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{sPhly} -Under the Surface 70%

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Author Comments

"70%" because it needs the "30% more" to become an awesome song.

Personally i love my intro, then once the chord/synth hit's in it becomes a little repetative, I do have some ideas to what do add in the second half of the song, just haven't gotten around to it ( a lot of shit going on IRL)

This song is just suposed to be chill, nothing more to it. :D

But to cut to the chase: I would apprecieate if comments (What you dis/liked, tips etc) I'm still kinda new to Fl Studios so constructive critisism would do me good! :)

Thank you everyone for listening! <3



I personally loved this song, the calm-ish melody was a nice change of pace for my day. lol
seriously though the only reason I didn't give you full marks was the same thing that RobinDB said about when it gets quiet then loud. that was the only problem I found.

Shoephly responds:

I hear ya, everyone practically said the same thing, and I've have all this in consideration for my final version. But yea, there is a bit of frustration getting to me while trying to get this song 100% due to my inadequate hardware, and I don't really want the final project to be something I just brought together as a means to "cheat" so to say.
So that was just my way of saying; the final version will have the changes that everyone has suggested from all the different reviews, and I'm really glad that you took the time to give a comment. Thank you very much ^^

Heh, Almost Epic.

as i said almost there... hm.. the begining was prime, its like you took a sip of epicness in the piano intro, then savored that throughout the rest of the song, the side chaining couldve been lighter, (not as wide volume wise, it almost drops to 0..)
hm.. typing as i listen btw. 2:30 was again like you sipped the epicness, but you finished the song, keep going from that break..? it usualy takes one can of epic to get there, this only finished 2/3rds of a can in my poinion. AND For only having three submissions here on NG that is really good, i found this at 18th on the house list, anyways, A DL, fav, a 5 and a 9.8/10 from me.
_-Mach 2-_

Shoephly responds:

haha, you made my day.
And thank you for the praise :D
It's not only you man, everyone I know(who've heard the song) including me keeps bugging me to finnish the song.
I kinda abandoned the project due to frustration, since what I did was I added a new electro house melody at around the 2 minute marker in the song, which sounded epic. But since this song's flp is on my laptop and whenever i get to that part to check out all the bum notes and what not, my laptop starts lagging up.... it's sad i know - BUT- and there is a but, reading you're comment right now made me want to try again xD
So thank you for that. ^^


Dude , I love it.

I downloaded it , I really hope this will reach top 5.

Shoephly responds:

Thanks! :D

Makes me really glad to see that people actually like it :)

Very Nice. :D

My only problem with it is that when you add in that effect..... I don't know the techical term for it.... when it sounds like your turning the volume dial up and down to every beat? It would be fine if you didn't have it so pronounced, like if it didn't go so low. Just a little bit less, so it doesn't sound like it's totally going from something so smooth to something so electronic-sounding so quickly. You definitely need to make it longer though, and as for the repetitive synths, don't worry about that too much, just put in a bridge or something, it will be fine. :D Give it that extra "30%", and I'll download it. mV, (^.^) Bye for now.

Shoephly responds:

:D Thanks for the review, and yea, I was thinking a little bout that, personally i like it like that, but looking back at it, a slight change to make it a little smoother would do good.
The 30% won't be too far away, but right now I'm working on a similar song (smooth strings/choir/piano) but it''s gonna be totally different from this one though; stay tuned! :D
yet again, thanks a lot for the review! ;D

Epic, Nothing More O_o

This is Amazing, you did post only three songs but this one is your best, (In the Top Three -_-) I Liked the intro because it was calming and mellow and not hard to listen to, The effect you gave the piano was simply amazing.
The drums were awesome, they didnt come in hard and with a BOOM, they started off easy and they were very simple patterns but interesting sounding drums.
The Piano, once Again i found interesting because of the melodies. It was creative and not at all generic which i found amazing cuz nowadayz it is quite hard to make a song melody which isnt generic. The Pad at Parts of the song was very good, it didnt overpower the piano.
I presume u Used Fruity Love Philter as an effect no? I think so anyway.
So, heres the catch, submit another good song, and ill fave artist you and convince a friend of mine, a good reviewer to review yer song

Shoephly responds:

Wow, I am amazed that someone in newgrounds actually took the time to really take the time and do some throrough commenting. Much appreciated.
To be honest i liked this song the most as well, and I usually don't like my own creation(except for the three songs submitted). I have a bunch of songs I did like a year ago, but these three that I submitted on newgrounds are the ones I am most proud of (to a less extent tribal trance, only submitted it to see if people liked the concept of tribalmusic fused with some sort of subtle trance) but I am definetly continueing with making music and I'll definetly post another song later, right now though i'm pretty stomped over in real life where exams are coming up and I need to buckle down and study.
And to answer whether I used fruity love filter I did not, only used delay and reverb with an EQ and some simple sidechaining. this song was the one song I did purely on feeling the whole time making it, though during the second half I kind of lacked inspiration which coincidenelty was during the time I started revising for my exams.
This is probably the most I've ever written on newgrounds, only because of such and awesome review, a long and thorough response was necessary.

Thanks a LOT for reviewing, you made my day, was starting to think people didn't like this song :( , (had a few zero bombs as far as i'm concerned) but as long as atleast one person liked it I more than content! :D

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4.28 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2010
11:06 AM EST
File Info
6.8 MB
2 min 59 sec

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