Dwelling at the Ocean's Bottom

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"Dwelling at the Bottom of the Ocean" is the first of three pieces written for a good friend that's gonna use them in an animation presentation.

The three pieces were made following the water, wind and earth elements theme; and this piece is the one related to the element of water.

You can find the other 2 pieces at my audio page, they're called:
"Flying with the Wind" and "Walking in the Desert"

Hope you enjoy it! take care everyone!


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nicely done.again im taken aback that you can make good tunes.i dare say youre the next Ludwig Von Beethoven and Mozart combined.:P

Jabicho responds:

lol thanks so much for your words! they mean a lot!


love it as always your ....always great dont let others tell you otherwise

Jabicho responds:

Thanks for your inspiring words =)

Nice work

I think that the soft pieces that you introduce the piano with are really skillfully constructed and you've certainly given a slow and somewhat sad opening to the piece.

The way that you blended a more jovial tempo into it later on might be there to signify a better feel of rebirth / moving on from the potential sadness or tragedy at the beginning of the piece. I like how it plays out, but in this context, I think it could be a little longer, just to dwell on the happiness or hope a little more.

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Jabicho responds:

Thanks for saying that! I think the piece could have a lot of different parts and be longer, so I'm already working on a piece that joins my three last pieces to make it more complete.

Thanks for writing!

Review Request Club

Hey man really nice music you got here with a nice and slow intro but I am sorry but it didn't really give me an ocean feel under the water that much but the instruments were played but it seems that you focus on music that try to make you visualize where the music is from but I kind of had the effect of it but it was pretty nice and that ISN'T the most important part of the song.

It seems like there needed to be more things in it because it was pretty short to me but that wouldn't be a problem really and seems quiet and lonely with no life but I guess that IS realistic since there pretty much is nothing at the ocean floor but it would be nice to add to that a little but overall it was a good piece but needed more to it but everything else is fine I guess.

~Review Request Club~


Jabicho responds:

Hey there! thanks for checking this out, yeah, maybe this piece just catches a little of all the things it could express about the title, hehe, I think I'll work on different states of the ocean that I'm sure could use a different perspective than this one. Thanks for the review!

~Review Request Club~

Classic music isn't my type, but this was a good song man. The rhythm was great, and I found myself more relaxed while listening to the song. It was a great break from my usual music, and I always like to try new things.

I like that the theme of this piece is water. I really can just imagine water dripping and rolling away in the easiest way it can. I wonder if you actually played the piano and recorded it or if you used a computer and told it what notes to play? Either way it was great.

I really don't have any criticisms for this song, because I honestly don't think there's much of a way to improve it. The only thing I can vaguely think of, and this in no way factored into the score, is that you might want to remove the last ten seconds of empty sound before your friend uses it in his flash. Unless of course you meant it to be there.

All in all this is a great song, and a very relaxing one at that. I love it, and you should really keep up the work man. I'll keep in mind to take a look at your other songs, because this one is really impressive.

~Review Request Club~

Jabicho responds:

Thanks for checking this out! Yep, I played the piano here and recorded it, hehe, I play it on all of my songs, I think it's better for the strength of the playing of the keys, like hard, soft, etc.
Lol when I write and make it play on the pc, it sounds like an 8-bit midi :P
Hehe yeah, about the ten seconds I'm starting to think that it's too much, I'll start cutting it for my next pieces to maybe 4 or 5 after all the sounds go in silence. (thanks for pointing that out)

Thanks for the wonderful words! they mean a lot! Thanks again for your review!

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