Hardstyle Preview 2 (Check it)

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Ok here is the second one I am working on. The other one I'll spruce up to make it more of a club mix.

I like doing a new style Simple Hardstyle :)



Your intro is my favorite part, but i think you need to take that slide out a bit or just turn it down, and make sure the drums don't off-frequincy your synths.


Some things to consider. First off, the dj vocals annoy the crap out of me. I get the idea, but I've just never thought they made any real sense in a song that isn't being pushed live by a dj in a club. In this sort of situation I just wouldn't use them, then when it is being played live with a crowd I would use the version with the vocals. But that is just me, a lot of the kiddies here really like them, and this isn't my real strong genre so I can't be the final judge and jury really.

The song itself is redundant to be honest. I think you have some very good melody lines that fit the genre well, at least from what I know of hardstyle music. I do think there could be more done with it though. Vary it later on in the song and switch up the synths using it in order to keep some interest in the song. Because these are made to dance to, but lets be real for a second. Nobody is going to be in a club dancing to this when listening on Newgrounds. So that being said, I would change up the version for Newgrounds from the live version a bit to keep it more interesting for the listener.

The percussion has a nice tone to it, but I think you could do more with it. Like they really sit in one place the entire song. You could add filters, flangers, choruses, delays, glitches, anything really to add some spice to the percussion. As they are now they are great samples, but they don't do anything but pound my temple over and over again.

Also, what is that synth that is playing one long note? It sounds almost like a car screeching to a stop in a weird sort of way. I think it has a place in the song, just not such a prominent one. :-P

What I mean by this is you need to introduce some new sounds to the overall mix, which would let you not rely on that screeching sound to hit on every other down beat. There is a lot of room in the mix for new sounds and synth, so don't be shy bud.

I think as it is it is a good foundation for something that could turn out well. So for a WIP its not bad at all. But it definitely needs some love in order to get it ready for the clubs. :-P

3/5 and 5/10 overall. All WIPs get this score from me. I reserve final judgment for when the song is finished.


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ShadowsOfLight responds:

As usual I love the bold and blunt force trauma to my music that is Gravey :) Haha thanks again mate. Your reviews really help me out!

fucking Sick!

i love it dude!

make the whole song man!!!

omfg i am listening to it over and over again and again.

but if this is the stuff your into check out my shit.

most of it is nuthing like this.

so stay at the top and you'll like what you find! XD


ShadowsOfLight responds:

Haha thanks! glad you love my music. I found Hardstyle to be my true genre :) My fiance did a insane mix for her first time as well! I was impressed! You should check out her song :)

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