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A Less Creative Title...

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Author Comments

I bet the old title was influencing people's vote. So here's the new title. Enjoy.

I decided to make a house cover of my friend Kweaks's Subconscious Invasion (Aka "Booty Potty") in my spare time. He was flattered and really liked how it turned out, and suggested I upload it.

I feel it's just a generic house song. (Though this is probably the best equalizing job i've ever done)



Sounds pretty good. Got a little high pitched here ant there.

Imma audiosurf this, at any rate.

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Review Request Club

I was in two minds about the opening synth, but it might just be beacuse I'm not a House kinda person xD I thought the melody it was playing was pretty memorable, which is what you want, but thought the last three or four notes of it sounded a little weird.

The transition at 0:14 did sound quite awkward, you definitely could have done with something underneath the hi-hat just to carry that through a little more. But what it changed into sounded pretty cool, you had a pretty nice depth to it and the drum was playing a nice beat. But the SECOND the pitch-bend synth came in I really didn't like it xD It was just far too in the foreground and was cutting through everything.

Loved the transition at 0:44; the fact you keep changing it up and adding new synths is really good, you keep the beat but it doesn't get repetitive, which is definitely a good bullet to dodge. But....gah, I really have no love lost for the pitchbent synth. The sound of it is just very hard to get around if you want something else to listen to, which is annoying because it worked with the synth beneath it really nicely.

The transition at 1:46 was a little abrupt, but again went into something pretty cool. I definitely loved the glitches you put on the pitchbent synth, it made it a lot easier to listen to, and a lot easier to hear what was beneath it. That section was probably my favourite in the track, just because everything kinda fell together. It was a little messy at times when all the melodies played at the same time, but not overly so.

In general, this is a pretty cool track, but it does need work done to it. The pitchbent synth...I don't need to mention again xD. It lacks a cohesive climax to it, everything is kind of at the same level after the introduction and you could have done with a quieter section in the middle leading up into something huge to finish with. You've got some really good melodies and ideas, and they and the sound quality redeem the synth choices and drum beat.

-Review Request Club

BudGPStudios responds:

Thanks for the review. My real goal behind this song was to take my friend Kweaks's song and remix it house style. I'm not the best at house music, and my friend had a long song with many different melodies i had to try and fit into a 4 min song. Well i'll take your suggestions and try to work on this song some more, I do kinda feel that it wasn't the best i could have it either... I just didn't know what else it needed.


I think this is more than just a generic house song. Sure, it is generic, but the melodic section is very catchy and the production was good. Nice job on this, it's a good song overall, and I really enjoyed it, which is quite a lot coming from someone who prefers Classical and Trailerscore way more than House, Trance and all of the modern genres...

The melodies sound extremely familiar, but what the heck, they are extremely catchy. A little simple though, but what the heck, they sound fine, and they can easily get stuck in my head and never get out... I liked the melody at the beginning most, but the melody played by the bass was really cool too. The pitch bending on the synth was cool, although the synth itself got quite annoying, especially around 2:27-ish. I'm not saying to remove it since it's a nice addition, but either you change its sound to something a little less annoying, or use it a little less. The amount of alternate melodies, unfortunately, isn't that good. You had some nice alternate melodies, but for a 4 minute song, this needs more melodies, since some melodies were repeated quite a bit, especially the melody played by the bass. Still, the melodies are so catchy that it doesn't matter that much :D.

The synths, other than that annoying pitch-bent one, were actually really cool. The bass sounded a bit generic even though it sounded great, but other than that the synths sound quite unique. I like the one at the beginning most, although I think it sounds just a little dry, maybe you could add a little more reverb to it? It might be just me though. Production was fine, and I agree with you; the EQing was well done. Overall, the synths were fine, I can't really find much wrong with them. Maybe you could add some more sound effects such as sweeps and some filter automations or something, though? For a house song, I expected this to have a few more effects to it...

As for the transitions, they were alright, but nothing too special. The transitions at 0:14 and 0:45 sound pretty weird. It's as if those hats just came out of the blue, and provided a pretty abrupt and strange transition. On the other hand, the transition at 1:45 was really cool :D. New synths were introduced pretty well, and the buildups were pretty good...

The song structure, unfortunately, is strange. Sure it's unique, but it's not too good. You just grabbed around 5 or 6 different melodies, and played each one at almost random times throughout the song. There's no noticeable climax, and to be honest, the song sounds as if it's a jigsaw puzzle with really nice looking pieces (i.e., melodies), but they're not stuck together that well, since you tried to stick pieces which don't match together. What I mean is, you should try give the song a bit of a better structure, making the melodies match with each other well, adding some parts which are climaxes, other parts which are breaks, etc... Intro was pretty good, and the buildup you did after that was fine. The ending, although weird, actually sounds pretty nice after hearing it a few times :P.

The drums were impressive, but you could work a little more on that snare, since it sounds pretty bland and dry, and it's hidden under the mix and can barely be heard because of the kick drowning it out. The drum beats were very generic, unfortunately, and at times the drums were too quiet and got repetitive, but still, overall the drums were alright, and fit pretty well with the song :).

In general, the very catchy melodies, excellent synths, some pretty decent transitions, OK intro and outro and good production make up for its bad structure and variety of different melodies, abrupt transitions at the beginning, annoying pitch bent synth and generic/simplistic drums. I think that it's a pretty good song with some really catchiest melodies and a lot of potential if you keep on working on it. Keep up the good work, and good luck on your future submissions. Also, sorry for the long review, I bet I wasted like 5 minutes of your time with this enormous review xD.

-Review Request Club-

BudGPStudios responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, like i told Animith, this song was my attempt at remaking one of my friends songs into a house song. (He actually made a series based on the same melody) so that's why it seems like there are alot of different peices that aren't put together as well. I'll take your suggestions and try to improve it. Also, I too am more of a classical/filmscore (and Drum n Bass, Ambient, and Industrial) kinda guy.

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4.34 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2010
7:09 PM EST
File Info
5.6 MB
4 min 4 sec

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