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its not the best song ive made but i like it and will improve on it, it came to me after i found an amazing clean tone combining a customised clean tone bank on my digitech rp-80 multi fx pedal with the albert_lee bank on my line 6 spider III 210 amp. i made a much better version of the song but im recording through my mp3 player and the first time it was too close and was really high pitched and distorted. anyway thanks for listening, rate fairly and let us know what you think

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It's nice to see you recorded it by yourself, I really liked the song, it's very cool, and it reminds me of Jimi Hendrix songs, the intro effect is almost the same in the ''Hey Foe'' song, I think it's awesome, because Hendrix's guitar effects are simply awesome...

I liked the song, but it's too short, I'm pretty sure you can improve it and add more things, because it gets a little repetitive, it wasn't bad, but when you listen it for the 4th time it gets really repetitive...

Anyways, nice guitar solo, u have potential to make more, and I expect more songs, keep it up, man!!

(Review Request Club)

axlisbak responds:

thanks very much! i can tell what you mean by the hey joe intro sort of riff at the start. like i said, ill improve on it and make a longer version with different riffs (maybe other musicians here?) incorporated into it.

and ill gladly review any of the review request clubs songs if you guys ask. thanks once again, axl

Review Request Club

The start reminds me of the music that was on the game "Insurgo". Maybe just because they're both played on electric guitar, but they both kind of have the same feel...like it's just someone jamming whose made a nice melody to play and felt like recording it. It's nice and lighthearted, and puts you in a good mood for the rest of the song. When the rhythm kicks in a little more, it's kind of even more of the same; feels like you happened to hit record during a righteous jam session and this is a part of what you were playing.

I think for criticisms...the palm muting was a little off, it felt a bit crackly under the amp, and probably could have been a little cleaner/more muted...and the tone in general could have been a little cleaner. I'd be interested to hear the "better version" of the song just to see if this is claned up or not, but here it's a little distracting from the melodies...but at the same time, does give it something of an authentic feel.

There's definite potential here; could use a little improving and maybe the addition of a drum or bassist just to add another dimension...but I kinda like it as it is. It's nice and unassumingly earthy, and I love the track for it. Nicely done.

-Review Request Club

axlisbak responds:

thanks for taking the time out to listen and review, regarding the clean tone, the crappy mp3 player recorder does it no justice compared to the human ear, and the better version is pretty much the exact same as this but way too distorted and has an electric solo layered onto the end, id upload it but its not worth it. thanks again

An interesting song

The sound of this is very akin to the 60s and 70s surfing tunes that were done by bands like the Beach Boys, as it reminds you of something that it played on a Californian porch on a single amp, with no additional music to go along with it. I love the way that it sounds.

What I think you could do with a sound like this is gradually build it up - bring in a vocalist that start to sing along and then get someone with improvised drums coming in and maybe even a barbershop style bassist, just for the feel of the piece overall. It's still something that reminds me of the sun going down over a beach environment, with the fire pits starting out and people gathering together for an evening of excess. Perhaps just have a soft wave sound in the background for extra emphasis?

[Review Request Club]

axlisbak responds:

it was intended to be just a solo song but im starting to like the idea of adding extra sounds/musicians into this song, if you happen to know of anyone willing to help me improve on it id love to hear. thanks for the review


The beginning is a bit slow, but after the short break the little guitar solo really picks up. I like the melody you play here, it is very catchy and just sounds good in general.

It would be nice if you could add a little drum track to this, to spicen the song up a bit, though. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a little backup for the guitar.

{ Review Request Club }

axlisbak responds:

thanks for taking the time to listen and review, as ive said, it was intended as a solo thing as i just loved how fucken awesome the clean sound is. as for a drum track im open to the idea, but im still trying to learn to make songs 'fit' with basic drum tracks, the ones on my digitech multi fx pedal are hardly inspiring

(=<Review Request Club>=)

Excellent work there!
Maybe with a better record it would be better
but you have a very nice music there, you play the guitar very good. really
It would be an awesome background for a flash game or a good music for a video :P
Awesome work :D
Best regards and sorry for my english (my native language is spanish),
(=<Review Request Club>=)

axlisbak responds:

thanks!, your english is fine, it was originally intended to be made for a thread where a guy made scenes for your song but i never got around to it, ill return the favour if you have any admissions youd like me to review

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