The Kings Defeat

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OKAY! So... I've been working on the production on this forever... and I think it turned out nice... But I want to know, should I leave it, or keep adding onto it? Also, I'd love to hear you guys opinions on the Production and the Song as is. Thanks guys!

This, so far, is kind of like a story...

The Intro,

The Battle,

The Brutal Kick To The Face, laying the dude out on the ground,

The Defeat.




I really loved the way it all comes together. The melodies and harmonies etc are tight! :D

also... something just seems so right about listening to this with the AgnryFaic viz on XD

VGstudiosTeam responds:

hahaha, thanks!! and I know! The day I uploaded it that was the first graphic and I almost died from laughter. I may upload some more stuff soon. Thanks again!

effin awesome intro

i really liked how you introduced the rythm guitar with a james bond lick in a different order, it adds a "dude, you're bad!" feel to it.

This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, i suppose, but the bass drum has too much of a plastic against plastic sound to it, which appears in alot of fast bass drum lines. I just thought it might sound a bit better with more of a "thump" feel to it, maybe by putting some felt on the end of your drum pedal, or if they're computer drums, i would suggest just turning up the bass and down the tenor. but it may just be my taste, everyone has their own liking

At 0:43 where the snare hits come in, the drums sound ever-so-slightly behind. or maybe the guitars are rushing if the drums are computer made.

the background synth (orchestra strings?) need to change in the really quiet part in 1:00, because it really gives the calm part the wrong kind of edge, with the bells and everything, it feels like it should be a major note, or just go along with the bells. suggestion: maybe instead of having the electric bass being the main part, use an orchestral bass, i think that would give it a more ominous feel and fit in better with the fxed acoustic guitar

the lead guitar that goes into 1:44 is a bit loud, or maybe just too thick, I think that it should be more like the icing on the cake rather than the thick of the song, because the surrounding parts are thick enough.

Totally expand on this sucker, dude. it's really really good, but you should include the part at 0:28, in variation of course, perhaps as a transition to the finale of the song. I really really like it, the extensive use of the drums, the hemiolas between the drums and rythm guitars, and the tone of the song is dead on. It's incredible, keep on adding to it!

oh, last thought, at 0:23 where the two guitars fade out, make them change to enharmonics (at least i think that's what they're called, when they go from low to like five octaves higher, u used one in 1:22)

VGstudiosTeam responds:

I actually agree with everything you said! lol

I had a problem with the drum mixing, but I think once I actually complete this song, I'm gonna remix it.

With the strings, in the program I'm using, I JUST found a good bass strings sound. And I might add it. Then again, I may loose the strings there and turn the bell down.

and yeah, the guitar part gets slightly behind at times... I actually looped it lol, it was just a liiiittle off and annoyed me. I'mma re-record it

And I got some new Guitar Mics that REALLY changed the sound, I think the next version will sound MUCH better.

Thanks for your input!!

Drums need more volume

Perhaps it's the compression rate or just the nature of the song, but once the guitars come in, I can hear nothing but the ride cymbal. As is, the song is pretty solid - I especially like the clean section with the bell in the background. The guitars are just a bit too loud in the mix with the drums far too quiet.

VGstudiosTeam responds:

Ah yes, I've had so many problems with drums. I've been doing them in program... and its very hard to mix lol. But I think when I actually do this song, I'm going to remix everything, and have the drums out front. I plan on making this really epic :D lol


I'm normally not a fan of electronic instruments, but this piece was actually rather enjoyable to listen to.

I definitely think you should build more on it, especially after 01:42!

VGstudiosTeam responds:

Thanks man! I plan on doing that... I'm trying to make my metal sound more like... Melodic classical sorda... like... I hate metal that sounds like some guy has his cat walking on his guitar. haha

But thanks man!!

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