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UPDATE: March 10th - Top 30? Ranked 2nd? What is this madness?

Now that I have a proper mic and have had some more work at voice acting, I figured it was time for the re-release of The Metaphoric Art Forum Story. Based off of SirNightOwl's post in this thread (http://www.newgrounds.co m /bbs/topic/1098019/2), the story was originally recorded off of my laptop mic. Sure it was fine, but it wasn't great. Now, it's time for the re-release. Clocking at 5min 21sec, this is my longest voice acting piece yet. One run through, no breaks, just continuous recording.
NOTE: The background music is Violin Concerto No 3 in G, K 216 - iii Rondeau Allegro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I do not own the rights to this song and I do not claim it as my own.

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Ive only been on the art forum for a few days, switched my art style completley due to the advice given and lack of knowledge to anything. BUT IM STILL A DEMI GOD! I KNOW! IT! jk, I do have faith in the nice enough people to respond without beign douches, and actually give CONSTRUCTIVE critisisim, and I do use it.. Hopefully I dont become owl kill worthy on accident. =/

All because of this...

...of my first day being here, you made me scared of newgrounds.

Voice is welly done for the situation, story seems well out drawn good, but I didn't like the ending. A little scary.

And who's Renaenae?

bigjonny13 responds:

Hahaha, this story was written years ago, back in early 2009, in an actual forum post.
And ReNaeNae is a mod in the art forum. But don't worry, she's nice :3


Besides being a delicately (see: Axe Murderer) constructed audio submission, it contains the truth of many a demise of a potential "artist". People must listen to this 'bloody long essay', at least new people, to grasp what their fates shall be like if they do not follow the advice of their elders, to learn and grow and be respected in the woodland full of faerie creatures.
As their falsely constructed empires of praise and mercy upon their 2-minute works fall down around them, exposing the very crappy down core of their self-esteem, we shall direct them to this literary dictation - people deserve to know that which has banished them why, and just how lowly the woodland creatures actually thought about them.

As for the submission itself, it's obviously parodical. You might want to try and brush up on your English accents and actually try to make it sound legitimate - sometimes, the best parodies are the ones you don't know are parodies. Theres also an annoying lisp constant throughout the piece, along with that little "thrown voice" thingie that always appears when someone is blatantly throwing their voice. As I absolutely no idea and experience what it's like to be a Voice Actor, I'll not waste time trying to suggest anything to fix that up.

The descriptive language was good, and I can see this being adapted into a flash movie of sorts, just to let people know what an unforgiving and horrible place the Art Forum can be without proper caution. Something along the lines of that Red Riding Hood movie where everyone got eaten. A right proper warning to the newbies, good sir. You've done a favour to the community and deserve to be justly rewarded. Failing that, you get a cookie.

bigjonny13 responds:

When I was recording it, I wasn't trying to go for an English accent, but it developed into that as the story progressed. As for the thrown voice, I have no idea what's up with that, as I didn't even try to do so.
Anyways, hooray for the cookie.


Loved it. Its #2 on the audio portal! This is totally tottally lolz... love it. Is this inspired by the english renisance or medivel times???

bigjonny13 responds:

Yeah, the audio portal updates weekly on Wednesdays at 12AM. And I guess, somehow, this was actually at a high enough score at that time that it received the number 2 ranking.
Glad you enjoy. If you want the inspiration, it's a combination of English Renaissance times and the show "Masterpiece Theatre".


this is awesome!!!! lol

bigjonny13 responds:

Glad you think so man, thanks a lot :D

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Feb 25, 2010
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