Lovesick in the Shadows

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Hopefully the first of many submissions from the Sin City Scoundrels, this track features core members Rockabilly Robbie on vocals and guitars, Johnny Rumble on bass, and the infamous Chris Hart on drums. Johnny Rumble and Chris Hart on production, recorded in the Midtown Vault facility in historic midtown Memphis Tennessee. The final vocals were recorded at 3AM on Valentine's day, 02-14-10.

The quality is intentionally kept vintage sounding, although the bass can be somewhat overpowering on well equipped systems. This is the first track by track recording I've ever submitted to the audio portal, although all post-recordings were made to an original live master. Keep in mind I'd just gotten done getting drunk and stoned in a parking lot outside the recording studio with some other guy's girlfriend. I forget her name, but she was hot as SHIT. God, that sweet little ass...

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, the song. Keep in mind, all references to love are complete lies told solely for the purpose of getting some ass, so get used to that. We're scoundrels, goddamnit, get used to it.

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Yea, nice. This song is how I imagine drugs on a dance floor to feel.

I would have to echo the complaints about the vocals, though mine is much more that the authenticity of the live sound drowns them the fuck out. Have him yell more or amplify them a li'l more. Actually, just now I noticed they seem to dip out a bit... maybe he could just adjust how he's holding the mic so it picks up his voice more/more consistently.

FUNKbrs responds:

We've started exporting the tracks to a proper mixing software in the album release that fixes most of those problems. Our new home recording sound better than the studio recordings in the last album (only one un mastered track of that album was leaked to NG). We're doing our second session for the second album this weekend, and they all sound clean as HELL.


Mate this is fucking awesome, this is true rock and roll. I really do hate this shitty music going on these days, the guitar riff is probably the main reason why it's so badass, and the vocals are brilliant - how it's so casually sung, but it sounds good on the track. Oh and obviously the drumming is good ;)

I really love this music, kind of Blues-ish, it's at a great pace which sounds really cool.


I think this is great, actually. The vocals are hard to make out, though, so I don't know what the fuck everyone's complaining about. I can't even really hear the mother fucker.

I can't offer any criticism, because I really know nothing about the genre.

I still hate you, though, you prick.

FUNKbrs responds:

I feel as long as I've instilled hatred in your heart, I've done my part for the cause of Rock n Roll.

It occurs to me that we should have left more high end in his voice. The low end on the bass ended up coming out a lot more powerful than we'd expected.

No offence man...

But this really is terrible, please get a new vocalist, and try and re-think over the music.

FUNKbrs responds:

You failed to define "this"

Therefore, I have to assume you have no idea what you are talking about, after all, I don't.

If you mean the entire song because you're not a fan of the style.....

Then I really don't care because I didn't make this song for you.

If you mean some individual aspect....

Then I really don't care because you were too daft to specify.

Yay you?

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Feb 14, 2010
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