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Plan of Battle

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This piece was composed for an upcoming video game based on World War 2. This time, however, it is based in Germany, from German citizens' perspective. It is not a mindless shooter, such as has been done so many times before; instead, it goes deep into the emotional background. It will be created with engine RPG Maker VX. Even if you haven't got any experience with this engine, you can still help out and join our awesome team. Of course, if you are an RPG Maker guru, we can use you as well. :) Join at

http://ww2tactics.50.foru mer.com/index.php

This orchestral piece is meant to be used before some momentous event, such as a war, an evil maniac coming to power, or a math test :D. It's pretty short, as in the game I composed it for, it looped. Enjoy.

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Man, that sound awesome. It really fits with the name, and I can barely find any faults in it. I love it!

The melodies are fantastic, especially the brass melodies. They evoke that epic 'war' theme, and give out a feeling of tension and despair. I also imagine a map being laid out and instructions/strategic tactics being thought out and discussed with solemn voices. The background depth is excellent, with flawless harmonization. I really liked the strings' melody that came in towards the end, when the song changes mood from a march rhythm to a fast rhythm. There was also a very good number of different melodies. I mean, you have enough melodies to fill in a 2:30 song nicely, and yet you manage to fit them all in just over one minute perfectly ^^.

Instruments here sound awesome. I'm guessing you use East/West? Your instrument choice here is also very good: brass, strings, choirs; you can never go wrong with them :D. I particularly liked the pizzicato strings you added, since they furthermore added to the tension and power that this song has. I also liked your hits in the song, they were powerful, rich, and were a nice touch to the song. I don't think there are any more instruments that would add to this submission, so nice job!

The transitions are great, and the song flowed very smoothly throughout, except maybe the transition at 0:50 which I'm not really too sure about. I think it goes from the march rhythm to the fast-paced/action packed rhythm a bit too suddenly. Perhaps by making the song go quiet for a bar and in that bar, bass drums and a cymbal roll build up and then you start the part at 0:50. I'm not too sure about it, but maybe it'll fix the slightly rough and abrupt transition that you have. Other than that nitpick, the transitions were epic ^^. Very nice buildup at the beginning, where you gradually introduced new instruments.

When it comes to the structure, I don't really think it's too good. It starts on a really good structure, and then it continues at 0:50 where the song changes mood. It stays like that for 4 bars and the song's ending hit sort of comes out of nowhere. At 0:50, it feels as if you started a new song, and then you end it out of the blue at 0:57. Maybe you should lengthen the song to keep the song going for at least 12 more bars, playing in the mood you set out at 0:50, and then you end it, or you could just remove the part at 0:50 and end it somewhere around there, but it'd be a bummer since the part at 0:50 is awesome :C. The variety, on the other hand, is top-notch, and I didn't get tired of the song for even a second.

The intro is brilliant. I liked that you started it with those hits, you hear a double bass playing in the background, and then the song starts. Quite an effective intro IMO. As for the ending, as I said above, the fact that you ended it a bit too early and out of nowhere sort of ruined the ending. You could try and loop it by removing the hit at 0:57 and all of the silence afterwards, or you could try and end it by lengthening the part at 0:50 for another 12 bars and then ending it with a powerful final hit or something. Yes, I'm nitpicky :(.

The drums are top notch. Loved the snare beats, they were very well varied, and fit with the song perfectly. There was an excellent variety of drum samples, and each sample sounded superb. What did you use to make the percussion? It sounds amazing. If there was anything I would do to the drums, is turn that snare up a little, since it feels sort of drowned out by the rest of the instruments.

Well, overall it sounds really cool, and the only defects I can find in it are pure nitpicks. If you would fix the ending a little, maybe lengthening the part at 0:50 for another 12 bars or so, fixing the transition at 0:50, and turning the snare's volume up a little, I think this song would be perfect. Keep up the awesome work, you're an excellent classical composer, and if your game is as good as this song, then I have a hunch that it'll be awesome. Thanks for reviewing my loop!

-Review Request Club-

Joerao responds:

Woah, thanks for the novel! :D I agree that the end came out of nowhere- I'll try to fix that. And you're right- I mainly used some Eastwest instruments with some free VSTs thrown in. I probably should elongate that part at 0:50- it does sound kind of hurried and is too short.

Thanks again for your input!


Nice song dude

Joerao responds:

Thanks- glad you liked it.

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Jan 1, 2010
4:03 PM EST
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