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~K4P~ 25 - Why is it so hard?

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Author Comments

this is a demo
i have a longer version already, but im not going to upload at every step
uploaded while its still a demo because i want to hear what people think about it
id like to hear what you think about it, if you like it or not and especially what meaning it has for you
so please leave a review

this is not played live... its played by a program, all i did was making the melody
i am going to buy a digital piano
when i bought my piano and learned how to play well enough this song will be recorded as a live performance... when that time comes there will be a lot of feeling in the notes... now only the melody tells the story without the weighted feel in the notes
for that reason, i will also make more piano songs

this song is meant to represent the hardship of finding happiness, a long route where the end seems to be impossible to reach... but might be found one day
(even though the feelings it represents for me might be something totally different for someone else... so im still very curious what this song would mean to you)


if you intend to use my music in any way then please contact me (afterwards you probably get permission to use it, but only after you contact me first!)

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hey... buy it :D

If you can do THIS with a pc, i just can't imagine what you'd do with an electronic piano... but buy a keyboard, so you can still play electro :P

I'm crying deep within... in my soul :(

Moreover, it's fun to learn how to play an instrument, and it has a rewarding feeling that boosts your ego and you'll be playing waka laka instead of sad songs in no time :P

And as for the background... what about more piano?? :P listen to this song how in the first part it uses just piano to cover everything :P

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/186146

Good luck :)

Nax ~

Musical-Memoirs responds:

wow that song is great, didnt check all songs from reasoner yet, so thanks for the link
he is an amazing artist!!! and a few of his songs inspire me to do all this :P
i was planning to make those type of songs too indeed

an digital piano is just like a keyboard, only it is focused on being a piano
i can connect it to my computer to give the notes an electronical sound too
only the problem is that a digital piano just simply costs a hell lot more
but a digital piano plays like a piano, so you can better put feeling into the notes... which makes it worth the high price

sad songs will always be made, i love watching sad touching movies too
but there is a chance i will create more song with a happy mood then i do now
(currently at least 70% has a sad mood now XD)
but i do not think i will create songs like the waka laka song (maybe only once in my life yust as a sort of joke project)


dude wtf ?

dont stop even with computer its a good helper dont forget..
the song is very good maybe it need very more high note...
like it begin slow and end very hard but im sure you wont put guit and drum on it but is could be nice with some rain and storm but freaking with a screaming girl !!!
anyway i love the song and im impatien to return back on this song to see if there another version.. so continue the good work..

Musical-Memoirs responds:

you know what... i will send you a PM if i have a longer version
only that might take very long, so please dont be too impatient... i dont want to disappoint you

i wanted it to be a piano solo, but rain / storm samples might still be an idea
but if i decide to use those samples it would be when i have my live played version finished
and the song construction will be different in the future
it wont start as loud as it is now
and in the parts after this more high notes will be used
other ideas on it are in a too early progress (some dont even have progress) to say anything about them


Its always hard, hard to eat the chicken, to find another way, push yourself through a wall of chicken and even stand up after you'd fall from the reach of the fried chicken.

These words I just spoke have no importance.

The song is not enthralling, since it really is just a piano solo, and it doesn't seem like you used much velocity, it's all one tone. If you used velocity a lot more, it would have sounded great. The composition itself was not bad, but the keys need the weighted feel. You should add some orchestra or a little backround ambience sound, it would add a lot more.

Musical-Memoirs responds:

it is meant as an piano only...
when i have my piano i want to play songs i created my own live, while not having the feeling it misses something
so i probably wont ever use other sounds on this project, i would change the melody instead if it needs something!

also i wanted to do some velocity changes (i did a little bit on my previous project, only that one has not such a great melody as this one)
but doing some velocity changes and other changes (i could do more on the chords too) takes a hell lot of time...
and because i decided to buy a piano and take private piano lessons (after my exams this year) it would be a wast of time to make it better, while it would sound a million times more realistic when i have my piano...
so i choose to compose only the melody as i probably want it and decided to wait for my piano before i do anything else

the reason why i uploaded this already is because it would take a lot of time to learn playing the piano and i still dont even have one yet
and i wanted to know if the melody and composition of the song was right

so i am going to forget anything you said... exept for: "The composition itself was not bad"
the rest is forgotten
also the score (when looking only at the melody) you gave would probably be higher if you wouldnt have those things to give bad critics on
so i guess i wont look at the 7 you gave either
and "it would have sounded great" will be changed to "it will probably sound great when you remake it when you have your piano"

yust wait...
sooner or later it will be updated big time and you would say something totally different
only it will take at least a few months till i have my piano... sooner then that wont happen or i would screw up my exams :'(

This cant rly be

Its always hard, hard to find yourself, to find another way, push yourself through a wall of emotions and even stand up after you'd fall from the reach.

these words i'd just spoke are the words your telling me with this piano piece
it has my attention,
the face behind my mask can no longer smile but breaks and cries.
Very well done! your blessed by my soul.

5/5 - 10/10

Musical-Memoirs responds:

anyone can see a different meaning in music
but the words you took out from it are good ones, quite alike the ones for me

tried to make this piece longer, but every time it looses its meaning when it gets longer
im happy to see that there are ones who cares about the feelings in a song
even if its only one other then me, it makes it totally worth making for me

thanks for your blessing

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Jan 9, 2010
10:25 AM EST
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2.8 MB
1 min 15 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.