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Morning Horizon

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Author Comments

Here's a quick song I whipped up. I spent very little time on it, which explains the abrupt ending, the lack of depth and the generic name :P. I got tired of working on it since East/West sticks like mad on my computer, so I had to make seperate FLP files with different parts of the orchestra, and I kept having to switch from one FLP to another which took at least 1 minute each time, so I got tired, whipped up a half-assed ending, and here it is.

This uses East/West for all instruments except the Pizzicato Strings which are the Monster Staccato Cinematic Strings thing.

Anyway, that's all for now, enjoy my (not so) hard work, and please vote and comment: I'll respond to all reviews and review back if it's helpful.

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Marching On

I really like this song, but I like the image it creates even more. Green grassy open field at dawn, soldiers preparing for battle and then marching on. It gives a great sense of "epic" but still seems to display that it's war and isn't all glorious (especially around 1:05 to the end). Really solid work in layering it all, it flows together beautifully ^^

Step responds:

Thanks! This is one of my first songs made with East/West Symphonic Orchestra and I'm still quite proud of it. The marching feel to it is probably coming from the snare beat.

Thanks a lot for reviewing!


jizzed in my pants
(no song related comment)

Step responds:

You jizzed your pants.
(no response related comment) :D


Man, your sound quality has improved alot since i reviewed your 'Musical Evolution'. Everything is so much clearer and prettier now :D
I think i won't be able to write a long review now though. When i write a long review it's mostly because i have to explain what could've been better and stuff, but this will be very hard for this song. The only point for improvement that i see is the ending, but you already said that in the authors comments.
Ah well, i'll just listen to the song again now and i will describe my thoughts about it while listening.
It starts with a beautiful flute melody. Hmm, maybe this could've been played a little more dynamically. With that, i mean different volumes for different notes and it sounds a bit static. Maybe you could've placed some grace notes in it.
Then, the horns join the melody, giving it a more full sounding sound and there are staccato strings in the background which drive the song a bit more.
The drums come in and what you've done here is pretty brilliant. Because the first couple of times i didn't even notice, but you left the flute out here. I didn't even noticed it stopped at first. But the horns play louder and 'push' the flute out of the song. Then, after a reversed cymbal, you bring the flute back in which has a really cool effect, because it sounds very powerful.
Then, at 01:03, the song gets a bit calmer. I like that. I think it's important in a song to have those calmer moments, because it gives the less calmer moments more power.
The drums come in the song again, followed by the flute. And now, the song comes to an end. There's not much that i have to say about the ending, because you already know that it could be much better :p

Oh, this review turned out longer than i expected. Ah well, that's not a bad thing.
Keep making music! :-)

Ps: If you're going to write a review back (please, don't feel obliged) wait 'till i uploaded my new song which will be called 'Lonely Plains' :p

Step responds:

Man, your long reviews never cease to amaze me, MH16! :D.

Yeah, that time I didn't have East/West Symphonic Orchestra. Looking back it sounds so horrible and if I had to spice it up with East/West it'd actually sound like a Classical song and not just a bunch of free soundfonts :P.

As for the flute that could've been played a bit more dynamically, I agree 100% with you. All of the velocities in this song remained the same. I worked so little on this that I didn't feel like changing any velocities xD. But yeah, humanizing is something that I have to find the patience to do. Now that you mentioned it, I really could've added some more trills here and there to the song.

Wow, thanks for the compliments ^^.

Yeah, I agree with you that a Classical song isn't a Classical song without some different moods in the song.

The ending :(. I was just so lazy. I mean, I got tired of opening so many FLP files lol xP. But now with FL9 I can mute tracks in the playlist, which helps me render the songs smoothly, because before if I rendered so much orchestration at once, it would refuse to render and greet me with the welcoming message of 'Out of Memory'.

Haha, thanks for the awesome review! I *will* review back, and I *am* feeling obliged :P. I mean, it's awesome reviews like this that give me the inspiration and support I need to not give up. Thanks again for the awesome review, and can you do me a favour and PM me when you upload Lonely Plains? I'm eager to hear what awesomeness you can come with next ^^. Glad you enjoyed the song.

Long Responses FTW, hehe.

10/10 5/5

Excellent piece young man! Great harmony and voice leading. I very much enjoyed this music. Keep it up...you are talented.
I predict much greater things from you in the future.
By the way....you have created a new genre. I would call it "Classical Native Indian"
with a fusion twist of epic war fantasy 12th century. Awesome and well mixed!
Quite impressive for 14 yrs of age.

Best Regards,
Chris Bendo (BONZZ)

Step responds:

Wow, long time no see! Thanks for the review, means a lot coming from you :D. Wow, I created a pretty weird genre then :P. Well, I think this was really fun to make, so I'll try and make more songs along the lines of this one. Thanks again for the review, it's supportive reviews like this that keep me composing!

Awesome Work!

NOTE: This is not going to be a monster review, sorry. :)

This was a great piece, and the flute lead in was great. I loved the build up, but perhaps you could lower the volume just a bit on the brass? Also, on the bass that plays at the beginning, I think you should perhaps lower the attack, so it kind of fades in. Also, the snare drum, at the very beginning of its part, seemed a little off? I'm not sure whether that's because it was syncopated or wasn't quite in time. Finally, perhaps you should have a louder string background around 0:38?

Anyways, this was an awesome piece, and my nitpicks probably might only improve in marginally. Favorited, 5/5, and 10/10.

Step responds:

Thanks for the review, man! Don't worry, there's only room for so many monster reviews on NG xP. Glad you liked the song, and looking back, I'll have to agree with your nitpicks, although I don't seem to see anything wrong with the snares. I'll check again, maybe you're right. Thanks again for the review, glad you enjoyed the piece!

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4.61 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2010
2:36 PM EST
File Info
3.9 MB
1 min 42 sec

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