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Jan 5, 2010 | 5:08 PM EST
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Rated 4.07 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Trance

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Hey..Uhmm. Im 13 and i've been using FL Studio for about 8 month.. This track is called, Touching the sky. I put it on newgrounds mainly so my friends can hear it. If you not my friend well you should comment or something and lemme know how i did. Please give some feedback.. Cause i do want to get better! xD



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good song, considering your age.

Hey man, I'm in a good mood today. And feel like helping out felling FL Producers! Soooo your in luck! I'm going to try be as detailed and say this as nice constructive critism way as possible. (So please don't take any of my critisism to harsh).

First I want to talk about the overall song and song structure. The song itself is great sounding actually, I really like it man. The melody is catchy, got a catchy bassline. And best of all NO OFF NOTES. Which is really good. Cause if you have off notes thats a bad thing and it can really ruin your music. But good thing for you all your notes are in key and on the right scale when the chords change. But overall the song has a nice happy uplifiting feel to it, which is great! Sounds great. And now for the song structure itself... It does get a little repetative during the middle part where the melody repeats itself for quite a bit of measures. I'm sure this song would sound alot better if it was shortened down to say... Two minutes, or maybe Three Minutes. Anywhere in that time range and it would of been great. And your "Breakdown" part could of been ALOT better, it was definitly feeling empty. And the climax wasnt so great. Infact it didnt really feel like a climax at all. So thats something you definitly need working on.

And now as for percussion goes, your instruments you chose were okay. But they were sounding a little dry (same with your synths too, but I'll get to that later in the review). To prevent this "Dry" sound that you have, you could of added reverb and delays to your Hats and Claps (or snare, in your case). I wouldnt recemend using Reverb and Delays on the kick. Maybe try compressing the kick (if you don;t know about compressing I highly suggest you learn. You can easily find some tutorials on youtube). And one thing that you DEFINITLY need is a Crash Cymbal. I didn't hear a single one during the mix. If there were, you didnt put them in the spots needed. I suggest putting a crash everytime you intruduce a new intrument. Or to mark were changes in the song are happenening (Such as intro > Main > Break > Climax > outro) If you get what I mean. But yeah, crashes you need more of.

Now for a little talk on FX. I didnt hear much, other than a lowpass during your "Breakdown" you could of definitly used ALOT more effects on your instruments and synths. Such as the intro Piano. It would sound so much greater if it had revern, and a small delay. it sounds boring. Don't be afraid to add to much, but don't be add to little. A good song will always consist of Reverb and Delay. Especially on the synths themselves. It will give them a more unique feel, rather than have them without any reverb. And as for EQing goes, I doubt you did any. But you should really learn how to EQ and such. Just to boost those frequencies where they really need them. Like in your hats, your hi end synths. Also when you EQ you don't want to OVER EQ them. This will give it a muddy unclear sound. The Low end of your song could definitly use a boost.

Now for some final words, overall the song is good! But it COULD be alot better. Such as a shorter time length, more effects used. I really can't think of anything else to critise on this track. The overall sound was very uplifting, and had a nice tone to it. The kind of melody that makes me bob my head with a smile saying "Man thats one happy as melody" XD haha!

But great job on the tune man, I hope my review helps. If theres anything you need help with, don't be afraid to ask me on MSN. I will try my best to help where needed. Keep the songs coming, keep up the great work. Hope to hear more tracks from you soon. Take it easy man.


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Beats4Beets responds:

Hey, Clayface. Thanks for the long ass review, eh?! xD
I agree with everything. But the EQ, Compression and Reverb, i have only learned recentely. And i didn't bother changing the song.. i might some other time though.

The middle part WAS long haha, i was actually purposely trying to make the whole song long. And the intro was infact quite boring.. I sometimes like skipping it and just listening to the catchy melody.

The tips are help though. I didn't quite know where to use the compression, delay, EQ or reverb... Now i have a better idea of where to use them and im probably gonna follow you instruction on my next track.

Thanks a lot man, imma talk to you on msn, eh?

PS: Sorry for some bad english, Im a freakin Canadian that goes to a french school.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh....

Melodies. Are. Perfect. Any criticisim I give here should be taken lightly, considering the fact that you're only 13 and making shit like this is enough to cause my face to spontaneously explode. Anyway, I agree with nanyt in that it is a tad repetitive, and could use more polish. Look up tutorials on equalization and compression. It's super boring but best to get out of the way as soon as possible. On a final note, Did the melody have a delay effect? if it did, it was very subtle and should be made louder. Don't be afraid to use LOTS of delay and reverb on the lead, it often makes the difference between a good lead and a great lead.
In conclusion, melodies are perfect, everything else needs more polish, and you are gonna be amazing by the time you are my age.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Great! This song was very well done it got kinda repetitive at some parts though the song it self sounds like it was made professionally...

Check my song Floating Sky :)

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