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Lyrik battle (Fuck u weak)

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Author Comments

This a response to Lyrik on his n Nadi's track titled "Flow battle"

Beat by Pokemeon titled "Sample track"
sample from Big Pun's album capitol punishment "Pakinamac, pt. 1(skit)"

put them shroomies back X3

Ya lyrics is bitch like
Can't even say ma name
Can't even spit right
If you got something to say
its time 2 face the mic
I'll end ya hundred bars
wit jus a drunk fight
Open ya mouth again kid
n u wont want a bite
Nadi aint back u
Kid knows better
he knows ma flows
Get his pants wetter
So really Mr lyrik
if u think u feel it
u gon need more green
to fuckin heal it

say ma name
fuck you weak
talkin that shit
to nobody(X2)

fuck that pussy shit
I'ma fuckin sleep
Let this bitch ass
rest in peace

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LOOOL, daamn

Tha end was crazy jokes, Whos this guy tht your roastin?

Broken-Needle responds:

lol, the dude that left a review right under urs=D

Child of confusion

Well, i wasn't aiming at you kid, basically the week we had made that track i saw 8 battle tracks posted from opposite ends and was pissed thinkin, Why don't they just do it on one track? I guess my lacerate a haydu track WAS aimed at you tho. get over it dude, I shut you down when I hit this site, thats part of the reason i'm tired of NG battles in the first palce.

Broken-Needle responds:

didnt see much aimed at me, sounded jus like a track that u decided u love me enough 2 talk about me in<3 no worries homie u aint shut shit down=D happy new year btw=)


...why man? You're above these juvenile reactions. I hope you confirmed with LrYiK, that he was actually attackin you.

you can call me a dick rider, whatever, but.... when you diss cats that I personally know have artist talent and honorable morals I got to shake my head.

So... if you checked your facts before droppin this and you know he was actually going at you then: Nice flow here, defiantly steppin up, props bro. Elevation is tops. I dont like how you "sampled" another artists work for more than half of your track. I doubt you have their permission to sample this...If you listened to that track, you'd understand he was saying that battles are done in quick succession, testing the competitors quick mind and lyrical command. So, to hit Lryik at his level you'd have to freestyle this.

I think you have talent, but sometimes your intentions are misguided. When we battled, we both knew we were writing, so the battle ground was set. It was a fair fight. But when it comes to freestyle (or quick writing jams) vs. written diss tracks, I'm going to choose the freestyle, because that is the nature of the game. I'm not too good at freestylin' myself ( I'm pretty bad at it actually), but it takes practice and passion to get it, so... if you're not freestyling on a daily basis, start trying it. I know you do this to get better, but if you're battling against opponents with advanced weaponry, you gotta upgrade your guns.

I've listened to Flow Battle a few times now, I wasnt able to finds any definite attacks to you, personally. The references were mostly vague, they could be about anybody.

I've told you this many times but, I really wish you'd spend time on tracks that mean something like Happy Days, Feel The Vibe, Touchin The Incline or even Goodbye Bitch Boy. You know when I started listening to your music, I know when you're being you on the mic and when you're just writing lyrics to be what you want to present to people.

Sorry for writing a fucking essay for these 17 bars, but this is 2010. I want you to elevate in the right direction. You got skills, I know yo can write about your life, I've heard you do it.

Again: If you clarified that Lryik was actually personally attacking you, then most of this review is void. If you had a conversation, man to man, before these bars were written then this review is bullshit.

Your skills are stepping up...Use these skills for the benefit of humanity.

Peace bro

Broken-Needle responds:

first off thanks 4 the 2010 review=D well i made this after i saw this:
"3.22 / 5.00 (+ 0.46)"
submission: Flow Battle with Lyrik
date: January 4, 2010
shots at me?

January 7, 2010
Author's Response:
haha I guess if ya wanna take it like that, but no not directly

so i wrote down a few bars cuz i wasnt sure it was aimed at me, n i thought it was one of nadi's friends not "LyRikLyNkLyNd" lyrik n I battled already I didn't wanna start dumb shit again. No worries 2010 is ma year=D as for freestyles if he really at that lvl then he should b more than happy 2 write it out=P and as for sampling the whole skit which doesnt belong 2 me I jus thought it fit perfectly to wut i was tryin 2 say. n didnt wanna waste time on something that wud get dismissed.
Anyway man thanks a lot for the lenghty review I'm always happy 2 see your help=) happy new years btw=)
Oh and ofcourse I'm gna benefit humanity=D u def dun gta worry bout that


Did I really just hear this?

Broken-Needle responds:

lol, maybe?

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2010
10:14 PM EST
File Info
2.2 MB
2 min 23 sec

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