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Wild Yellowness

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Author Comments

Hiya! This is my sixteenth Fruity Loops project which is neither a remix nor remake of anything, using my very own silly mind to compose its melody. This song is starting to turn a few years old by now, so it is no new song, though I never really showed it to all that many, so here you go. It is a crazy song, perhaps a little too crazy, but I liked it. I hope you enjoy! Also, I was never good with naming songs, haha!

This submission also partially a test to check if somehow my first submission to the audio portal got me banned due to them suspecting my other Pokémon musical projects were some sort of midi rip or so. It is not however, I listened to the original track with my best effort using my mere ear. ;)

I was originally wanting to wait submitting anything else before my approval. When approved, I have more of my Pokémon remakes to post up. =)

**Edit: This song is now featured in Rock Band 3 (Rock Band Network) thanks to Freen In Green - Thank you! XD

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Review Request Club

0:01-Nice piano to start, really like the quiet wobble in the background
0:11ish-nice change in pace, though the high wobble I was in two minds about
0:32-Drum is introducted nicely though feels a little bit flat, soundwise
0:39-Nice new section; lots of different instruments, good depth given by the distant string sound, which sets up a nice atmosphere
1:02-Ccymbal crashes here work well to tie everything together. Fair few quirky sounds in there, which are always nice to her.
1:25-This section was okay, but I think it did drag on for a little too long, having that same melody relatively unchanged til the 2 minute mark was a tad excessive
2:00-Cool change, though some of the harmonies didn't seem to completely gel at the start of it.
2:26-There was a really odd note here, didn't seem to fit at all
2:39-Same kind of thing as before; same melody being cycled a lot does make much risk for it dragging, and a risk you fall on the negative side of.
2:52-Going back to the original theme, with some light variations. The ending is alright, but again feels a little like rehashed material.

You've got some good idea, but I think they're played out for too long. Try and mix it up a little more structurally, maybe go into some different moods with your melodies as well.

-Review Request Club

Radidsh responds:

Thank you for the great review. I understand your comments regarding dragging it on, and I will try to avoid doing this too much in future projects. The awkward notes I believe may have been placed there by accident, yet I decided to keep them. Perhaps I should have removed them after all, lol.

Thanks again for the constructive review!

You can haz Reviews!

-I really liked how dynamic the song was throughout. It was anything from boring even from the start. It came in really fast and you threw in a little wobble for some good measure. It is quite an original beginning and takes some style from the usual dubstep beginnings but it mixes in an actual melody instead of just a beat.

-What I find quite amusing is how good of a program fruity loops is even though it's not all that expensive(if you get older versions) which is probably why it's so widely used by music makers here on newgrounds. The high pitched melody is quite fruity in itself too. I loved how light it was and how it was good at bringing a delightful atmospheric tone to what was already built up in the beginning. But like most songs it had it's usual ebb and flow to things. Even though I loved how it was progressing in the beginning it started to feel repetitive and positively droning to me(The part i'm talking about is 1:24-about the 2 minute mark). In my opinion this part of the song could of been left out since it slows things down and doesn't quite have that nice fruity feel to the tempo and melody of the song that you built up earlier.

-The song didn't seem to have proper planning and a preset structure since it seemed to go in random directions and never really had a set structure that it was following. Yes, it would go for about thirty seconds here and there on the same song build but they were meshed together with solid transitions. I might of said otherwise but most of the time I was just stimied as to where this was going. I like being spontaneous and seeing stuff come out free flowing but planning is always something that I would like to see a little of in the end. This brings me to the ending of the song. It did take a step back on pace and revisit an earlier sounding melody it took me aback as to how fast it ended. There wasn't any real progressive dropoff in things. It just dropped off the face of the earth and I would of liked to have seen some sort of filtering out of layers instead of the drastic ending.

-The percussion was mixed in like some good pancake batter that's mixed with care so the final result is everything that you wanted in a good breakfast(sans sides). While as far as my ear could tell there wasn't any unique or interesting percussion instruments you did do a swell job of adding some spice here and there into the melody with them. At times, like I mentioned, you tend to overdue the drums and it brings the song down a little since the melody is the real focal point of the song and bringing out too much percussion just tends to bring the song down as a whole since it doesn't need it.

-I can see where you are coming from saying that the audio mods might have thought you were using some material from other areas since at times the song does get a little repetitive and becomes rather familiar. In the whole aspect of things though the song has very few of those things and it probably took the mods a little time to sort things out and get to your submission. Nothing too big but it seems to worry most people when they are first submitting their work to the audio portal.

-Review Request Club

Radidsh responds:

Hiya, Review Request Club, and thankies!

Such a long and professional review slightly startles me, and that just shows that I still have a long way to go regarding understanding music making properly and making some more proper pieces. I am glad that you enjoyed it and did not find it boring!

I believe my weakest point is not finding other instruments, creating new or tweaking them, having a nice ear candy effect and so. Heh, I do not even know what a so-called "VST" is, but I shall do research and try learning some more, as I really do want to make high-quality digital music one day which becomes popular and which many listeners will enjoy and listen to more than once.

I also plan, at a later point, to do a nenewed version of this song and make it sound more professional, the same melodies but with more eye candy perhaps. A sort of remix or so. ;)

Thank you kindly for the awesome review and the effort behind it, I really appreciate it. Good luck further with the reviewing, keep up the awesome work!


at least it's original. heh.

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Jan 23, 2010
5:40 AM EST
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4 min 6 sec

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