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Hi gang,

Im in here just Posting a new track i have been working on for the last week.
I was Listening to some Tracks from the 80`s to get some vibes to use in a track i was working on.
The whole track is all played by myself as usual, but i still missed a nice flowing area.

I heard some tracks from Depeche mode and i used the second line from "enjoy the silence."
together with some nice vocal lines i bought, i think the track has a nice groove to it.

Enjoy !!!

Greetz DJMontana

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i know how hard it is to produce music as i used to produce music using my pc and test it out on 12 huge speakers and it still didnt really sound gd (not even with 12 big speakers) but now im more into game creating instead so i think you've done wonderfuly and that people should give you more credit cus people dont think about how hard it is to create stuff when reveiwing music pics and games so i'd just like to say you've done well and that i'll play your song over and over like i am now :)

thanks for the great contributions.

DjMontana responds:

Hello Madsman..

Thanks For this Review..Its Treu what u you say...
people do not really apreciate the work you try tu put in Creating tracks!!
But now and then i get the feeling that i am on the right track!!

In one way i think it`s normal that not everybody is able to just create a good track, but this site is here to share youre stuff.

But thanks for youre Comment.. :D :D

Greetz DJMontana

hmm =_=

i think the it was pretty good at the begining but the words kinda ruin it

DjMontana responds:

hey man..

Ok .. so you give a 10 but the words kinda ruin it ? don`t know exactly what u mean here..but ok ! :D

Thnx for Comment&rating

Sorry for such a delayed review response!

Usually my reviews are pure mix criticism so I hope you don't mind.

The first thing I noticed on here was the little white noise sound then the applauding. Personally I think applause can be used well in a track like this, but not in that form. My suggestion would be to remove that to accentuate the more ambient like intro which will in turn make the more energetic/rhythmic sections seem even more so. The synth that comes in right around 17 seconds I think would also come in better slowly with a filter. I like the kick up until the full percussion comes in at 51 seconds. I think in order to really achieve that full mix feeling to a song in this genre you should get a punchier/more bass driven kick to power the song at that point since the bassline sits closer to the low mids rather then the high/mid lows. The high synth that sounds like a voice by the end at 31-35 seconds is really cool but I think you should add some reverb or a more longer decay. The vocals at 2:42 just plain don't work IMHO. Your reverse sounds don't match up that well with the downbeats(just off by a little), and I think they are a bit too loud too. Reverse sounds fit nicely when a little lower in the mix.

Anyways so my main points are a stronger kick for the main sections, less applause, double check your relative velocities, and make sure vox are in tune to song.

Thing's I liked about the tune would be the synth that sounds like a synth at first and turns into a voice at the high end of it, the melody(who wouldnt like depeche mode though), and the general structure of it.



DjMontana responds:

Hey logicalDefiance...

Well thnx already for a Long Review..
Im Telling you right now my Energy For posting my Tracks here is deminishing..
Im Not getting results here on NG .. there are too pfew people who really want to
exchange their traits with me.
Also people like this blizzaine type below are just not making it worth posting it here after all those hours off work.

As for people like yourself.. i always am ready to hear these kind off good critisism..
Youre right in the sound tough.. my Fruityloops is not attuned.. and the volocity is always a problem is this program.
i will check this again in time and mabey remake it with some better sounds..

Now i am Really late with reacting on your review as well.

Thnx for youre time

Greets DJMontana


The untuned saw lead is way over used, and just sounds really cheesy to me now. The high hats all sound the same, EQ each one differently and cut them off at proper beat points, then it wont sound like a jumbled mix of high frequencies. The kick could be way better, to me it sounds to mid for trance, try something lower. The reverse crashes are a bit loud, and I never even heard a normal crash.

Other than all that, I'd say the only thing I like in this is the chord prog and the vocals, which aren't yours.

DjMontana responds:

You just get a kick out from kicking people down don`t you ! :D
It`s Abvious you don`t like this type off music..so stay out off this area on NG.
Im Not gonna React anymore to this..Just go where you can have happy thoughts forever !!

see yaa..

fucking awesome

good shit miroki

DjMontana responds:

Thnx for Comment and High rating :D

greetz DJMontana

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Feb 12, 2010
4:17 AM EST
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