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[S_Rock] Another Level

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This song is about reaching for that next big step to another level...a higher level.
Just when you think that you can't go any further, try to dig deep and stop being such a fuck and go for it. I admit, The past is what makes who you are today so special so you can't forget about it, But don't dwell on it. Make new changes and reach for a new state of appeal.

[S_Rock] 2010, New song.
and as always Enjoy

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IS it alright if i put a verse to this song.

S-Rock responds:

Yeah, Sure. Just make sure I get credit on the beat.

Eminem with this would be sick

I agree with what you said in a response. Eminem would sound awesome on this song. That makes me go wow in my head just thinking about it. great song.


S-Rock responds:

oh yeah man, he would kill this shit so hard.

this is on "another level" lol

One again man, definately wanna get some lyrics on this one.

Great dude


S-Rock responds:

Much appreciated man :)
I noticed the louder this song is the better :D although most of my songs are.

No limit

Man, your hip-hop knows no limit! Your beats just get better and better, more and more epic, more and more kick-ass.
Like your song Hemp Root, what's great in this one, is the feeling it gives. But unlike Hemp Root, it doesn't give an epic feel, this one has more of a violent feeling to it. A really violent feeling. And this feeling obviously comes from your talent; you always find great melodies and rhythms, and here all your instruments are fantastic, even perfect. I love the rockish drums, the synths are beast, the strings in the back aren't clear enough to analyze, but I'm beating they're great. As for the guitar you added, it's like a tad of pissed Karousel injected into hip-hop. All of that together creates a kick-ass hip-hop beat, which is as violent as a bullet fatally hitting your beating heart.
I honestly can't think of much more to say, I mean in my opinion, there's nothing to improve here, but your welcome to try and make a song which could defy this one's violence. (good luck :P)
Now for me scene :D

(0:00 - 0:22) Today's society has evolved in something that brutally rejects people from it. Not only does it reject them, but it also makes them turn towards violence, which is something they don't always fully understand. They then become agents of chaos.
(0:22) We find ourselves in a city where violence is everywhere, and when it's all gather in this one city. We see two men fighting themselves to death in a bar. (0:28) A man in a fedora and trench coat, holding a thompson, is walking away from a building which immediately explodes into burning debris. (0:33) Two men fight and end up both going through a window over 50 stories high. (0:39) We see a car driving fast, which then blows up from inside, leaving a spinning carcass on the street.
These are examples of what happens when insanity gets to you, this is what you get when you expose the corrupted truth to normal people, this is what you have when you give the weaponry needs to a violent youth.
This violence is cause by people who are wild at heart, mad and rebellious. People who don't need a boss or a motherfuckin' leader over them. People who are hungry for anarchy. People who, unlike what others say, know exactly what they're doing and it's consequences.
(1:30) A fast-paced car accident where one t-bones another and sends it flying in the air. (1:36) A hit man executes a mobster on a dark building top, one shot to the head. (1:41) A man in a fedora grabs his thompson machine gun and starts to fire. (1:47) Gun fight in the middle of a lit street between two men and their beretta's. Slightly slow motion, wee see the fired rounds falling from the pistols.
The dark streets of this city keep getting infected by blood and hatred, that is all that's left from this place. Humanity has disappeared for a long time, and murder has become routine, death is a constant visitor.
(2:38) We see another car chase from up front. One of the cars suddenly blows up from behind, making the car's rear end fly up high, and letting the car slide upside down on the road. (2:43) Aerial view of a building which suddenly explodes, and collapses onto the street, among huge falling pieces of concrete. (2:49) A man is walking towards his car, stops in front of it to enter, but another man walking behind him takes out a gun and shoots. (2:55) And finally, another cold blooded drive by shooting to end it all.
There you go. The scene's sort messed up, but what I basically show is a violent routine. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it!


S-Rock responds:

Messed up to say the least :D Thanks man


good work man, good work

S-Rock responds:

Thank you :D

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Jan 16, 2010
9:38 AM EST
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