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Author Comments

Phew, I've finished it, finally X[]... OK, let me start from the beginning...

After recently getting the East/West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra VST (Silver Edition), I instantly was left amazed by all of the excellent sounds and instrumentes that East/West had to offer, so of course, I made a song. In other words, this song is the first ever song I made with East/West. It's definitely the most complicated too: it's practically impossible to hear this song in FL Studio without your CPU level reaching 100% usage, and I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying that I hear more laggs and crackles than the actual song when hearing this on FL Studio: even in the more simple parts. Yes, in other words, to hear the song, I had to export it every time, and when remembering how complicated this is, exporting took ages, so it was very awkward to make this song. Still, I enjoyed every second of it!

I personally think this song really matches with the name. The strings playing trills and the low brass hits give the song a dangerous feel, hence the name Cobra. This originally started as a song I was doing for a collab series with Darklight17, which is why the first part sounds more orchestral and doesn't fit exactly with the whole theme of the song, but as I added the strings playing trills and the ridiculous amounts of brass, Darklight heard it and said although it's a good song, it doesn't fit with the series since it's too modern. So he helped me think of a name, and we came up with 'Cobra' This led me to adding cobra sound effects, and making the song fit with the name as much as possible, and here's the result. This also has one of the best endings I ever wrote.

Anyway, every sound in here is from East/West, except the non-orchestral drums (I used a few timpanis, bass drums and orchestral cymbals from East/West) which were downloaded drum samples and except the pizzicatos which are heard most at the beginning which were those free 'Monster Staccatos'. It's weird, but this song is a mixture of majestic, boss-theme-like, and dangerous, so it fits for people who think of the cobra as majestic, who think of the cobra as dangerous, and who think of the cobra as some powerful enemy they have to defeat ;).

Thanks to Blackhole12, borntodj167, Phenomic and some of my other RL friends for hearing the song, Darklight17 for giving his contructive criticism for the song and you for randomly clicking on this song. It took me ages, so I'd really appreciate some feedback - I respond to all reviews, and if it's helpful I'll usually review back with a really really really big review ;).
Enjoy the song, thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and don't forget to vote and comment xD.

EDIT: This song was WAY too loud... turned it down a bit.

EDIT #2: Turned the song up a little, varied one of the melodies (still not enough variety in the song, but enough for now) and made the volume of the crash cymbals a little lower. Should sound slightly better... Man this is getting 0-bombed :(.

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Hot track!

Very nicely done! I love EWQL too! :) Very professional result! 5/5 10/10!

Oh yea, check out some of my material if you get a chance. I have recently done some pieces with EWQL. Let me know what you think. Keep up the great job on your music! I'm greatly inspired!



Step responds:

Really glad you like this song! It's actually the first song I ever made with East/West. It's actually really amazing how just high-quality sounds will improve your work - when I was using soundfonts, my songs were horrible, but once I got East/West, my general song quality made a massive leap. Really glad I bought EWQLSO, I haven't stopped using it!

Also, I've heard your most recent track - it's absolutely superb, congrats on that. I might leave a review when I get the time, although I'm on a very busy schedule, I'm afraid...

Thanks a lot for the review anyway!


it has a heroic/epic theme this is my favorite kind of music so good job.

Step responds:

This is my favourite type of music too, which is why I make it :P.

Glad you like it, man!

I am blown away...

Immediately when it started, I was hooked. I demand you give me a link to what you used! Send me a PM with that link!

Anyway, onto the actual review. Immediately when this piece began, I loved it. It could definitely be used to make an epic battle scene, even if it's a short scene. I love the song, it's awesome, and it's just totally insane.

Step responds:

Hey, you reviewed this too? Man, I really appreciate it :). Now I can relate to what you're saying xD.

Yeah I'm very proud of this. It's one of my first tracks ever made with East/West Symphonic Orchestra, yet it still remains among my best tracks IMO.

If you're a fan of these battle themes, I have loads more...
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/366883
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/363570
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/348687
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/343739

To name a few...

Not expecting you to review them if you don't want to though, just posting them here if you're interested ;).

Anyhow, thanks for another great review! I'll PM you with what I used.


I like this amazing song... 10/10, 5/5!

Step responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

Well you directed me here from another song...

And i thank you for it!
This is a gerat song and i love all the low brass! (Reminds me of my time as a tuba player)

Anywyas, i feel like this is a theme for some secret agent preparing to go on a covert mission. Its midnight, guards are everywhere, and you must gather the intelligence in teh center of the large fortress. how do you do it? By being badass :D

Again, id love to hear more!

Step responds:

"And i thank you for it!"

Wow, thanks! :3

"This is a gerat song and i love all the low brass! (Reminds me of my time as a tuba player)"

Awesome. I'm a really big fan of brass.

"Anywyas, i feel like this is a theme for some secret agent preparing to go on a covert mission. Its midnight, guards are everywhere, and you must gather the intelligence in teh center of the large fortress. how do you do it? By being badass :D"

Haha thanks, I love being badass.

"Again, id love to hear more!"

Really? That's great. I love it when people like my work :P. Here's an epic theme I worked on with GronmonSE, but he submitted it, not me.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/343198

Thanks for being so interested, you're awesome :D.

Credits & Info


4.57 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2010
10:49 AM EST
Classic Rock
File Info
5.3 MB
2 min 19 sec

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