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(You'll have to listen past a certain point to "get" the title) Ever feel like this song as you go about your day?

My most groovy, catchy and clever piece of music to date. Thanks to the creator of the "malcos mouth" reason refill for various voice samples.

Watch the song (remove spaces):http://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=8dV53m0Dq-o


Can't believe i missed this one.

This is one hell of a catchy song. Its got a funk feel to it and i can't stop bobbing my head to the beat. One thing about you is you always create EXCELLENT atmospheres, each one of your songs has its own world to it. This is just amazing i can't stop listening! (this is 3rd time now).

The stops are genius, its just the wackiest most daring awesome thing and it just throws this song into a groove and everytime makes me want to dance to this (can't dance though i look like an idiot but you know).

I can't believe i missed this song! Its just amazing man, your are one of my fav most respected artists on this site.


I love it =).

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Haha, wow!

I've finally gotten around to reviewing this, and wow, I love it. This really sounds nothing like MindMiner, which shows that you have a lot of diversity when it comes to making music. I think I prefer this song a *slight* bit more than MindMiner, but that's just my biased opinion. This song is really cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

The melodies are absolutely superb. Well, actually, I don't have much to say about the melodies since this is more of an atmospheric track, but from the little I can say about the melodies, I must say, that bassline will never get out of my head. Its notes have a really awesome rhythm to them, and I really enjoyed listening to the bass throughout the whole song. One thing I might have asked more would be a bit more variety in the bass guitar's melodies. It felt a slight bit repetitive at times. 1:10 was a nice alternate bassline, maybe you could've kept that part going a bit longer, or add a few more parts like it. Still, other than that, the bassline was awesome.

I also really like the clumsy-like feel which the high synths evoke, they obviously with the name perfectly. The really long breaks at first sound very weird, but when the song continues, you think 'wow, that break was awesome' even though there was so much silence. The only thing which I think would really fit in this song would be a bass slide at the end of one the breaks, such as at 1:29 or 2:15. I really think it'll fit perfectly in the song. Or maybe I'm just trying too hard to find something to nitpick...

The instruments were by far the most awesome I've heard in a long while. I loved the sound of the bass guitar (it sounds real O.o) and the synths you used were really cool. The pad in the background was also awesome, and so were the vocal samples. Just like in your song MindMiner, you had a very unique choice of instruments surprisingly fit very well with each other. All of the reverb and delay you put on the instruments gave the track its own depth, and I'm sure that even without the pad the song would sound rich and full of depth. Nice job with the choice of instruments!

I absolutely loved all of the transitions you did. They were excellent, smooth, and very well executed. Maybe 0:24 became silent a bit too abruptly, but that's probably just me. The breaks provided really interesting transitions too. I'm pretty sure my favourite transition would be the one from 2:11-2:16. So yeah, transitions were sublime. I also liked how you introduced the high-pitched synths at 0:27.

I really can't determine a structure from this song. The bass guitar played similar basslines throughout the song, but the foreground was very trippy and extremely varied, yet the song strangely didn't sound random at all. Variety was also superb - while I think the bassline should be varied a slight bit more, the song never actually got repetitive, so nice work there. Intro and outro were both amazing, as well.

When it comes to the percussion, I'm in two minds about the clap. I know that song's foreground is supposed to have so much reverb, but I think the clap has a bit too much, which got a bit annoying after some time. Again, this is a really minor nitpick and I'm probably just being too fussy. Other than the clap, the percussion was perfect. It fit flawlessly with the song, and had a very catchy beat. Did you use a tambourine or a high hat in the drum beat? I can't really hear it properly because of my deaf ear and all xD. Kick sounded great, and so did the open hat.

Overall, I actually had goosebumps while listening to it. I definitely think this is one of my favourite tracks on Newgrounds, and other than tiny nitpicks like too much reverb decay on the clap, an abrupt transition to silence at 0:23, slightly repetitive bassline and lack of bass slide (xD) I think this song is perfect.
Also, to answer to your reply in my other review, I add the Review Request Club sig at the end of every review, but you're free to request this so I get free points, haha.
Fav'd as an artist.

-Review Request Club-

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very good groove on this! such a nice lounge feel. love the bass, synths, and the back pad. sounds like something i'd hear on lounge-radio.com

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it's what makes it all fit with the meaning
good tune

i like it

It reminds me of a 90's show in Brooklyn at first, and at around 0:30 it changes into a forgetful, clumsy type song. Perfect title, perfectly put together.

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