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192 KBPS (2:44) Quick DNB tune. Evil, mysterious.

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Nice work there!

I like how the bass rythm goes with everything you put with it, that and how you make it seem like a figure so sneaky and vile is creeping up on someone and the 'running away' or 'chase' effect. Very nice track. I'd advise not using very high pitches in short sequences ( like having a sequence of high notes playing and then quitting without an almost immedate lower sequence playing afterward )... 4/5

synteza responds:

eegh, that's some very specific advice there haha. "i'd advise not to have ay-uh, pentatonic progression followed by a majorrr seventh without an intermediate in the dorian scale". just kidding. thanks for the bit of visualization you wrote up there. the creepy vile noises are mostly my post-sped-up breathing :)


yea yea awesome

Blah Blah, blah you freagin rock and you make the best music, you already know that.


WHY THE HELL IS YOUR SONIC ECLIPSE ACOUNT GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to delete all of those tracks, and now I want to download them again : (

synteza responds:

Haha I don't know that I make the best music, that would be rather cocky!

I deleted SonicEclipse 'cause it was getting a little messy. Anyway I'm not gonna submit much to this account anymore, so if you want songs you e-mail me.



YOOOOOOOOO!! WHAT'S GOIN ON MAN!!!??? What happened to the SonicEclipse account!! I used ur music in a recent movie of mine man!!! You remember me right??? The movie guy!! Yo I miss SonicEclipse!! This song kicks ass but what happend to all ur old songs!!?? AND UR NEVER ONLINE ANYMORE!! anyway, keep up the good work dude!

synteza responds:

The old songs might come on soon. The SonicEclipse account got a stroke and didn't recover. I was away for a week, sorry man! But send me that link!!


Ahhh, good ol mischief

I do remember this track. Very very cool, atmospheric factory like buildup, with metallic grinding synth crescendoing into the very cool, hyper yet chill beat. I really envy your non-oversaturated sound, you bastard! I JUST got into town (college town) so now I have fiber optic! Yea man I'll be working more on the collab and lets see where it takes us :)

-aConq- nairB aijeM0-0-00-0-0--000-0-=?\/|

synteza responds:

Have you ever noticed how this soing concentrates on the left ear? The buildup was done with one knob. That shift thing in malstrom!

Finally, it won't take like 50 000 Jews to transfer a file! The collab should be fun. Send me what you have once in a while though!

-exTay- maybellineA jihadR4-4-44-4-4--444-4-=

BITCH (spelled it right)

Ahhh yes... Mischief... I think this is on the I Sound thingy. I like the whispers in the beginning... they create a lsow and paitent vibe to let the "litseners" know that something could be coming. Like the whispers was telling a secret and then, once the beat comes in, the person that was told the secret is spreading the rumors and its starting to go nationwide.

I spelled Bitch wrong in Ode to Ra on that One line Summary thing. So I thought I'd just point that out. I was just to excited to see it pop up onto Newgrounds.

This song is very DnB.... I did not spy one not above the bass line, except about 1:20 - 1:30 into it.... I like the build up also in the middle. Where the music stops and then builds back to its tempo.....

Once again, can't wait until another song of yours happens t ocome out of its rabbit hole... Is this the longest review I have left you (counting the SonicEclipse account).... no.... I am sure I left a huge one in one of your songs on that account. My biggest review was on ParagonX9's: Perfect Dark - ExtractionXx... its a pretty big review.


P.S.: I posted in the Audio Forums the songs I am going to make before I rightfully make my own. I will be making a collab with a few people before I do my very own music.

synteza responds:


▬► A·one·paragraph·response.¶



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4.70 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2005
3:15 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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3.8 MB
2 min 44 sec

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