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Author Comments

an old piece, actually was piano only, then decided to add a bit of drums, then a very simple base line, then some string, and guess what ? it's nothing like i wanted ! but it's ok for me, i hope it's ok for you, so enjoy if you can


Heeding the call.

It's been a while since I did this, but I think the break will prove more refreshing than impeding.

Right. So! General impressions first. As always.
This song has a strange mix of subtle darkness or threat given by the string (sinister sounding) with the drum (intensity and flow). The piano is much lighter and gives some sort of inspiration over the whole song. The piano work is quite nice; it flows smoothly and has some emotion behind it. However as a whole, the song feels a little plain - if interesting - and seems like it's not complete. Which is fine, really, considering this is just something created from different intentions.

Now lets get a little detailed. We'll take it from the top. The first eight seconds really set the tone of the whole song. The way the strings play out gives that sinister undertone. When the drums come in, they seem to jump the gun a smidge, or perhaps the way they overcome the strings so much seems a little off to me. However, the drums as a whole sound qutie nice, and eventually compliment the strings, although they sound a little generic. That's fine though.
At 0:22, the piano suffers the same fate. It comes in over the drums, like the drums came in over the piano, and both entrances seems a little wonky, but serviceable. 0:23 to 0:34 is my favorite part of this song. There's something about the inspiring piano and the cymbal beat sounding like a clock that makes something very interesting and enjoyable (at least to me). It gives the feeling that the sinister emotion is mended with time and raises the spirit of the song. The following segment, 0:34 to 0:44, is quite nice as well, although the drumming seems a little generic and dulls it slightly. The small bridge at 0:50 is excellent and really puts some backspin on everything prior.
Now, I'm not sure what happens at 0:53, but it's pretty brutal. It sound like some sort of compression problem mangling everything horribly and the first time I hit it I literally went 'gah!' because everything prior had me quite entranced. I won't ding you for it, as I highly doubt you purposely made it sound so damaged, but you have to watch out for those things.

After this, the strings are replaced with some synths, or perhaps distorted - I'm not that great at deciphering - but this section (0:56 to 1:08) sounds a bit stronger and makes a good progression towards the total song. I got some breaking up on the 'spooky synth' (as I'll dub it) at the end there, but it still comes together nicely. The return of the drums in this section actually transitions very well on this part; perhaps because they were covered by the spooky synth and don't seem so abrupt. Once again, the piano flows quite well, except at 1:37, where the sudden switch of pacing makes it sound a bit stalled.
The end of the song flows out alright. I'm not a fan of reusing the intro to end the song, but it does it's job fair enough.

Conclusively, the song is... alright. It has good flow and definitely has some highlights, but between some wonky transitions and a bit of strange pacing and jumping, it has it's problems. Still, I'll consider it a 7/10.

I suggest you keep an eye (or an ear, rather) on your transitions . Try not to have the first note being played by multiple instruments when one is introduced and be wary of how much the new instrument overtakes the old one. I'm not saying it was wrong to do it, but I think you need a little work. I also suggest you listen to 0:53 to 0:56 and find the source of the problem. Maybe my sound was too high or something, but whatever it was really murdered the feel. Finally, the small climaxes, like you have at 0:42 and 1:37, are something I feel you should work on. The one at 0:42 sound great, but the latter sounds like it halts a little, making the flow of the song trip up a bit.

As for the song itself, for my own personal amusement, if you had put some sort of soft singing or humming to accompany the beat at 0:45, it would have made that part of the song considerably more epic!

Take care, and thanks for dropping a line.

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hamzawy responds:

i knew i would get scolded for that :D....the only thing i can say is...i really like this song very much, and i don't know why exactly, but i really do, even when people say that it's not even that good, well, i say yes, it's not, but its dear to me, even that it's not my style. if i would give me a score i would've probably given it a 7, or a 6.5...the beats are off at times, the drums and piano some times stutters, or jump a bit maybe, and the part with the distorted effect is actually not so bad, but made in a bad way maybe, i think. and for the singing, i would like to share something...my equipment, that i use, is not the GREATEST, at all ! i won't say it in public, but it's actually pretty hard to record human, or even non human voices with my current equipment, but i would be glad if i did that...i have a couple of songs not yet uploaded here, but the problem is that i cannot record the singing. anyway, enough of that. you know you're my critique-god father, right ? well, you should. thank you again for another excellent review as always. i'm here, so do come by please. i'll be honored.


just don't listen to those who don't understand ....

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hamzawy responds:

you're right rosy...thank you again. i hope you liked it really. enjoy ;)

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3.37 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2010
7:24 AM EST
General Rock
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4.7 MB
2 min 4 sec

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