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Joker Tape 1

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Author Comments

okay, so i spent some time on my impression, and willy-nillied a story on the spot to seem more "in character" with the joker (if you've seen Dark Knight, it does sure seem like he's making it up on the spot) and i hope it gives you another insight into what may have been, or some of the things the Joker thinks. please give me some Constructive Criticism!


Pretty poor

I can see that you've had a good long chance to practice your best Heath Ledger impersonation. Yes, I think that is certainly the best part of the piece. What you've done wrong appears to be "fear of the mic", where you're either too far away, or are too quiet to get it working right.

From this, I can deduce that you need to speak up, get closer to the mic, whatever, but with the way it sounds now, especially with the guy at the end who is the other way around and takes so much out of the piece, you need to get a balance between the actors, so that the sound is pretty even.

Working on that is the main thing, perhaps then we can understand the nuances of the script, so to speak, but it will sound a whole lot better once Joker's voice is at least audible at normal volumes, since there is no background hiss etc.

Consider getting a pop-guard, since it will help you with the finer aspects of the recording, particularly if the victim is going to be close to the mic, so it will reduce some of the imperfections within the piece.

[Review Request Club]

~ Review Request Club ~

I personally didn't like it that much because of the presentation. The voice itself was a good impression of the Joker, but the quality of the file wasn't too great. First off I found it too quiet to enjoy even when I had my volume up too high so perhaps you need to speak up a bit.

The person that you are talking to sounded too close to the mic. The total opposite actually. When he made noises or talked you could hear that nasty pfff sound that you get from wind hitting the microphone. He also didn't sound believable whatsoever.

So if I was just reviewing based on the voice of the Joker then I would have gave it a 10/10, but based on the other voice and the quality of the submission this probably deserves around a 6/10. I'll be a little nice and add an extra point though.

~ Review Request Club ~


I like it, it seems very realistic and you sound insane and crazy, like the Joker exactly!
I heard breathing, like you were choking someone, very good, had a dark feel to it which is very good.
The sound of everything though, doesn't sound that good, it needs to be a bit louder and you need to take away that cheap mic static sound.

Review Request Club

Good track

The voice acting here is pretty good, but the Joker is too far away from the mic, so he's pretty hard to understand.

However, I liked the impression you gave on the joker. I don't know how close you are to Ledger's joker as I haven't seen the movie (and even if I had I couldn't judge it, as movies here are dubbed). But I like the deranged sound you gave your voice, it really gave me the creeps.

I also liked the addition of the second character, even though we can only hear him breathing most of the time. But it adds a whole new dimension to this track, it creates some images in my mind that wouldn't have been there if the second character hadn't been present in this submission.

{ Review Request Club }

Pretty good

To be a pedant for a second, throughout the recording there's this kind of medium-pitched buzzing sound which gets a little distracting, I don't know whether it's just because of the recording itself or whether it was deliberate, but whatever it was, it got a little grating.

The story was fairly imaginative, but perhaps a little too much so. The stories in The Dark Knight, while far-fetched, both simply involved someone taking a knife and cutting the smile in themselves. To think an ill-placed knife in the middle of a carnival show would create the same effect takes one leap of the imagination too many, in my mind. But who knows, maybe they were sharp knives. Or maybe the Joker's just making things up as he goes along, as per the usual.

As far as the actual voice goes, you do a pretty good imitation. The intonation of the voice you got down pretty well, and you definitely had the psychotic demeanour down, but perhaps not the pitchy variation that Ledger's Joker does; going from the kind of maniacal highs to the more ominous low rumbles. And I was half-expecting at least one maniacal laugh in this track, but perhaps that would have been too obvious a thing to put in. I can't quite tell how well the "Why so serious?" line was delivered because the victim's interjections kind of overpowered them a little, but as far as I could tell it was done pretty well, if a little more aggressively than Ledger's; I think you both did the same thing, but that he did it at a much lower level so instead of a more aggressive shout, it was more of an incredibly threatening growl. But in general, I think the impression's pretty good, and with a few more tweaks it'll be pretty damn convincing.

As has been mentioned, the ending is a little abrupt, you could probably think about how to dress the death of the victim up a little more if you do any more tapes. And in the same way, the victim's breathing were the only real indication that things were getting progressively worse for him, ie the Joker getting his knife out/advancing on him, so a few more sound effects wouldn't go amiss there. In general though, it's a nice impression; good work.

-Review Request Club

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3.35 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2010
8:36 PM EST
Voice Demo
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