Fury of the Fire

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they say everyone has a flame of creation. and musical knowledge and technique is oxygen to that fire. I have always been bad at song structure and rhythm. i listened closely to a good Newgrounds artist while making this song, hopefully to better my composing skills. but whatever the case, it was an excellent way to make the train ride to school more entertaining



I have to agree what that guy, you really did copy the beginning a lot and the rest is all too similair. Seriously though, the only thing I would try and remake myself though is the weird synth beats he makes that I don't understand how he does that would sound pretty good in a lot of other situations.

It would be good but...

You basically copied the rhythm and notes from Dimrain47's Frozen in Black and Silver (which I though, no offense, was a country mile better than this). If you had just copied the intro or something it would have been nice but not the WHOLE SONG. At least you sort of acknowledged this wasn't very original.

Falloffenix responds:

well basically here is where you are wrong...
-different key
-very different melodies (although they are both fast 16th notes)
-not even close to the same rhythm, (although every techno song has the same beat, and early dimrain47 and I only use pre-made arp sounds on FL studio)
-I only the thing I tried to copy explicitly is the use of:
-the structure of where verses and choruses and beats.

Kinda hard to miss those things if you knew anything about music?

Pretty good

The song's pacing and such was really good, but sometimes soft and strong mixed a little too much to make it great. The strong parts should usually stay in the strong sections unless there is a good chance at mixed it with soft and vice versa.

Otherwise, good job, I will keep looking over your music since it looks good.

From Beggining to End

I liked the piano in the beginning. It was really catchy and had a great tone for starting for a song.

However, the sudden switch to the off-beat saw synth was sort of unexpected, as was the fast melody at 0:25. I would say to use some sort of filter to make it flow into that more smoother.

The main melody was very fun and catchy. I like the piano breakdown afterwards as well. The song itself is very unique but the structure was sort of unexpected, which I am sure, some studying would help with, but it IS your own style and you can do whatever you like :)

My Main problems with Mixing:
The High pitched saw synth was really loud compared to the other sounds, the fast melodies seemed to go too fast, maybe take out a few notes and add some longer ones to give more variation.

Also, I would recommend using a wide variety of different sounds. Some of your leads/synths, are really soft sounds and don't go well together. Make the bass heavier if you can :)

The chord progression was catchy and that is a plus as well. The sudden change in synths at 2:03 was also very random in my opinion. I would say if you wanted to make that as an ending, from what I presume, then you need to use a lot of effects and other sounds to make it flow more smoothly into that.

The main problem is your transitions, which I am sure you fix simply.

Anyways, Good work. Hope I could help. I don't know the extension of your skill or experience in making music, but I commented on anything I felt wrong, Hope I wasn't too harsh. Good Luck.

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Falloffenix responds:

thank you for taking the time to help me with my technique.
i really appreciate your help.
you are awesome. :D



Needs some improvements but I´m not the one to ask how to do.
I think this feels more like an anime song in some parts then a video game.
It´s a good work

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