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This is just a short loop i was playing with because i am pretty new to the whole fl studio thing so though it may not be pretty, it's a start. please feel free to leave some reviews on how i might do better and any tips on how to make it into something usable would be appreciated. enjoy!


Hmm, Ill try

But I cant guarantee if you'll understand all this:

First things first:
I would duplicate the kick drum you have.
On the FIRST clone of the kick, add an EQ and eliminate ALL the freqencies above about 70-80hz. Basically, its just the deep bass.

Then when this is done, keep the kicks doing the same exact rhythm you have going (including the pitch change on the kick)

Now on the SECOND clone, add and EQ and elimate all the frequencies below 80hz or so. And possibly even more than that. I would probably delete all below 120hz (because of that pitch change on the original, probably goes up to about this range). Bassically, all you have on THIS clone is a tight kick and high frequencies.

Now that you have this, add it back into the kick pattern EXCEPT NOW, where there was a pitch change on the kick originally, on this clone, keep it the same not.

In effect, what you have is a kick that changes bass but not the tone of the actual kicks.


Now the claps:
Thats probably a defaut its pretty tight and clean, not bad. But, I would clone this clap, and have the second clone have a stereo effect on, and maybe some reverb.

The hats are key to a beat in trance, not just the kick and clap. You have a good beat going, not pull those hats way up. Nice and loud so that its not under the beat, but rather part of it. I dont particularly like the hat SOUND but, thats just me.

Since thats just the beat, thats how I would EQ and Mix it. I didnt really speak of any effects and such really though. Might be worthwhile messing around with some variation patterns with some effects like stutter going.

But these are just some suggections. nothing major. It is indeed just a beat, but not everything here has to be a full song as far as Im concerned but, its just prefered that way.

based on what you got, 8/10 5/5

KranBerries responds:

Ha i would but atm, im too poor to get the full version fls...so what i kan work with is limited, also ill look into figuring out what you mean by freq's and this was made in like...5 mins? lol

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