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Ah Shit, Mack n Shef Cook

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Yo check it my n***a Shef Cook jus started up on newgrounds but he droppin shit all tha time so look forward to it, This me and him jus buggin out on a beat he made a long while back, we did it all in one shot.. no re-recordings or none of that and the shit is open in the end still so if anyone wanna throw somethin on it.. its whateva lol. holla at shef at dacookup.newgrounds.com you already know.. enjoy.. hate.. whateva.. we here.. lol

I'm a mastermind of thugs and I rule by divine right
Concealin a magnum in my jeans directin you toward the light
And for the n***as that be thinkin they hard and that they can fight
I'ma bang upon ya knuckles so hard that ya can't write

Never be worst than the first cuz i'm keepin my guard tight
Betta be ready to burst when I lock like the pits bite
I'ma god to you I determine what's wrong and whats right
it's my decision for your eyes to see the dark or the light

I keep relaxed when I'm rappin and its all for a purpose
Remaining calm and collective when I'm spittin my verses
My stimulation off of lyricism keeps me from hurtin
All these "mcs" who challenge the mack with they foolish courage

I'm that.. smooth n***a trigga pullin to deliva the pain
considerin insertin swag to the game..
I does it different... if you heard lyrics betta than this..
then ya ears musta stepped in shit..

Shef Cook

I'm mythologically duckin n dodgin swords like in kempo
wit a accurate balance on a rooftop smokin endo
its pretty simple blowin trial like a whistle
got a nation of n***as wit red dots on they head like they hindoo

i purposely pack poppers that poke wit potential
precisely poke holes through pussy wit broken pencils
stab up your corpse til it look like bloody tissue
shells so big double size of a pickle

if you keep bleedin then they think that you menstrual
You fuckin faggot its tragic and im only blastin a pistol
Wait til I start spittin semi automatic missiles
heat seekin three piece em n***a gon get you
he start the weaken now he sleepin now its official
chopped up like corn flakes and foldgers crystals

One mo 'gain.. you already know.. 1

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You are the best newgrounds rapper I have heard.. sick ass song bro!

Mackity responds:

thanks alot bro


this is hard as hell!

Mackity responds:

thanks yo


I can hear and understand you perfectly Mack, but I can't really understand what Shef Cook is saying without reading the lyrics. But overall, tight beat, sick lyrics. Keep them coming!

Mackity responds:

good lookin out

Cool SH!#

HOT .................

Mackity responds:

You already know

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Jan 5, 2010
8:22 PM EST
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