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This song is definitely different from what I usually make. I was heavily inspired by mjattie's song "Out of Control." I based this song off of his song. If you listen to both his and my song, you can recognize the similarity between the two songs.

This song took 3 straight days of work. Yes, all I did for 3 days was eat, sleep, and produce this song and I'm glad its finally completed. This song is a big milestone for me. I learned a lot during the making of it and you can expect nothing but completely AWESOME songs from me in the future :)

I'd like to give a special thanks to mjattie for being such a great help. He has helped me out with my music producing ever since my very first songs. I would not be at the level I am right now if it wasn't for him. You should definitely look him up in the Audio Portal :)

Enjoy and don't forget to rate and review! I would LOVE to hear your feedback! I will respond to ALL reviews unless there is an overwhelming amount! :)

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Finally! A trance song which isn't generic, woo! :D. Man, I really enjoyed this submission. Let me just say that I really enjoy songs which incorporate a variety of different genres and styles, since they're so interesting to listen to and unique (which is why even I try to make loads of songs which are a mix of different genres/styles) and this is no exception.
The name defines this song perfectly; it truly is a fusion of different styles and genres, and it works really well! Also, on an unrelated note, I had a look through your submissions and found your Robot Day submission. I then realised how hard the Robot Day competition is going to be xP.

The melodies are superb, although I see (hear) this as more of an atmospheric track. The atmosphere you made is superb, with such a huge amount of depth and power in the background. Still, there is a melody, played by that piano, and it's one hell of an awesome one too. The only two things I would ask for would be:
1.) More diversity on that piano. A piano is easily the most diverse and versatile instrument out there, and you could've done a lot more with it, such as added some bass notes with the piano, maybe some chords. And stuff.
2.) More melodies for that piano. You only had one melody for the whole song, which was a bit of a let-down considering that the background was so well varied with different styles.
Still, other than that, the melodic side of this submission is absolutely amazing, with a good chord progression too.

As for the instruments, since you had a number of different genres incorporated in this song, there's a good variety of different instruments. The pads were very airy and deep, and the piano was nice quality too. Not only that, but you even added strings in the intro. I would've loved to hear more strings in this song, maybe some small section dedicated to the strings and maybe some percussion, but still, the strings were awesome quality too and were implemented flawlessly. The offbeat bass worked well too. Loved the different effects you did in the song such as the ones at 0:06, 1:04 and 1:13. The production is excellent too, and I liked the sidechaining you did, even though I usually dislike sidechaining.

The transitions, wow... Like the 3 reviewers below me said, the transitions are pristine. I'm trying really hard to find a transition which is even slightly abrupt, but I just can't. Every transition had a reverse cymbal or cool effect which made everything flow so smoothly. I especially liked the transition at 1:03-ish. So yeah, transitions were perfect. I praise too much...

Structure was excellent. You had a variety of different sections in the song, all completely different from each other, yet still work out so well, and the amazing transitions helped too. This made the variety of the song very good as well, since I never was able to predict what would happen next while I'm hearing the song. The only thing that needs variety would the piano, like I said above.

The intro was amazing. Congas, strings, effects, and then a smooth transition to the piano. What is there to complain about? Even the ending was awesome, but I think instead of fading out the final note with the saw pad you could have automated its cut off and high pass to provide a cooler effect. Nitpicks ftw :3.

I don't have much to say about the percussion. It was amazing. You had congas, trance drums, even some industrial drums at 2:25 O.o. Very original idea, good work. Kick was nice and bassey, although I would've liked to see a few more open cymbals here and there or some hat lines.

There isn't really much else to say about this, but since my tradition is to reach the characters on as many reviews as I can, that's what I'll do xD.
This song is amazing. A unique mix of genres and styles, a lot of variety, amazing atmosphere, smooth transitions, what more could I ask for? Just work on varying that piano a bit more and maybe some other nitpicks I mentioned, and it'd be perfect in my opinion. Excellent song, keep up the amazing work!

-Review Request Club-

UncleSqueezins responds:

Wow...now this is what I really appreciate: an extremely lengthy review!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the song so much! I see your name everywhere on the Audio Forum and on the reviews of other songs. I'm glad that you are reviewing one of my songs! :D

I would love to write a really long response for you but it's kind of hard to since all you did was worship my song. :D However, I have to say that I must disagree about changing up the piano. The piano melody acts as a base for all of the other instruments and melodies to build on, so it may screw up the smooth flow and tranquility if I add some more piano melodies.

So again, I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much! And as I said to sixflab below, everyone at the Review Request Club is just awesome!

(Oh...I'm glad that you liked my Robot Day song :D)


-As much as I wanted to break the combo of tens that I saw you building up I just couldn't give you something lower than what this deserves in my opinion here. Your work is usually really good and while it isn't the best it's starting to get up there in the overall quality. You take time with your work and that's the biggest step after all. Once you take time with your work all it is after that is putting all that you have learned together into something.

-This song shows some peaks of greatness since it doesn't entirely stay in the trance genre. It flowed smoothly from transition to transition and dabbles in different melodies and instrument combinations during different areas of the song. This mixing and matching kept me on my toes, metaphorically, and I never really knew what to expect as the song progressed. It even had that atmospheric presence in the initial build-up instead of drowning us in song complexity.

-Like I said earlier I was trying to be nit-picky and try to find areas where you made mistakes but try as hard as I might I just wasn't able to find anything that was overly glaring and deserving of a downgrade in your score. Just keep working and i'm sure you will produce some gems in the future.

-Review Request Club

UncleSqueezins responds:

Thanks you so much for all of the wonderful complements! You guys at the Review Request Club are great!

loved the transitions!

Excellent work here man, I must say that this song is by far one of my favorite ones on ng! And what makes it so great are the many different varieties of music you added into this piece, all the transitions from one to the next were smooth and flowed nicely together, and even though some of these motifs were completely different, the smooth transitions made them sound great. Excellent work here man, 5/5 from me, please make more soon! :DD

UncleSqueezins responds:

Thanks! It was SOOOOO hard to make all of the different genres flow so smoothly. I'm glad you appriciate my hard work! :P


amazing song! the way you transition to your songs into so many different forms is amazing. Great choice of instrumentation... and as always impeccable mastering... lol dig the big words? kay man.. have a good one

UncleSqueezins responds:

Yeah, the transitions are what really make this song unique. Its something I've never tried before and I'm glad you liked it! :)

Mmmm I taste greatness.

You know something is really good when you can actually TASTE it just from hearing it. This is a fantastic song, so very soothing but the killer techno-ish sounds are a amazing touch. Very different from other songs Ive heard on the portal, and I dig different. Keep em coming, the world needs your sound.

Downloaded and Faved.


UncleSqueezins responds:

I'm very glad that you can...um...taste...my song. lol I kind of know what you mean haha. Thanks for the support! :)

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