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rooms are her travesty

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Fantasy is an important facet of who we are yet we shun upon it and tell kids to grow up and adults to take life as seriously as possible.. why? we all die in the end, isnt it much more important to experience the wonders our mind can bring, build upon, create the unconventional.

With this track i wanted to combine the emotions of sadness and happyness, but also simplicity and complexity. Thanks for listening.

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Starts well, peters out

I still think that you're trying to get too complex with the duets at the end of the pieces that you write. It works quite well in the early going, but when you're trying to have melody and counter melody, they must sound exactly right, which this sadly didn't, resulting in a slightly messy ending to a very promising piece.

I think that the piano is a wonderful instrument and you are becoming more accomplished with this all the time, but perhaps take a step backwards to get more used to some of the less technical, before you do the complex parts of your duets.

[Review Request Club]

Calamaistr responds:

sorry disagree with you there, ill never make simple music on the piano, i might add simple parts or simple keys but the music is supposed to represent what i feel at that moment in the music and it always has done so up till now, and as ive said before i dont make mistakes, i go over my music multiple times looking for parts that; in the whole' should be different.

So the final product is always as it should be, sometimes the real music isnt in the melody but in the whole, its a certain collection of complicated emotions that lock into eachother, as it concerns 'rooms are her travesty' that is exactly the matter. I purposely sew into eachother simple melodys and complex transitions, so that it eventually shifts into a whole different scene between each.
All the while keeping a guess on wether its sad or cheerful, and it can be interpeted as both.

No offence ofcourse but perhaps you try to be a bit to perfectionistic when listening to my work, if there is a mistake in my music it is a necaserry mistake. If there is piano falsa in my music, it is there to be noticed, and its there in relation to something else in my music.

Hope this helps.

p.s. another thing im not really 'becoming more accomplished' that much, ive made more complex melodies long before i started using fruityloops, they are simply to complex and to instrumentised (grand orchestra pretty much) to make in fruity loops in any short timeline and im not a very patient man, in fact im so unpatient i cannot handle making a piece in two different day.
Each and every track that ive made has not taken more than an hour max. to compose. The composition itself simply races after it has come to me. If i would sleep on it i lose the feel and thus the abillity to make the music. The one day i may feel like rehashing an old complex track in fruityloops, the other i cannot stand the thought. And they are simply to long to make in one day.

I usually play my music in my head, sadly i cant let anyone hear it. :)
Maybe if i find some more rest, some less stress.. i might.

~ Review Request Club ~

The very first note reminded me of Resident Evil. :P

It was pretty good all around. I really enjoyed listening to it and it was very relaxing. I think one of the below reviewers said it best when they said it took their breath away. It was just one of those nice and relaxing songs.

Instruments were great, but it almost sounded like a few notes were off here and there. I really don't know much about music so that might be misinformed. Still sounded off to my ears in a few spots though.

Overall, very good and relaxing.

~ Review Request Club ~

Calamaistr responds:

hm never played resident evil but thanks :)


Breathtaking, Heart-Warming and Touching, very nice piece of work man.
Its sounded discordant in the beginning but after the chords come in it's epic.
The title I dont't understand though. After i read the author's comments I started understanding the whole point of the song.
This piece is very touching and almost brought tears to my eyes, wonderful job.

Review Request Club

Calamaistr responds:

The title is about how we treat everything we come across boxing it in, labeling it .. defining it and then act like we fathom it. But the truth of most things is that all is in transition, ever changing therefore every day should be like a walk in a fairytale, renewing, exalting, inspiring.

To the nature of the universe to put life in rooms, is a travesty.

Ofcourse no offence but if it almost bring tears to your eyes why did you give it a mediocre score? :p

Took my breath away.

O___O. This has left me speeachless, like seriously - great job. I'll start by saying, I could hear this at a fancy venue, a game, the list is endless.

I loved the way the mood changed ever so slightly and your use of dynamics. It was bliss to listen to, and on the whole I have no complaints. It seems to remind me of a romantic movie scene where you can see things happening outside but nothing seems to bother the happy couple.

Seruiously. . I loved it and I have no hesitation in giving you a 10 on this. Sorry if my review wasn't the best - but you really blew me away and all I can do is praise this masterpiece. *Bows in respect and claps* :D

Anwar Louis ^_^
(Review Request Club)

Calamaistr responds:

Well, one more that i could give a moment of enjoyment, thats all i require :)

And thanks for the review hey. :)

Pretty cool

As a whole, I like this piece. There's a great sense of melancholy that's upheld through most of the piece, but yet with a few touches of major keys and slightly brighter areas. I like the title/the way you describe the piece in the comments as well, it really helps set the scene in a pretty accurate way.

Though that being said, some of your progressions are a little too much for me. Some of them sound totally brilliant, but some sound a little like the same chord was being held for too long under the constantly-morphing melody line. Like, 0:16-0:22 feels like there's a note or two out of place for whichever chord you were leaning towards, but 0:40 to 0:54 sounds totally superb. And it kind of follows that pattern; there's nice long bits of awesomeness sandwiching a few seconds of what seem like slightly awkward harmonies. 0:54-:58 sounds awkward, 1:40-2:10 sounds cool; 2:10-2:16 sounds awkward, 2:40 to the end is really beautiful. I'm almost tempted to say "Disregard this, it's probably just me", because even though there were a few parts I didn't really get musically, the majority of the piece flowed really well and progressed in unexpected, ye awesome ways.

And I think in general the recording could have been turned up a little and some of the notes could have been more sustained than they were. But all in all, the melody was really clear and unique, the progressions-while some were lost on me-were also unique and often pretty awesome, and this piece was well worth listening to a few times over. 10'd, 5'd.

-Review Request Club

Calamaistr responds:

I started the chord in 16-22 early, i do that often in my music :)
54-58 is a good example of the simple melody going into complex melody on 1:10
2:10 to 2:16 is just a kind of alternate transition i like to make when i reach a point asking for one, i hate going for the conventional options. I think its what makes (atleast for my own ears) the music stay fresh, suprising.

I thank you for your elaborate review, ive also listened to your work a bit and you being in the classical scene yourself makes your review the kinder.
So thanks again and check back sometime, i have plenty of piano works similar to this one's style and some orchestral works aswell.

Greets. -Cal

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Feb 5, 2010
5:48 AM EST
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