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Rina-Chan, Keep Your Head Up

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Author Comments

Beat by Flawless. Mixed by DJ Davs.


Verse One

What's up, Rina-Chan? I just read your blog
And from the tone, it seems you cried a couple waterfalls
'Cause you been takin' a minute to answer people's calls
They claiming you a shark; you ever heard of Jaws?

You'd think it fate for hate to simply escalate
Constant negativity, anonymity agitates
Fame is what they crave or maybe they want to lacerate
Your rep, so a rumor will form, and spread at faster rates

Young people are influenced by opinions
They can't make their own, so bandwagon the minions
Feed them bullshit, explaining their opposition
They eat it all up, more gullible than an infant


Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, keep your head up
Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, get your head up
Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, keep your head up

Verse Two

I can understand that Rina's busy
But the others who are asking for your work haven't been so friendly
Your email's never running empty
The time they wait is lengthy
For an answer, so you're saying "Please forgive me"

And...because of prior obligations
It's rare you even get a vacation
As said in your explanation
People could have been patient
'Stead of whining and hatin'
Do they need a summation of all your current vocations?

It's a stupid reaction, but you take it to heart
Criticism's a bitch, and Rina knows that it barks
And if you give it a treat, they'll be asking for more
Then assume your idleness equals arrogant whore

Textual swords hitting these Newground boards
And if they don't mean it, then they MUST be bored
Man...their immaturity heightens your insecurity
So block the stuff out 'cause it's only an impurity


Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, keep your head up
Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, get your head up
Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, keep your head up

Verse Three

Speaking as a fan, I think your work is great
And by the way, I'm very happy you appreciate
The tribute song that I had written for you last year
So, here's another one to jam into your cute ears

I'm sure that everything will settle in the long run
I've seen the texts of support, and I am just one
I know the love you get is the stronger than the hate
Even when the latter overwhelms you, it simply dissipates

So, when you coming home... with Kirb and Egoraptor?
It's just a joke, but I'm hoping you resume the laughter
You are forgiven; you didn't know that Bon's a pastor?
And we'll be waiting for anything that you made and mastered

But until then, I'll be playing faves
Like Brawl Taunts and other vids you prior saved
Just keep it humble and I'm certain that you'll be okay
And let the posers continue drinking their haterade


Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, keep your head up
Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, get your head up
Rina-Chan, Rina-Chan, keep your head up

Questions or comments? Leave 'em here.


Hey, Alright!

Aw man, damn fine job. Really like it. I haven't posted a comment or review on Newgrounds since 2000 or 2001, but I just gotta get behind the idea of this song. Sweet beats, badass message.

Rina-Chan, keep your head up.

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TheTrueBonanza responds:

Amen, amen. I'm planning on re-releasing this song soon because there are still a few kinks I need to work out. Thanks again for listening, man.

Very well done and gives me inspiration

A very original piece of work that is completely different that of what people think of from the rap industry. Very catchy and smooth lyrics and it all makes sense . The messege you're trying to convey comes out perfectly and that is. There will always be people who dislike who you are but keep your head up because you'll always have more fans then haters Rina. Congrats on a job well done and consider me a fan.

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TheTrueBonanza responds:

Thanks, man. I really appreciate the feedback. I actually got word from Rina-chan herself, which has been anything but negative. Glad to know this song has reached people like yourself.


This sounds legit. Nice job. Keep on laying down those phat beats! ^_^

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TheTrueBonanza responds:

Appreciate the love, and thanks for listening.


It's really good! very catchy and smooth! The only thing that is unclear is the content of this song: what's with Rina-chan? anywho, great job!

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TheTrueBonanza responds:

Blog that inspired the song here: http://rina-chan.newgrounds.com/news/

This is just my way of saying she has support. Thank you so much for listening, dude!

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Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2010
3:10 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
File Info
4.8 MB
4 min 9 sec

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