Paparazzi - Dirty Mix

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This song is meant to be played on headphones. Panning, layering, stereo, and eqing was all done on and for headphones. Keep that in mind when voting.
If you've held off on voting/reviewing to hear the final version, thanks.
If you gave constructive criticism, thanks again.

Edit 1 (Feb 5): EQed some. Needs more mastering, but I think it sounds better then it did before.

Edit 2 (Feb 5): Chorus is no longer as muddy. I think it's about done, except for the drums and mastering (lol).

Edit 3 (Feb 7): Chorus is now 9001x more awesome.

Edit 4 (Feb 10): Done/Nearly done.
My buddy LK412 just informed me that his album is coming out soon.. stay posted for more information =D
http://lk412.newgrounds.c om/news/post/435780


yer great...

the lyrics: needed a bit more speed, i dont know if you just added the lyrics, and stretched it out to last the length of the song, or lowered theh pitch, to suit the tuning of the remix. the speed yo have chosen, has made the song hard to relate to, its kinda unpredictable, like a beat behind, or in front. (of course if this was an original, people wouldn't say the speed was a prob; but because its a remix of lady gaga, it is expected to be at least faster than usual, remixes are usually seen as the original, with more oomf!
eitherway, you could have just sped everything up at the final cut of the song.
The sync, aint to much of a problem, i dont know what other people are saying.. maybe they're just referring to the speed, coz compared to the orignial of the song, it doesn't really soundn right.. saying the sync doesn't sound right, might somehow make them feel like they've said somethingn technically smart... haha, my opinion of the slower speed is that your tryingto prove lady gaga has balls... but yer, keep up the good work =) hopefully i helped a bit? lol

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b0b3rt responds:

The speed is of the vocals is the same, the background beat might provide the impression that the song is slower.

Thanks though.

Very pleasing :) I enjoy this remix

all fits - vocal could be a tinsy faster but everything else is top notch :)

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks =)


This is Just Great!!
This lady Gaga Remix is Great!

b0b3rt responds:



since your not getting any helpful tips i'll say my 2 cents. Its not too bad but blaring and the beat is too overbearing, was that helpful at all?

b0b3rt responds:

No not really =(

Sexy :)

It's pretty good :)
I'm a big fan of Lady GaGa, but love the sexy undertones you took with this song.
At 0:46 though, when you just enter the chorus I found it to be a bit... disjointed from her voice. There was a half second delay between the chorus background music and her voice, which DOES have an overall effect with the quality.
I really like the tone of the background music paired with this song, however I think that that the entire piece (background music) as a whole made the song sound a bit sluggish. It could also be because of the delay in music in comparison to her voice, but I'm not sure if you meant it to be like that.
Good work though :)

b0b3rt responds:

I just am not hearing the sync issues =(

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Feb 4, 2010
2:06 AM EST
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