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Alright, so here's my first serious attempt at EQing a song -- please let me know how I did!

I figured that this came out with a little more of an "epic" sound than I thought it would (epic, not as in actually good, but powerful), so let me know if any of that goes your way, I guess.

I really took my time with this, so I'm hoping it goes over better than some of my other songs *barf* lol.

As far as a story or narration goes for this...

1st part: There's a difficult decision to make...
2nd part: You don't think you can handle the responsibility, so you distract yourself.
3rd part: The denial escalates.
4th part (Descending chromatic scale): It's too late; hope begins to fade...
5th part: Wise advice is brought to you by unknown forces.
6th part: The revolution commences, taking the world by storm.

I suppose you could apply this narration to a lot of situations, but that's not my job, so don't ask me to lol.

EDIT: Fixed various things.

EDIT AGAIN: I will never name a song "Revolution" again lmao.

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Nice sounds

This has a very {RETRO} feel to it kinda like i was listening to something from the 70's or even 80's, the drums were a nice touch in this piece i think you should actually add more of the drums but with a higher bass sound. and adding some more variaty of instraments wouldnt hurt either, i like this track you have here its a nifty piece and i suggest working with it more and as mentioned give it more of that deep feel, more drums and more variaty from other uniquer instraments even some backround effects would be another nice addition, so anyways nice piece, i look forward to more of your work.

adding some more variaty of instraments wouldnt hurt either, also more of the drums with more of a deeper bass in there, And more variaty from other uniquer instraments even some backround effects would be another nice addition

Birdinator99 responds:

Thanks for the input, but this track isn't going anywhere haha


This was simply a work of art. From beginning to end you captured my attention and refused to let go. Even without your listing of what the song is about/going through, I got the feeling from the tune itself anyway, so you conveyed the thoughts and emotions wonderfully. Very well done, thanks for sharing this with us!

My only criticism is that the fade out end felt weak compared to how powerful the rest of the song was.

Birdinator99 responds:

Yeah, I hate the fade out too :/

Thanks for the kind words and the review!


Dude I have no words to decribe this song it was just INSANE. Keep up the good work bro I look forward to hearing more from you. peace 5/5 11/10

Birdinator99 responds:

lol thanks very much! I'm really glad you feel that way about it :D

Regardless of the name, Let us review this song!

I liked it quite a bit, Yeah the name wasn't the best choice, people have made that quite clear, however you did a wonderful job creating this piece. I like that it has so much diversity to it, and unlike alot of songs on newgrounds, it actually comes back to the original theme towards the end. There may be a few balancing issues here and there (some parts sound a little.... off) but other than that, it is a great song and i hope to hear more like it in the future. =]

Birdinator99 responds:

Thank you so much for that! lol.

I completely agree, there are very obvious EQ/frequency/balancing issues in this song that I will not be caught doing again, as I have learned so much since making this.

Still, I'm glad you liked it and I thank you for the review!

I think a better name would be "Resolution"

I don't sense anything that I would classify as a revolution, or massive turnaround.

The part you designated didn't have as much of an "epic" feel to it as I expected, but I like how you partitioned the piece into various parts.

Birdinator99 responds:

Oh boy, I'm in trouble :p lol kidding

Alright, alright, the name sucks; the point is that you listening and reviewed, so thanks!

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