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Distant Galaxy

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On a peaceful planet, where just you and the infinite lay.

Got a story? I'd love to hear them. :)

PM me for the .wav file if wanted.

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love it

You've seriously got professional-level talent. Get a contact in Hollywood and you could make some money.

Go to your happy place.

Wouldn't it be something to remain here? Forever? No voices, no lies, no victims, no hypocrites, no bigotry, no scorn, no antagonists? No challenge to rise against, no enemies to strike down? Dreaming yet waking in a world of peace and solitude, broken free from those bonds that tied you on a leash to reality. Walking through a black landscape, enlightened. There is no more social anxiety, as there is no more society. There is no more paranoia, for who could plot against you? There is no more struggling to stay under the radar, as that dish lies unoccupied. No more living under a double standard that treats the disenchanted angel as a war criminal, no more double standards that treat the loner as a murderer. No more cultures that look upon intelligence as a taboo, no more cultures that smile upon their own idiocy. No more glorified con artists with power, no more rule under the boot of the usurpers. No more pretending like those kindhearted spirits are mere delusions, no more denying the illusion. No more loathing the village idiot that has became the idol, no more retaliation struck down by the shields of dense skulls. No more foreseen and fore-dreaded betrayals, no more trust to be cast away at the whim of the puppeteer. No more forsaken souls cast out into poverty, no more distant souls oblivious to my empathy. No more friends, no more family, no more enemies, no more rivalries.
Some call it Hell, some call it madness, others Purgatory, yet I...Heaven.

The one comment I have left that isn't fiction. Apologies are due if this reads as suicidal. That was not the intention.

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punk7890 responds:

Thanks for your review! I enjoy reading them.

Mhmm ..

Well .. I reviewed all your ambient songs bro .)
Mist . Love . Past . Present . Future . Heart . Soul . Whispers . Music . Voices . Strength . Endurance . Life ..
IM WALKING ON A LONELY ROAD <-- Yea.. I am just kidding . .
The animals, going about with their everyday life, listening to the echoes of nature . Green patches, white patches, brown patches, all should be loved .. Blue oceans..Black Oceans.. Red;Orange oceans.. Should all be loved .. Colours..Opinions..Difference should all be accepted, while opinions should be renamed openions, and then slowly, yet nonchalantly elaborated ..
Humans should stop being blind .. The fog just be dismissed .. Lies should be non existent .. Fear shouldn't even be here .. Darkness is merely the mellow side of light .. What is evil ? Selfish humans .. Nothing more ..
- - Innocence is The True Warrior - -

Welcome to the innocent's lair,
Trying to create a world of truth and love is solely a dare,
Exerting such gestures in this world only rewards you with ''that'' stare,
Those who have the ever least of understanding in the power we share,
Simply shows, that anyone, anything, can be converted into care.
-Being innocent is the greatest journey,
To be able to hear joy, and laughter in this world is a true melody,
To ignore opinions, and create YOUR world with your mind's open sea,
To dress, sing, fight, believe, live, and love who you were born to be.
-Innocence is the greatest strength,
It takes guts to be able to be polite, and have manners in this place,
Just be yourself, hate not of things, and soar across the chaos having faith,
Your utter endeavour will create a holy path of an infinite length.
-Why let those judge you, when they can't even judge themselves,
Just keep all those fake fingernails, makeups, wigs, and enhancers on the shelves,
Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is equal. Everybody is losing themselves. Nobody cares.
How can anyone walk around, seeing these people thrown down, all alone, not in pairs.

- Aphotic Athanasy -

punk7890 responds:

I think I like this review the best of yours :)

I'm glad I get to read these.

Great track

This is a great track. I just play it and sort of drift off, lol. Very calming.

Anyway, I downloaded your song, and I tried importing it into Flash CS4, but for some reason an error pops up as "could not import the file because there were problems reading it". I'm not sure why, Flash should be able to import mp3 files. Just wondering if you have done that on purpose or if there's something wrong with the file.

punk7890 responds:

Hmm... I'm not sure why. Maybe because Flash doesn't accept variable bitrates? Not sure.

Glad you liked the song. :)

Good start

I love it in its current form although if you ever decided to do a remix, turn to the soundtrack of EVE ONLINE. :)

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2010
4:52 AM EST
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