Absorbent And Yellow

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A little repetitive

I think that there is some good melody going to this piece, but unfortunately, there was very little done to actually vary the piece, so it became quite monotonous. I would combat this by throwing in perhaps a change of tempo and a more aggressive sounding counter melody to come in and break up the beat.

I think that there is a great chance to make this better, but it does need to be broken down to the constituent parts again, before going through a rebuild phase.

[Reivew Request Club]

Review Request Club

I think you did a nice job when the drums came in but it feels kind of empty at that moment then gains a cool beat that I really liked in it but it kind of sounds like most songs after that but there was some originality in this then it got better and more original and LOUDER! Well nice effect there but I think you stretched that a bit too long then it got beck on track where it should be which was pretty cool but needs more parts in this .

When I first saw this, I thought it as about spongebob but why IS it named this? It is kind of weird to me but I really didn't see much difference from the end to the start which you should fix really. Overall this song has potential and I think you should work on it a bit more and the ending because it is kind of too abrupt and add more parts to it ok?

~Review Request Club~


Review Request Club

Nice strong start, the drums come in nicely, but then when they cut out for a few seconds and come back in with the cymbal it's a little odd. The first cymbal itself is way too piercing, kinda hurt on the headphones. But after that, it settles into a nice beat and the new synth works really well for the next 40 seconds or so.

I'm with every one else on the pitch bends at 1:14...was interesting to start with, but the fact that it's still dominating the texture another 30 seconds is incredibly irritating. If you're going to have that synth in for so long, you definitely need to manipulate it a little just so it morphs for variety's sake, or at least have another synth on top of it to disguise the song a little.

When the first section comes in again, there's a definite dragging feel of repetition. Even a few subtle changes to the synths or even a slight change in beat would have been really beneficial at this point just to keep the beat a little fresher and keep the track interesting. It loops back nicely, but by that point I wouldn't have really been able to tell whether it had looped or whether it was just repeating a section again. It definitely could do with more variety by the 2nd and 3rd minutes, maybe just with a few more synths or something. That being said, there's definitely potential here; the transitions are nice and with the exception of one, the synths all worked well together and are introduced smoothly. It just needs a little work to spice it up a little in the parts between those bits.

-Review Request Club

Too repetitive

The deep bass sounds pretty good, but the song doesn't change too much during the 3 minutes it is long, which is a pitty. It gets way too repetitive towards the end, which prevents it from getting a higher score from me.

Maybe if you add some higher pitched melodies to this, that create a nice counterpart to the deep beats the song would become less repetitive.

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I liked the music, but as alot of other people said, it's too repetitive, the 1:40 was annoying me, it was WAY too repetitive...

Anyways, i liked the music, it has a nice start and a good middle... I loved the drums, they really gave the songs soul, it was spectacular, the drums fit super well to the main beat of the song, i liked that, you really know how to make different kind of sounds.

I liked the bass too, it has a nice beat, it works so well together with the drums, it gave a groovy sound to the music, and the beat was too contagious.
I liked the music, you made a great thing, but it messed up because of the repetitions... But, heads up, and keep on making music, i wanna hear moar things!!

(Review Request Club)

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Jan 3, 2010
8:52 AM EST
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