Rap Game (Featuring Zu) ~BHK

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Beat Produced/recorded/mixed and mastered by Joshua Myers a.k.a. Jboi of BHK (blackhoodkrew) productions and new star entertainment.
Acoustic Guitar Player is Patrick Reese
All lyrics written by the artists who raps them

Hook 1 = Zu
Hook 2 = Renegade
Verse 1 = Renegade/Zu
Verse 2 = Renegade
Verse 3 = Zu

(Hook 1)
We gotta find a way to make it in the rap game
And stack dough like a hustler in a crack game
And right now is the time to move and we aint got no time to lose
Don't stop me

(Verse 1)
Oh Shit Renegade steps onto the beat
Be ready for war, remove the blades up out of their sheaths
When me and Zu speak...shit man, voices will cease
Wide eyed, jaw dropped, on the edge of their seats
This is how we bring ourselves to peace, when we release the heat
That never decrease so please stay at ease
Under the games ocean it becomes hard to breathe
Oxygen low, visions blurred and can't even see

Ready or not n***as here i come
With the fire that'll have you think i swallowed the sun
I'm persistent plus I got a hunger to rhyme
And how i feel right now, yeah, the game is mine
Everyday i hear some other n***a tryin to rap
N***a please them cats aint sellin a track
cuz they fuckin lyrics is weak, their styles been had
That's the reason why this rap game now looks bad

(hook 2)
We gotta find a way to make it in the rap game
And stack paper like a hustla in a trap game
And right now is the time to prove
Who should be on top....the black hood krew

(Verse 2)
I am untouchable, undeniable, indefinable
Straight up diabolical, spittin shit that'll exploit you to your molecules
I'll have to model you and make an example to prove that no one can handle Bhk
cuz we'll straight up dismantle your entire image
It's game time and we playin like it aint a scrimage
Approachin' at top speed to the competition
With precision at excellence, cuz we is perfectionists
We come into battle prepared, music's my solution for despair
So don't even ask me to spare any challenge
Therefore you've been warned so beware cuz the chosen ones are here startin' our career

(hook 1)

(verse 3)
I've been strugglin' for life, now it's time to shine
It's time to break down the door and get what's rightfully mine
I got family to feed plus bills to pay, which means i aint got no time to waste
Ya i'm tryin to make it happen i aint tryin' to wait.
If you aint about the money dont come to my face
my dream is to have this whole world hear me speak
All i need is a mic and just throw me a beat
I'm just hopin' that the rap game is how i get paid
I can flow all day like the ocean waves,
Most n***a's can't see me when it comes to the rhymes
I work 9 - 5 them n***a's is part time

(hook 2)

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Holy crap!

This is nice. Real nice. The flows are clear and skilled, the production smooth and ambient. The music fits the mood, and feels pretty fucking old school: fucking valuable in your game, but hell, you know that shit. A few suggestions for the instrumentation:

- Finishing touches: The occasional drum glitch, The odd squeal and the odd run on attack bass goes far. The vocal glitch is a nice touch and sets the production as skilled like the odd hits and vocal track effects, but there's so much more that could be done!

- Gated synths: A sweet ass touch, not only would it put ambience on the track but you'd open yourself not only to the old school audience, but also the trance and dance dabblers, provided you gate a chord sequence nice and smooth it could improve the flow too, in the verses or hooks.

- Back the melody up: This might weaken the old school feel, but if done with shit like brass or strings could really show the fuckers how to knock production up a gear.

All in all sweet ass shit though. Enjoyed, 5d, downloaded, favourited.

Solid shit.

10 & 5
Love & peace.

haters have hit this hard

Not bad gentlemen. Love that beat, also, good job to Patrick. Both rappers did well on this as well. Keep up.

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Feb 12, 2010
2:02 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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