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Head to Head ft. Klaziknadi

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Beat by Shadowville.com

I've been doing some chill shit lately but sometimes you gotta express your aggressive side. I invited my compatriot Klaziknadi (http://klaziknadi.newgro unds.com) for a rousing scholarly discussion on human aggressive tendencies. What you are listening to is the word for word recording of that discussion.

I'm on the first verse as well as the hook, Klazik tears it up everywhere else.


Cry me a river, when I see you shakin and shiver, I wanna be there to deliver the final blow
the one that puts your ass on the floor, the one that lets you see the eternal white glow,
murderous intent just like my flow, and I guarantee you ain't gonna pull a crow,
your destruction will be complete, epidermis merging with the concrete,
feed your ass to the pigs and maybe they'll leave your feet. Any y'all cats wanna come and see me,
I'll demonstrate the definition of a beating. I promise that your pain is only fleeting,
Waking up to machines beeping if you catch my meaning.
lose yourself to the blackness cause its freeing.

If you want to go man to man, you can find me right here standing
If you want to go head to head the turn out will be tragic
and every ounce of strength I have will go to gettin' this crackin'
the rage builds inside so much that I just cannot stand it
and you don't have a god damn chance, when it turns out im not playing
don't expect no mercy, when you on the ground and you praying

I'll enter ya vicinity and you'll begin to see my energy.
Say whats gotten into me, and they all begin to be deceased.
Well jeeze BAF, do ya think they were diseased?
Cuz Im extremely heinous, veinless no brain can tame this
Or train this. Just explain this. Why I Drink it up, then drain this
Is it Klaziknadiness or Bafs twisted fits?
Or the fact we're on your radar, but you can't detect the blips
Go ahead Stop, stare and sip but that coffee cup will head split


The names Klazik! It get really tragic when I spit like an automatic
Cuz you accusing and bending facts. Hell no I aint no acrobatic!
But Im emphatic that you gonna lose. Some call it magic, yep
BAF and I, we had it with these rabbits, so we gonna cock back and shoot at it
we're ecstatic cuz of the chance to berate another ingrate
It feels great cuz more and more wack fools on our plate
Its even better than a steak than any Texas man could make
Even added flavFool flakes
I said feel the pain of the brass plated punches
Now your crying, sobbing and slunching
im watching direct tv doing crunches
Now you permanently walking hunching
over and going to old folk luncheons
Is it my assumption Now you cant control your own bowel functions

Random shit talking....


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This rips

man i have been floing for awhile
and this is some top grade shit
keep it up
update me on new music bro

im out

BAF responds:

will do homie, thanks for the love


The navy is ruiness to my underground rapping carrer...
THIS SHIT HAS PAPERS. Realy feeling your singin shit bro. Ima ehf.

BAF responds:

son you need to get on some tracks with me


Nyce work here fellas. Chorus is really cool. I like the flows, ya'll both hit this track wit sum hay-makers. It's hurtin season, Ya'll been puttin in work. Keep it up fellas

BAF responds:

glad you liked it homes thanks for the love and listen!

Yup yup ya know it!

I like the feel of this one. The instrumental is hard, and then ya'll lyrics and flow add some ass kickin to it. That chorus is awesome, nice work on the singing. Good work to BAF and Nadi. Keep at it!

BAF responds:

yeah son, gettin' crunk on some son bitches in this one!


BAF's lines were little slow for my taste and that only means less words, less content. KlazikNadi's were pretty cool though, as was the instrumental.

BAF responds:

I gotcha on the slowness but honestly this is a major break for me in terms on content, normally my songs are pretty wordy, this was more of a 'fun' song to do if anything, thanks for the listen and review.

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Feb 5, 2010
2:59 PM EST
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