[D106] Dance Requiem

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This track I originally started writing for my girl friend and I liked it and so continued it :) I fortunately managed to finish the song and render it and then my fl studio glitched again sending everything off key :( But at least I have this file :) And thank you Jenna for the inspiration :) <3
Anyways see what you think and review, vote and w.e. else you have to do :)

-Dreadnought106 (now changing to DjAlyx)


Boten Anna parts are Boten Anna.

Hey man,
I support all music on Newgrounds, but you should definitely mention Basshunter's Boten Anna as a reference for inspiration as well. Though you changed a lot of it there is a part that is still actually the same as in Boten Anna. I could pull out a midi and point it out, but I don't think thats necessary. Loved the energy/crowds and pitch change though. :D

-- Chris

p.s.: Don't get so bent out of shape from Newgrounds. It's just not worth it.. :)

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dreadnought106 responds:

what i find really stupid is this has no resemblance from boten anna at all :L I started frm scratch :L admittedly its the same bassline but nothing else is the dam same :L In fact one part sounds more similar to a section of the full dotA song which i didnt realise at the time :L seriously will somebody come on here and not make comment about boten anna or now your gone because its neither and you must be freaking deaf =D well dw im not bothered about newgrounds :L cya around :)


nothing else i can say...

ur song just what im been looking some years... my wish : if u have new song just mail me in FACEBOOK.. here's my profile.. let me know ur new song (s)...


dreadnought106 responds:

sure thing :) you should check out my new songs :P Thanks for the review :)


what am i really trying to say

hm, interesting, now this is good. maybe even great. I do have to admit it did sound like bass hunter a little, BUT that's not a bad thing, Bass hunter made money out of his songs, you made it because you love you girlfriend. That to me is a better reason. then again bass hunter is known world wide. He has many known melodies. meh i lost my train of thought.
Its great man who cares if it sounds like bass hunter. bass hunter just created a sound. it people like you that build upon it and make it better. Its better anyways.
5/5 10/10

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dreadnought106 responds:

Thanks for the review :) its much appreciated and I genuinely did not intend this t sound like basshunter but jsut did :L



Don't listen ChairYeoman!!!
This is nice track!!
I love your music :))
Be Happy!!!

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dreadnought106 responds:

Oh I am happy :) Thanks its much appreciated :)



My first thought was that this would be a really weird song to write for your girlfriend. Then I realized why it sounds like this.

Boten Anna- Basshunter?

Reading other people's reviews, it seems to be obvious, so I'm not just being weird. There is nothing wrong with copying basshunter, of course, but at the same time there's definitely something wrong when you're basically just covering the song.

I must remind you that the 0 doesn't mean that I hate you; plagiarism always deserves a zero.

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dreadnought106 responds:

You fucking idiot :L Apart from anything you clearly no nothing about music and second of all its not boten anna you moron which is also no your gone if u havent of noticed :@ This is my own melody nd so what if its in the style of basshunter. Get a life nd listen to music more carefully in future fuck face >:( oh nd i didnt write it for my gf u jackfuck :L She just inspired me a little thats all :( jeez I hate retards:( Plus I've done a vacal remix of boten anna nd now your gone so is there any sense in copying the melody and making another song :L


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Feb 19, 2010
12:26 PM EST
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