Destiny_Eletric [Box-Killa]

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This is probably the only thing close to professional trance/dance song I have submitted New grounds, and it will probably be the only one.I really don't know what style I am, but I don't think I am much of a dance/trance sort of artist. Someone tell me my style please!

Well this was made in FL and was improved and upgraded over a long period of time, this is the finished product of months of gradual work. There is around 100 different patterns in this song, although you probably wont notice them all.
Used nexus, triangle, trilogy, tracks, zeta+, vanguard and lots of built in FL Vsts/Vstis

I have to say I haven't really been all that active, but I have been practicing a lot with flash and I am hoping to make something in the next 6 months, that is worthy of watching. So keep an eye out, or I may PM you if you're lucky.

It is probably not my best work, but maybe my best trance song. I really hope you enjoy to though-roughly listen through my song, and find out what you like what you don't like. I really like reviews, even if they are a few words, you can still get helpful comments from a few words, especially if you get a lot of reviews.

Oh and I am really sorry if I don't respond to your PM's or Reviews. I do try, but I am quite busy, and maybe a little bit lazy. If you are a frequent reviewer, i may just give you a nice response, or maybe not. But I do read every single review, so don't think your reviews are worthless.

Well thanks a lot for listening and don't forget to Vote 5, chuck down a review and take a look at my other songs!

:D [Box-Killa]


Good song

A very well composed song. It starts off very interesting with the intro already. I think I haven't heard anything like this on NG before, so kudos to you.

But the song isn't only good in the intro but in the rest of the song as well. The transitions between the single parts are quite good and come very "natural". It isn't too subtle sometimes, but it isn't like I'm all like "wait what? Am I still listening to the same song?"

I also like the melodies in this song. They are very set back, but that's what makes them sound so good in my opinion. They don't try to compete with the beat, but they are there and they find a way to draw attention to themselvs.

Also, what's your style? I don't think you shouldn't look for a style, just create your own. :-)

{ Review Request Club }

Box-Killa responds:

my style is everything lol.

Nice transfers

I love the way that you've got the transitions working on this song, moving from one area to the next and adding some real action to the whole piece. I seriously thought that a 5 minute track was going to drag on, but it didn't, which was a very pleasant surprise.

With how you've got the whole piece set up, it's got a good pace and beat to set the track off, followed by a decent melody, which drives the track through. With how your works have gone in the past, I was surpirsed not to get it looping by the end, but you've still come up with the goods of a well finished piece, so excellent on that part.

Perhaps different instruments will give you more to work with next time, so have a think about that?

[Review Request Club]

Quite good

I enjoyed this. The drum patterns were good, and everything was mastered quite well.

It was a little repetitive, and I didn't really like some of the synths used.

Sounded alot like Psytrance is some parts.

I liked this man. Keep up the good work.

I liked it...

It's a very cool music, it has movement, a nice melody and rhythm, it's made to dance, it doesnt make you feel tired of listening it...

The drums are very well, the beat is very rhythmized with the music melody, the synth is very cool, gfives life to the music, it makes you feel better, you did a really nice job man!!!!
Keep it up!!
(Review Request Club)
Roger Beck

Not bad, but formulaic

I don't know why this has such a low score, it's great man. I like the start, and while the song is predictable, that's not necessarily a bad thing always.

The beat works well, and is enjoyable throughout, and is pretty catchy. To improve the score, you could add something different to your songs instead of the endless noise start up, bring in the drums, do the beat about a min., have a drum only part etc. songs there are. while this is a good formula, it is predictable, and originality usually makes songs better.

~Review Request Club~

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Jan 15, 2010
10:23 AM EST
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