[HF] Ignition

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Made by ExplodingZombie for some sort of techno/orchestral/metal fusion EP called Hope Fades. I can't even remember much about it any more, lol. It was a while ago. That EP never got done by the way. We did like 3 songs, and this WASN'T the only one being good.

Anyway GOGO ORCHESTRAL/TECHNO + RANDOM ELECTRIC GUITAR. AWESOME. Also I was gonna extend the solo by a couple of bars, but I ended up ditching it for some reason. COUGHLAZINESSCOUGH >_>

Oh yeah, and the end doesn't really sound like an end, because it was going to flow straight into the next song.. I forgot what we were gonna do there though. Something about a homidal jury involving clockwork people... I DON'T KNOW :|



Great Song Great Melody Excellent and Effective

Excellent and effective use of the synth. I felt that the song was able to grasp me and move me with it, however I did feel a little dissatisfied with the melody. I felt that you could have improved it to make the tone much more dramatic and meaningful IF that's what you were going for. IMO the melody should reach its height in tone with more build up as a base to give it a wholehearted feel. I did DL this and I have been truly admiring your your talent. THANK YOU!

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TheInfinityVirus responds:

Thanks dude.

My review, your song.

0:25 straight forward strings.

0:28 synth introduced nicely.

0:29 Synth sounds cool and is mixed in well with strings, but it plays an exceptionally generic melody, it seemed very backgroundish.

~1:10ish the lead synth could have used some more definition to make it evident that it was infact playing a lead.

Drums overall are quite simple, they aren't bad but I don't feel they are particularily noteworthy.

~1:55 synth does some interesting little skippity doodahs, and the flange makesit a bit more dynamic seeming. Also playing a generic melody though.

Drums at this point are now noteably mixed with mediocrity, not super defined and no apparent panning. Shiffint snares to oneside and kick to another can make drums seem so much better with the slightest of knob twiddles.

2:10 the song actually ramps up the uniqueness and overall complexity/intrinsic interest in the song for me. Sadly the guitar drops off, and then previous loops continue to play.

Overall, the song is smooth, an easy listen, pleasing on the ears, though the lack of complexity/uniqueness is likely to dissatisfy alot of people.

Drums could use much expanding on the rhythms they play, and diversity of those rhythms. Overall progression is non-stop going. A more noteable breakdown/bridge would help improve the contrast within the song.

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TheInfinityVirus responds:

Wow okay, that was a longer review than I expected. You actually REVIEWED it. Cool. Alright, now I'm fully aware of the generic chord progressions and hooks in this song, but once they were there I guess I took the lazy route and didn't do much else with it.

I totally would have made the drums more complex and varied, but I don't really have any good drum samples. But that kick+snare panning sounds like something to try.. Well anyway, I'm actually getting some drum samples right now, and once I have them this song and many others are going to get a major overhaul for a new project we're working on. I'll definitely extend that guitar part, and actually make sure I tune the guitar first >_>

Anyway. Thanks for the review dude, long helpful reviews are something I haven't recieved a lot of. LAWL

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Jan 12, 2010
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