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Life is the Drug - BK

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Genre:BreakBeat/Trance :)

Wow, this song took me forever because half way through i got a writers block. i came back today, 10/20/10, and finished it. I gave this song a bunch or creativity and variety based around one basic tune, dang i must have used close to fifty patterns and the mastering of this song took forever!!! the bass kept being to loud or to soft and the synths and percussion would over power the song. i finally got the song ironed out after much work. So after getting everything settled i listen to my competitor's song for the contest and his song was amazing. so i cussed a lil and went back to the drawing board lol. So after a lil more work, i think i have a worthy peace for such a talented opponent.

On a different note: i hope you enjoy this joy ride of breakbeats and trance. The theme of the song is enjoy life, soak every experience up, be positive, and strive for the best through all of your life.

Enjoy and God bless :). Peace! -BK

Edit: This piece held in the top five Drum N Bass songs for four days with an average of 4.43 until it was of course bombed down to 3.34 lol, this is very typical of NG. Its ok, i have grown to expect this. so i am just happy that i can give people free music and get good feed back. thanks to all of you that support me musically and take the time to write reviews and vote appropriately :).

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NGADM 2009 Group 2 Round 2

Fantastic. The main brilliance of this piece is taht it never stops. It has a fantastic continous flow with fast paced melodies and brilliant drums. A fantastic work overall. Melodies were amazingly varied and provided the piece with enough imagination to never make it dull. Intro was brilliant as was the outro. Overall, the only thing i can find wrong is the fact that it lacked a sufficient amount of Bass to it, and as such reduced the overall level of Depth and blend. However, despite this fact, the piece remains one of my favs for this round.

SCORE : 9.5/10

P.S. This is your judging review from the NGADM 2009 Group 2 Round 2 and i posted it here cos its cool to have more reviews.


Wow :)

haha yeah, not much to say after the guy below me :D
I agree with everything he says, except maybe the kick getting louder.
But other than that, awesome song :) AWESOME BASS :D
Keep up the awesome songs! ;)


Bracksta responds:

thanks for the great review :), i hope to talk to you soon on the label :), maybe in a collab

Nice title

"Life is the drug". Yeah, I think I can agree with this. Why swallow pills or smoke stuff when there's so much to experience in the "real world"?

Anyway, the song starts off a bit slow, but it progresses a lot the longer it plays. I like that a lot. This prevents the song from getting repetitive, as there's always something new coming in.
I also like the deep bass here. The kick could be a bit stronger in my opinion, but you wrote in the comments that you put a lot of effort into the mastering of this song. So I guess a stronger kick would overpower other melodies in the song.

Speaking of the melodies: I like how soft and subtle they are. They create a very nice counter part to the strong and deep bass.

{ Review Request Club }

Bracksta responds:

wow you picked up on all of the little things i did to the song on purpose lol, you are very perceptive :D. I didn't want any harsh sounds until the video game clip and the bass had to be off the hook, breakbeat has to have two things, sick beats and bass. i am working on making my beat samples much stronger, the next song i produce should be an example of this :). thank you so much haggard for the great review and your awesome ear :). peace

Good work :)

I like the way that this song never seems to stop - it's like you've got a definitive setup for it and as one part seems to be drawing to a close, you change the direction of it on a strange tangent, allowing you to take the piece elsewhere and with such style that it all blends nicely into one. Even when the track comes to a stop, I get the feeling that it's about to carry on for another few minutes at this nicely balanced pace.

Personally, I think the best part of this piece is the bassline, as it's the undertone of all of the track, despite the rhythmic changes that happen over the top with the melody. Relatively few instruments have been used here and as a result, you've got a great setup for the rest of the track to build from.

With the way that everything else pans out, you could seriously consider adding something more to the track in the form of perhaps a bass solo, since that would add a new dimension to the piece, in my ears. The quieter parts of the melody may sound like a bass solo, but it's pretty unchanged, so why not give that a go?

[Review Request Club]

Bracksta responds:

great suggestion :), i should make a bass master remix :)! As always thank you so much for the great review, ideas, and compliments :). I love you guys, you maka mea soa happia!!!

Quite funky

This seems to have a bit of a funky trance feel to it from my point of view actually ,sounds quite swell.

Drums: Very nice simple beat with lots of kicks.

Synth: Sounds really neat here and love how it feels like it's rolling everywhere.

Bass: Very, very bass feeling atmosphere, which is actually very as well, quite liking this bass feel you loaded it down with.

Overall: Excellent piece of work you got going here.

Review Request Club


Bracksta responds:

sorry for the late reply, i have been busy with a label contract :). thanks for the great compliments and hearing the song i worked very hard at :). i tried to add alot of variety without straying to far away from the original melody. thanks for your time and god bless ;)

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4.47 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2010
12:35 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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