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I`ve been making trance for 5 yrs ,want to become DJ what do u think ?


sweet man

nice song 10/10 5/5

Erm... 5 years?

Like, non-stop practicing (what I usually do), or every once-in-a-while opening FL and staring at the screen for a bit.

Cuz, 5 years. Dang. Teck071 has like 3-4 years, check his stuff out, he deserves to be the real DJ.

Seriously man, 5 years?

:( I frown upon that.

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Nice mix

I don't know why people rated this so low. I think it's quiet nice. I just think they don't know what Trance mix is supposed to sound like. Anyways, good job. I am glad you didn't give up and made more music.

"Maybe" if it was better.

There was no doubt in my mind that you took the main synth from FL5.0 from the song made by Tony and Freda called "Maybe". The song was good as it was. No reason to make a remix of it. And 5 years? Sounds like 5 minutes. No offence, but even I know when to make something more original.

The sound it nice, it is really nice. Barly any bass, but I guess the kick kinda helps that. Some parts sound a little delayed. There is a clap where the snare should be? WTF on that one. The repetition of the synth get's a little annoying later on in the song and the vocals completely destroy the mix.

I know I have been really harsh, but I honestly love the synth! It's great! You gotta tell me how to do that. I dare say that it may be the best part of the song. I am also a user of FL, but I got stuck with FL4.0 and haven't been able to get FL5.0. This sounds like you just got FL5 and wanted to tinker around with it.

As for DJ status, I don't know. It's just another submission on the NG Music Portal. Good work. A for effort, and a Z (yeah, I said Z) for originality.

Pretty good.

It took a while to get into the beat, which wasn't the greatest beat I've ever heard. The kick was a bit too fruityloops sounding. The all your base are belong to us voice track completely screwed up the experience.

Otherwise, this song was pretty good. It'd be really cool if you got your hands on some higher quality synths. The arp in the beginning was good sounding, but the saw didn't sound as good. It was too weak. The melody was really good, but it needs to be a little more varied.

Good luck in the future,


DjMontana responds:

Well youre right in some Cases, a bit harsh though! but i do use Fruityloops ! so no problem there, and im working on those vocals, cause thats the most difficult part !
But thnx for comment ! ;-)

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Aug 23, 2005
4:57 AM EDT
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