-Orr- 4 Brave Champions [FULL]

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UPDATE 1/26/10: Revised the track to fix a couple of rendering issues. If you've already downloaded the piece you may want to get this version and delete the old one.

This has been anticipated for a while by people (sorry to keep you waiting!) I had a tough time deciding how I wanted to release the track. At first I thought I'd release it on a compilation album of music I've written to popular games. But, I ultimately decided against that (it didn't feel right to me), and here we are.

So, I decided instead to upload a 116kbps (decent quality) version of the full piece here on Newgrounds for everyone to hear and enjoy. If you like it, you can opt to purchase a much higher quality (320 kpbs) version on my website store here http://www.davidorr.net/B log/?page_id=86. If you have a nice sound system you will hear a difference in sound quality between the two. Plus, it's a great way to help support my music and maintaining my site!

Comments are always welcome, I'll do my best to respond. I hope you enjoy it!



Holy crap...

This could be used for trailers for the LOTR series. I kinda hate that I can't animate Flash to save my soul, but I could imagine an epic story to go along with this:
The scene opens up along forests and mountaint (0:00-0:17)
You see the scene of a burning village under attack by the evil wizard, who kills the four heroes parents and kin (0:18-42)
The four orphans make a pledge to avenge their family, and set out on an epic journey(0:43-0:46)
More epic traveling (0:47-1:22)
Remembrance of their parents as they huddle around a campfire (1:23-1:34)
More epic traveling, defeating dungeons and saving other villages from the wizards' minions (1:35-2:12)
The wizard senses they';re approaching, and stalks out of his castle to the front gate (2:13-2:35)
Evil wizard raises a huge army of undead in front of his castle, as the camera pans back across the open blighted plain (2:36-2:44)
Epic view of the four heroes walking over the ridge overlooking the plain, and they pose epically against the sunset (2:45-2:57)
They ready their weapons, planting their banner in the grass, and charge the undead army (2:58-3:09)
Other soldiers begin to charge over the ridge, and the camera pans up to reveal a huge army of allies of the champions, come to help them defeat the wizard (3:10-3:22)
The wizard sees the army, and has the undead charge and meet them head-on (3:23-3:35)
The armies clash, the heroes smiting the enemies and clearing a wide swath to their target, the hated wizard (3:36-3:45)
The wizard is revealed in an opening, and as they charge him, the skies go dark and giant hairy legs begin to grow from his back, the the screen cuts to black(3:46-3:55)
Seriously, this song is one of the few I can map out an entire video sequence, from start to finish, in my head. 9,000 Kudo points, and 10/10.

DavidOrr responds:

Wonderful story, I love reading these! Thanks for the review!


It's so awesome I cried

DavidOrr responds:

Glad the piece moved you!

Oh.......oh my God!

This totally blew my mind dude! Probably my favorite on Newgrounds! You have been favorited! Don't dissapoint me dude!

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Holy tapdancing shitchrist!

I'm not usually into classical songs, but this is just epic. In fact, it's one of the best on the site. ILY! 11/10

I won't download just yet, cause I might just go to your site to do that.


mind if i put this in a youtube video? i'll be sure to give you credit.

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