_-={An Angel Dies}=-_

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A simple and basic song depicting the slow death of an angel. Taking hit after hit after hit. The angel's body bleeds. The angel's body refuses to obey despite the absolute desire to protect this child at war. So young, barely able to hold his blade. She bends over him weeping tears he's not allowed to. Wrapping her bloody, broken wings around him in a cocoon to fend off the flying strays.

Need custom audio made for your game? I'm part of a NG centric composer team called Symphony of Specters (www.symphonyofspecters.c om). We would love to hear from you!

With all that said, I hope you enjoy!



I'm a great fan of choirs, but the wrong setup can break a song easily. What you did however was beautiful and I'm surprised you're not getting hired by the better game companies out there.

Considering the kind of music you make, I can definitely see (read: hear) you making music for games like Supreme commander 2 (Supcom1 music was cool, 2 much less).

Or something a lot like "The shaping of the worlds" by Jason Hayes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhrxG CMzRL0) which was made for WoW.

You should probably put your very best in a track and send it to Frank Klepacki. Hey, who knows.

You sure have the talent and the experience.

It's hard to stand out among composers anywhere in the world, but if you're not standing out, then I don't know who would. Honestly.

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A masterpiece like ever in my opinion.
And I love to read the reviews you are getting for every piece you upload.

There are so many of your tunes I can imagine in somekind of amv's... no, better...
There are so many of your tunes I'd love to hear in movies, like this one, even if I'm not sure what it fits better, the sacrifice of a hero to save his companions, or an ambient of the ruins of an old, holy civilisation...

I know my english is bad.... but anyways, great work!

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Great as usual!

This latest submission of yours is just example of why you are my favorite composer on Newgrounds. As usual you deliver a polished piece that could easily have come from a movie or game.
Keep up the great music!

MaestroRage responds:

I'm glad you think so and liked the track! It's a very solemn and sad piece that moves me despite it's simplicity.

Thanks again for the review ^___^!


This piece has a great sense of drama and tranquility, and the production is superb, as always. I can see this accompanying a very emotional scene in a game, like the death of a peripheral character or a lobby screen.

The chords you used are epic!


MaestroRage responds:

I was just thinking to myself. Wouldn't a shorter version of this song work REALLY good for a lobby screen for an online game? Perhaps one about cards?!!?!?

Great minds PGegen... great minds.

With great skill...

Another masterpiece has been composed. This is a very emotional piece and I feel you've fully captured the feeling of valiant futility that would be experienced, you composition nearly brought tears to my eyes.
However, this also works extremely well in the setting of an ossuary in early morning.The silent serenity of the statues, the warming rays of the sun staining the ground with the colours of the glass windows, and the morning practices of the choir all seem to come to mind as well.

In all, I love the tone of the song. You did a phenomenal job as per usual. I actually feel you've out-done yourself with the choirs this time, as they're so dominant, but very well coordinated and gentle, in contrast to the usual raw power that you give them.
Kudos, 5/5, 10/10, you did an amazing job once more.
This'll definitely be the background to the opening scene for my character Illia in my story, just ask and you shall receive. :)

( By the by, sorry for my delay in responding to your PM, I've been doing my final exams for the semester. Empty out your inbox, would you? :( )

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Jan 5, 2010
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