Sweet Wish

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This is one of the many musical projects I have made with Fruity Loops 3. Once again, I hope this one is received better than some of my other projects that I uploaded here. I made this one some years ago. It is called Sweet Wish. I hope that you enjoy, and do not be shy in commenting and giving feedback. (=

Thanks for listening ...

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Makes me feel all weird!

What a WEIRD song! And as usual with me, weird is not a bad thing.

I'm actually quite a big fan of synths. When used right, it sounds absolutely aweseome and awe-inspiring, sorta. Your use of them is just what I like to hear.

The best part about the song is the simple melody. It goes throughout the whole song, not being repetitive, but being simple and soon enough, stuck in my head.

Of course, melody doesn't make the song. Your use of drum samples to keep the rhythm going was great. The music in the background, be it the bass or the ambient sounds that went with the melody, really worked out, and created an all-around unique atmosphere. In many other cases, such simple background sound could end up with the song being shallow and feeling really plain, but your use of varied sounds was just what I like to hear.

Unlike supersteph, I don't really feel this is too repetitive. If I had plaid Drug the Mouse, sure, I can understand that it might eventually become repetitive, as the melody doesn't really change, but when it's not on a loop and I just listen to it three or four times, it sounds just about right.

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Radidsh responds:

Huh? I thought I had responded to this review. How strange!

I am really glad you enjoyed the song. Yush X3 Always makes me happy to hear. When one can listen to the song more than once like that, it lets me know that I at least did something right, haha. XDD

Thanks a ton! Tusen takk for den hyggelige og konstruktive tilbakemeldingen, fortsett slik! =D


Well, I must say that this fit very well in the 'Drug the Mouse' submission which I had to review since it was requested in the club. You can't begin to imagine how many times I've been listening to this track, since I spent so long trying to beat the other reviewers' high scores xD. Yeah, that being said, this is a very enjoyable piece. It has so many quirky synths and melodies that I couldn't help but smile in some parts of the song. Good work.

The way I see it, the melodies are definitely the highlight of this submission. As I said, they were really quirky and as iHeartQuistis said, it's not that hard to notice that there indeed is a lot of talent in the melodic section. The melodies actually sound very unique with a nice chord progression and very good rhythms. I like the small melody playing at the very beginning, and the main melody coming at 0:29 was excellent, and I'm sure it won't be easy to get it out of my head.

Another thing which was cool was that the background depth always changed. Sometimes you had an offbeat bass, sometimes you had some pitch-bent square waves, sometimes you had this cool plucked sound, etc... I could listen to this more than once and hear something new in the background. On the other hand, I really would've liked to hear more alternate melodies, since the main melody at 0:29 sounds overused to me, since it was used quite a few times in the song. This led to the song sounding quite predictable, which is a bummer.

The instruments weren't too special. They all sounded quite dry, and while I liked some delay effects you put on a few instruments, the sounds weren't really anything special. The square synth you used at the beginning was nice, but other than that, I think you could have been a bit more original and creative with your synths. There's a piano too, which really didn't work in this song I think. If you need to know how to make synths, and you have Sytrus, then this is probably the best tutorial for how to make synths that there is:
http://blackhole12.newgrounds.com/new s/post/80532
In-depth, but still in such simple and easy-to-follow diction. I think it'll definitely help you out. If not, you can download VST's like Nexus (2), z3ta+ and Vanguard.

On the other hand, the transitions were all very well executed. Each section flowed smoothly to the next, and the only transition which I think could use a bit of work would be the transition at 1:15. You introduce a new, slightly louder and more high pitched plucked synth, making it sound like it came out of nowhere. Giving it a bit of emphasis when it comes in like adding a crash cymbal or fading it in would definitely help not make the transition so sudden.

The structure was pretty unique. A common structure is keeping a similar background but varying the foreground, but it sounds like you varied the background more than the foreground. This has both an advantage and a disadvantage; advantage being that you have a unique structure which makes this song sound quite original, and disadvantage being that most users focus on what's playing in the foreground making this sound a little repetitive... So yeah, I think you should still vary the foreground a bit, maybe by adding some subtle changes to the melodies. However, both the intro and outro were superb, so nice job there :D.

The percussion was cool. You actually added a tambourine to a song like this, so you get some points for originality :P. The beats were good, and I loved the drum transitions, especially the one at 0:27. The drum samples could've been a bit more interesting, but other than that, I was impressed by your drums. I also liked that kick hit thing you first introduced at 0:46.

As an overall conclusion, this is a cool submission. You've definitely got all the melodies nailed perfectly, and all the stuff in the background including the drums were awesome. The two main defects in this would be the lack of alternate melodies/repetition in foreground and the bland instruments. Other than that, this is one heck of an awesome song. Good job!

-Review Request Club-

Radidsh responds:

Jezuz, I had no idea I would get this good of a feedback. X3 I was even unsure whether to submit this song or not in the start.

This is the so far last *proper project* song I made in Fruity Loops which is not a remix or the like of another song, like my Pokémon renewal projects, so perhaps I am improving after all (though not had too much activity as of late)?

I find it exciting how you heard this song in the "Drug The Mouse" flash game submission first. I am happy to be a part of others' work, and I am very excited to know how someone decided to use my song in their own work.

Once again, I never knew how to modify or create new instruments, but then again, I never did anything other than try searching for instruments in general online. Thank you so much for linking to the tutorial and giving more hints on what I can do here, it should be time for me to get off my lazy bum and jump onto a brand new project, try to get better and, this time hopefully with more exciting new tweaked instruments and the like, not sounding as dull.

My whole big dream was to make songs that others could listen to more than once and actually enjoy, which is why I am so happy to hear that you liked it.

Thank you for the awesomely kind words and the constructive review!! =3


i totally agree with your reply to "iheartquistis". i mean the good stuff! lol.

7.5 out of 10

It's pretty simplistic and the samples you're using aren't entirely awe-inspiring (such as the piano), but you can tell there is talent behind this composition.

Its most noticeable strength, I would say, is that it offers a fun variety of different riffs to keep the piece interesting for the entire three minutes. Good work, you definitely have a solid musical foundation - so keep building it up.

Radidsh responds:

Thank you so much for the constructive critism and also for the kind words. Yup, I know that my projects lack in that area. I have no idea how to mix things, I just use a set of instruments that came with Fruity Loops (which is probaby why all my songs sound so similar too, the very same and dull instruments), but I wish to learn more about making my own instruments and have that extra ingredient o' fancy and touch my future projects more up. =)


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