you are the most poetical reviewer who I know)) :3 Thanks for good review) Madness music? Hmm...why not? =) If somebody will use it - it's okay)
I'm thinking about the improving of this track) When I'll make a new version - RRC team will get it first)

~ Review Request Club ~

It sounds like it would be great background music so great job there. I'll have to admit that it had a great sound and even though it got repetitive it never really got boring. Actually it was a pretty fun song to listen to.

The vocals were great and I don't think the submission would be very good without them as it tends to break up the repetitiveness and adds a nice touch of variety in there. It could actually be several minutes shorter and probably be just as good if not better though.

~ Review Request Club ~

EvilScorpio responds:

Thank you as always)


Loved it, main melody was great and drum work rocked, the intro was muffled though and boring...
Then the effects come in and reverses the whole thing and makes it very interesting.
So overall quite good, but work on those little faults.
Review Request Club

EvilScorpio responds:

Thank you, I will)

Fit for purpose

I think the highlight of this is probably the use of the vocals; while it does get a little repetitive after a while the main sound is pretty unique and the parts where there's two vox lines together work surprisingly well given their out-of-syncness with one another. it's got a good industrial/mechanical feel throughout and the fast pace throughout keeps a sense of interest, even if listening to it passively, as you do with background music generally.

The choice of main synths in general is pretty well done, although some of them could use a second look. There's some kind of synth that sounds like it comes in with the drums at 0:19 which I can't quite hear well enough to hear fully, and the synth that plays at 3:21 and a few other places has a melody that doesn't really fit nicely to what's going on with it.

The ending was good, but I was kind of half-expecting the beat to continue and loop straight back to the beginning, rather than fading out at the end. Although, either thing would work. In general, even though it IS a loop, it's meant to be background music and so the leeway for repetition is pretty huge, that this track could have done with being a little shorter, I think you could have still maintained the track and had all the material you have here still get it's play time if instead of 6 minutes, it was 3 or 4. Though that being said, as far as background music goes this does exactly what it's meant to; give the listener a decent sound to listen to whilst being more engaged in something else. However, in general the piece is pretty solid and the synths work really well together.

-Review Request Club

EvilScorpio responds:

Thanks) I'm glad it's good as BGM)))


I agree w/ Haggard, it's a loop, but this is a music for Comand & Conquer, so, you'll not listen so carefully while playing, you just need a nice music that gives you the best gaming imersion, and you did a nice job here, i can imagine someone playing C&C w/ this song...

It hasf an eletric beat, it fits perfectly w/ the game subject, it gave me a kind of Metal feeling (metal, not Heavy Metal, such as Iron Maiden...), and I think the Metal feeling is crutial for this kind of game... The beats are very well done, everything fits w/ the main beat, the drums are very syncronized to the music, the bass is nice, it gives more electric feeling...

Everything is well done man... Keep it up w/ the good work!!

(Review Request Club)

EvilScorpio responds:

Thank you, I'll try to keep it up)

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Feb 26, 2010
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