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Kriminal Intentions

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Author Comments

Kriminal Intentions is a bad ass keyboard song. Its genre is electro rock.

Syntrus! Out!

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You could say you're a smooth kriminal

Kind of a steam-punkish thing going on here, musically speaking. That's fine by me; I do love me some synth-rock, man. I like the rhythm section synth just strummin' away (or is it... oscillating away?).

Great work both technically and musically; this is a whole lot of fun.

Cool song!

I must say that I prefer this one than "Who The Fuck Am I?". Mostly because of it's choice of instruments, more concentrated on electric guitars and a general synthetic rock sound. I'm not particularily fond of this song BUT it's very good non-the-less, I honestly don't see any big problems with it. Except maybe the drums, sure, the guitars are good, but I agree with the guy below me, the drums need a bit more work, I'd suggest making them as diverse as the guitars.
So here's the scene:
It's around 2:30 a.m. in a night life city. Far away in some distant street, we see a group of 4 guys around their 20s, all wearing suits and ties with sun glasses, one of them has a mohawk. They walk into a nightclub and order some drinks and calmly hang around. Their not secret agents or cops, just a group of friends hanging out. After spending a bit of their time there, they move out and head to some other place. They end up in a crowded bar with loud music. They order more drinks like vodka shots and tequila. They hang around and dance, one of them starts to dance with a girl until her boyfriend shows up and starts a fight. All 4 of them jump on him and an entire riot unleashes inside the bar. Finally a dozen people get kicked out, including the 4 friends, who after swearing out loud in the middle of the street hit the road again. This time they arrive at a shisha with dark lights and a resting atmosphere. After smoking for around 2 hours, they head back out in search of alcohol. They hang out in some other nightclub until 6 a.m. where they each leave in their own directions.
I hope you prefer this scene, I do :P. Tell me what you think man


Syntrus responds:

Dude thats bad ass I was totally thinking night club drama when I made this. Good work. In response to the review part I agree but its so hard to find a real drummer who isn't high all the time :D. I have actly done this night once in college.

dude below me said alot..

only thing i wanna back up is you gotta mix up the drums a little bit more.. more than 2 patterns.. you need some breakdowns and stuff... make this thing longer dude its too short.. you could rock this track for like 10 minutes and keep it tasty. also, if you're FL Sudioing... use the hip hop bass because the one your using is weak.

Syntrus is a bad ass electro thug

He likes to innovate rock influenced ideas with newer aged instrumental ideas (a la synth). Seriously, great track here man. It's got the gritty rock ideas with a pimpalicious hip-hop groove.

I don't think a real guitar would augment this track too much, if that would happen to be an idea proposed for this clip, the synthesized guitars add a distinct character that organic instruments may just not be able to bring.

My only qualms (minor ones) with this track are some recognizable sounds and not enough variations of teh drum patterns. (I would also have liked this to be a bit longer personally, but the ideas went through their course quite well through the two and a half minutes). I can hear some FL pack hip hop drums, and perhaps a bass, but really its all good with me because they mesh exceptionally fine with the track's premise. Perhaps if you sampled a hip hop track or grabbed some more of this style's oriented samples and put them together you would obtain a more unique sound in this department. I will say that the hats got pretty thick tho. Also, I think the snare would work good with some reverb, in the second half of the song.

I also feel the drums could use more than 1 or 2 patterns, I would like to hear more work with the snare hits, and perhaps some messing with 16th notes and maybe a light crash hit too more flowingly move throughout the transitions.

Now that the critiques are out of the way I tell you what I like about this track:

-Delicious synth ideas. You've always impressed me in this department. I love some of the light vibrato synths and the LFO filtered arp synths are fantastic. That sound around the 00:55 mark was also sweet.
-Guitars work and sound great. The maintain some of the characteristics of a real guitar, while including some clever synthesized effects. Such as the subtle panning on the rhythm guitar. And the lead worked great as well.
-The melodies work fucking great, I especially like the catchy bass and rhythm guitar chemistry.
-Also, no complaints on the mixing. Sounds are clear, the bass is well defined with the kick.
-I think you've made some strides in making your tracks a little less repetitive. Not saying that was a problem with some of your previous tracks, but you've included some intracies within this piece which IMO keeps the track interesting for a longer # of track loops.

btw, I made a post on your blog last night only to find out you deleted it when I hit submit LMAO. basically, I was just trying to say find solace in the group of people who DO enjoy your music, as it's common knowledge that you cannot please everybody, that will always result in failure. I'm not sure how many fans you have on NG but that should be enough consolation for you to keep submitting here. Assholes will be assholes. And people who try to turn music into some type of competition need to realize at the end of the day, there are no winners in music. Just packing up gear at the end of a gig. Saving project files and closing programs. Re-charging Ipods and shutting off speakers. There are no losers, either. Anyone who says otherwise has a tiny penis. I'm done.

Syntrus responds:

Thats an I'm with syntrus T-shirt If I ever seen one. Yeah the thread went away I have to really think about it.

If you want the inside scoop

Syntrus has a facebook profile.

"Assholes will be assholes. And people who try to turn music into some type of competition need to realize at the end of the day, there are no winners in music. Just packing up gear at the end of a gig. Saving project files and closing programs. Re-charging Ipods and shutting off speakers. There are no losers, either. Anyone who says otherwise has a tiny penis. I'm done." I was particularly touched by this part :3.

I am really happy you came by and checked this song out dude!

Credits & Info


4.20 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2010
6:50 PM EST
General Rock
File Info
5.8 MB
2 min 32 sec

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