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I dedicate this song to my girlfriend Kaitlyn... My best song yet.


What can I say...

What can I say... I can only agree to the people before me and say that this is a truly great track :). But the TS404 really does get on my nerves at the end :P . 5/5 check out some of my stuf if you have a moment :)


Very very nicely done... clean, good beat, melody, and blend. The only critique I have is that it very much reminds me of a German car commercial. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!! lol. Like I said I love the song, and it's ub3r cool you dedicated it to your gf, lol... I would listen to this pumped up in the car on a late night drive through the city. Nice quality work XD.


Forget what anyone says!

This track was very well done...I like the arrangement the way it is (prolly cuz it is similar to my likings and style). You hada tone of instruments that all pulled together well, I for one cannot layer too well like this. I think that some of the choices were actually powerful ones, as I was fille dwith more imagery and emotion-gotta love digital exuberances! I think this is a really good dedication to a GF just cuz it sounds so crisp. I have tried many times to make songs for my GFs but fail all to often-except once...but that was actually a hate song for a girl who crushed me-the emotions themselves made it a good track. (sidetracked :/) Anyway keep up the great work!

Evolution of Sound...



lol you can tell im bored when i review something twice with different accounts lol.

anyways, i actually have my bands music on this acc. now!
check it out plz?

i wrote a frickin long review for ya, can you just drop one review?

lol i sound so desperate...

thx man.


Deviant-Realms responds:

hehe, looks like you already got 2 reviews... i'm pretty good friends with dj_blix btw... but of course i'll drop you one :) Thanks for your review.


i would kill for a g/f...lets just say that whenever i tried to ask a girl out my friends would always beat me to it.
so congrats on that

now to the song.
filtered drums. usual for you.
The arp came in REALLY soft, almost amazingly soft.
i coulnt really feel the bass.
I thought that the filter would come out really hard in the arp, but it turned out there was none, or that you had just not really touvched it yet.
the chords were nice, very nicely arranged.
Now i sit and wait for the break down/build up.

wait for it....
wait for it.....
nice bells piano syunth sounds by the way.....
wait for it....
damn it fell again.
you have to make this happen a little faster, the breakdown shouldnt take forever. it should take a tops of what, 15 seconds or less?

The TS404 arp is kinda gettin annoying...i would have let it filtered off completely and brought in a more powerful synth for the arp when its building up.

When the chorus hit, i see that you tried to pull a Toby emerson(if you never heard of him go to garageband.com and find out, he is better than any artist i know, and that includes DJ tiesto) anyways, nice, and propelling chorus, but you have an uncertain knack for not choosing powerful enough instruments. no offence or anything, you just gotta work on that part.
everything is great except for arrangment of the song, the FX used, and the instruments.

fix those and you will have a new fan...


keep on puttin man!

PS. nice. my kick works out very, VERY well in this song lol

Deviant-Realms responds:

Hehe, I use your kick allot now... atleast untill I somehow get lucky and find one of my own that sounds good. With this song, I was ultimately just trying to keep it simple (I think it only has like 30 patterns or so), but as far picking the right synths, I like ub3r suck, (btw, the main lead is actually Vanguard, its a really nice VST instrument). That TS404 thing I actually just came up with while I was working on the drum intro (I usually make the main melody and pads and stuff first, arrange them to sound good, and then add on the rest of the song). Wow, i've been so low on ideas lately, don't expect another song for atleast another week, but dont' worry, i'm not giving up, lol.

Thanks again for the review:)

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Aug 14, 2005
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